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Typical Indie Reviews Tower of Guns

Updated on April 11, 2015

Original Launch Trailer

Tower of Guns is a first person shooter with rogue-like elements. Two people for the most part Joe and Mike Mirabello develop it. They came up with the original game that was released on the PC a year ago. But for the Xbox One version, which is the one I played, they had help from a small indie company called Grip Games. In Tower of Guns you are a person in a tower of guns. That's it that's the story in a nutshell. But it has some depth to it though. You have randomized sets of dialogue that start during each time you play the game. But they're really just there to be their. No deep meaningful plot to speak of and mainly just some good and bad jokes and a lot of the same thing. You play a good guy and a bad guy who does not seem like a bad guy tells you to get to the top of the tower. But as basic and mundane as that sounds it actually works! The game does not need any deep engrossing plot because it makes up for it with enjoyable gameplay and general creativity. As far as gameplay goes it works fantastically. Guns shoot in the way you can imagine them too. The jumping feels like an homage to Quake 3 Arena or Serious Sam, which is a good thing. It gives a nice late 90's feel to the whole game. The one aspect of the game that worried me was the "rouge-like" or "rougelite" elements. I am not a fan of those kind of games. I've played The Binding of Isaac, Rouge Legacy and a few others that said they were "rogue-like" and I just didn't like that concept. I always found myself getting bored of the games after a few tries. But Tower of Guns is different. At first six deaths in I thought I was going to be done with the game as well. But I looked at all the weapons and perks you can unlock and I tried again. Then I just became hooked. And sure enough the more you play the more entertaining the game gets due to what you can unlock. The weapons are quite varied ranging from the most basic of pistols. To a gun that shoots "unicorn barf." The perks are average though. Some are really significant like the starting perk BlueGrass that lets you have triple jump right at the start of the game. While others like a perk that prevents fall damage seem a bit uninspired. If I were to make any complaints about this game I would say the replayability. With no significant plot I found myself more focused on unlocking everything. And I've already done that in about 5-8 hours of playing it. Although as I am writing this one perk is currently broken and can't be unlocked. Overall for $15 on Xbox One and probably much cheaper on PC it's well worth the price. Just keep in mind like the developer himself said "It's designed to be a Lunch Break Game. If you're going to win, you could do it over your lunch break!"


Achievements Review/Tips

Unfortunately I can't give a very good review of the achievements right now. As I write this review there are currently two achievements in the game that are unobtainable. But what I can mention is a good way to prepare ahead of time when this does get hopefully patched. So in order to quickly get the achievement for finishing your 100th run in the game you can just simply kill yourself with the 609mm Hand Cannon weapon which you do have to unlock first. Once you get to the 100th run stop playing. You will start in cake town in that run and Joe the developer will give you more than 15 badges in cake town which you need for the achievement for getting all the perks. The particular perk that's currently broken requires you do have 15 badges in 1 life. I know it will be tempting to go ahead and finish the 100th run for the 175 gamerscore but trust me even if you play the game for 5-8 hours it's never extremely easy to get 15 badges in 1 life. Overall though I can definitely say the full 1000 gamerscore is easily obtainable in 5-10 hours. Me personally I've played it for 7 hours. None of the achievements are to tasking probably the one that will take the most effort is beating the game with a regular ending not the true ending and unlocking all the weapons which is the other achievement that's glitch. But the way the game is you can beat the game with enough persistence and the weapon achievement is a hassle due to a bit of grinding. Hope that helps and happy achievement hunting.

4 stars for Tower of Guns


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