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Typical Indie Reviews Escape Dead Island

Updated on March 24, 2015

Launch Trailer


In Escape Dead Island you play as aspiring journalist Cliff Calo. That is where this game starts off at the wrong foot. Cliff Calo is not a likable protagonist he's obnoxious, he yells out idiotic one-liners like "you only live once" or "dead should stay dead." At no point during the story did I ever feel bad for any struggle he was going through because he never really expressed emotions that a normal human being would in those kind of situations. Sadly not even the side characters are likable either. Linda Cliff's sister feels like a forced female character who's just there to fill some sort of of quota. Devan Cliff's college friend is extremely stale as far as his personality goes and might as well be a robot. So the game falls flat in the character development department but really I would say that's the most glaring negative about the game. The game does suffer some technical bugs like zombies launching into the stratosphere after killing them. Boss zombies getting stuck on the level geometry which makes fights a lot easier. But besides that I would say everything else is functional about the game. The stealth gameplay works. Stealth killing a zombie becomes way more efficient than trying to charge in head first. Creating any noise attracts more zombies that are nearby and regardless if it's your first playthrough or new game + playthrough you do not want to attract numerous zombies. What the game really excels in which I was not expecting from the game at all is the dreamlike sequences. They are quite surreal and although they give off a kind of Inception vibe they work really well and adds some uniqueness to the campaign's story. I can't go into to much detail about them to avoid spoiling them but I can safely say they will catch you by surprise. Another surprising positive about this game is the gunplay. For such a stealth oriented game I was not expecting the gunplay to be anything but average. To my surprise it's above average. The pistol once upgraded becomes a valuable asset since it gets a silencer attached to it. While the shotgun is extremely useful as a last resort weapon. The only other thing I can really praise about the game is it's solution to player's struggling in harder parts of the game. If at any point you die two to three times ammunition for your gun will actually spawn right beside you. Granted you won't have this luxury in the beginning of the game since you won't have guns right at the start but when you do have it. It's a guaranteed help to any portion of the game you end up struggling on. With my expectations set really low I was overall impressed with the game I would give it a four if the characters and the plot was at least somewhat interesting. If you want easy gamerscore or trophies and are looking for something a little different I recommend giving this game a shot.


Achievement Overview

Thankfully as far as the achievements go they are quite simple. A good majority of them are extremely basic kill x amount of enemies in this certain way. Besides that there are a handful of collectible achievements which can be a bit iffy if you are not aware that two spots in the game are "point of no return" sections. But even if you do miss some there is a new game + mode which has it's own achievement for that. In new game + everything from collectibles to weapon kill progress carries over. Sadly your weapons do not carry over from what I could tell so I was unable to beat new game + mode due to the increase in difficulty. Although that could partially be my lack of skill though. What you will find yourself doing a lot for one of the collectible achievements is taking pictures of objects and each type of enemies which can be rather difficult if it's a dangerous enemy. It can also be very tedious too as there a lot of things to take pictures of. One serious issue I had with the achievements on this game is the collectibles. If you die any collectible you got after your last checkpoint needs to be found again unless you reached another checkpoint after getting them. This is extremely obnoxious and I ended up missing three or four collectibles due to this problem. Overall though the game takes about 10-15 hours to get the 1000 in. If you have a good collectible guide handy and you're not to inexperienced at stealth oriented games you should have no issues getting at least 800 gamerscore minimum.

3 stars for Escape Dead Island


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