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5 Most Overpowered URF Champions - League Of Legends

Updated on October 12, 2016

Who Am I?

Hello Summoner. You must have clicked this link because you are interested in knowing the best Ultra Rapid Fire Champions, right? Luckily for you, you have clicked my link because I will show you the hidden and most overpowered champions in the game. Moving along, my Summoner name in League Of Legends is Fl1pz and I am currently sitting in the Platinum V division. I have been playing League Of Legends since Season 4 and I am still playing it right now. I have lots of experience with playing the Ultra Rapid Fire game mode in League Of Legends, thus I can give you many pointers and tips. I love playing champions like Lucian, Yasuo, Riven and Rengar because they are very flexible and a little challenging to play. Now that you know who I am, lets start with the Hub!


The first great and mighty Champion I would highly recommend for you to use in Ultra Rapid Fire would be Alistar. You must be thinking, how can Alistar, a Champion meant to Support others is one of the top strongest Champions in Ultra Rapid Fire? As you most likely already know, in Ultra Rapid Fire the cooldowns are reduced by a huge amount. Additionally, you have no mana cost while summoning abilities.

This makes every champion stronger of course, but this makes Alistar the strongest. Alistar's kit contains a knock-back and a knock-up that is impossible to dodge unless you have amazing reaction timing or if the Alistar misses for some reason. Since your cool downs are so low, with Alistar, you will be able to constantly knock-back and knock-up the opponents without them having to do anything to you.

But that is not the end of Alistar's potential in Ultra Rapid Fire. He also has a heal and an ability to reduce all incoming damage by 70% for a small duration. Is not that unbelievably overpowered? While the enemy is knocked up or knocked back, you can heal yourself in the meantime. Even if the enemy receives a chance to counter attack you, your ultimate which reduces all in coming damage by 70% will keep you alive. All I can say is that Alistar is one of the strongest, if not the most powerful Ultra Rapid Fire Champion in the game if used correctly.

Just in case you need some help and tips with Alistar's combo. Here is a YouTube guide that you can watch to the very right. Please keep in mind that this YouTube video is not created by me but by another YouTuber. Support this YouTuber and his future content. This video was created by the YouTuber: Boxer Alistar. Thank you.


Facing a Leblanc in the Ultra Rapid Fire Mode can be the most annoying thing ever. She has so many escapes and so much CC with her chains. That is what makes Leblanc such an amazing Ultra Rapid Fire Champion. Not only does she have incredible ability power burst, but she is able to multiply that burst by a huge amount because of the low cooldowns.

Even if you are caught out in a teamfight or if you are running away from the enemy team. You are able to easily escape with your Distortion ability which gives you huge amounts of mobility by its self. Not to mention the very low cooldowns, you are able to use Distortion many many times which can confuse the enemy with little to no effort. Even if Leblanc is a really powerful Ultra Rapid Fire Champion, unfortunately Leblanc has a really high skillcap.

If you seriously want to use Leblanc full potential, you have to practice her constantly to get used to her abilities. The low cooldowns also make it harder because you will have to make decisions even quicker than normal. Other than Leblanc's really high skill cap, once you are able to play Leblanc really well, you can start dominating every Ultra Rapid Fire game!

Here is a very quick and simple Leblanc combos, build and playstyle guide put together into a YouTube video. Like the Alistar YouTube video above, please keep in mind that this video was also not created by me but by another person. Please also support this YouTuber and his future content. This YouTube video was created by: EdgeGaming. Thank you.


Whether it is a normal game or an Ultra Rapid Fire game, Fizz is such a pain to deal with because of many reasons. The main reason is because Fizz has an ability that literally takes him off Summoners Rift for awhile and when he lands, it deals huge amounts of ability power damage.

Now because the Ultra Rapid Fire mode gives Fizz a really low cooldown, he is able to constantly spam his Playful / Trickster which makes it almost impossible to target him. This ability is really helpful when moving around in the jungle because you are able to jump over walls with Playful / Trickster. However, Playful / Trickster is not the only ability which can give you lots of mobility and outplaying potential.

He has has his Urchin Strike ability which also enables Fizz to go through walls, but only if there is a target on the other side. Lastly, let us talk about his ultimate, Chum the Waters. His Chum the Waters ability gives huge AOE ability power damage and is a great crowd control for singling out an opponent during a teamfight.

You can also use Chum the Waters as a zoning ability to pick off enemy players and make them tilt to the extent of them leaving the game. All in all, Fizz in Ultra Rapid Fire is unbearably annoying to deal with because of his "cheat" abilities. I am also sure with perfect timing, you are able to dodge Alistar's Headbutt ability with Playful / Trickster. So this makes Fizz one of the top dogs in Ultra Rapid Fire.


You remember those Zeds that always ult in the middle of your team and he just dies because he cannot get out? Well welcome to Ultra Rapid Fire, where Zed's Living Shadow ability is on a low cooldown which enables him to constantly disappear and reappear.

Also, I am pretty sure you can have multiple Living Shadows on at the same time, unlike just two or three. This gives Zed dominance while in teamfights because while spamming his Shadow Slash, he can dispatch many Living Shadows. As you may already know, Zed's Living Shadows copy whatever ability Zed uses, expect for his ultimate and the Living Shadow ability. This means he can have around 5 Living Shadows just massacring enemies in a teamfight while Zed is just constantly disappearing and reappearing everywhere.

Not to mention if you manage to get caught in a teamfight while playing Zed, you can just use your Death Mark and follow up with Living Shadow again. However, just like Leblanc, Zed also has an incredibly high skill cap. You must play many Zed games in the Ultra Rapid Fire mode to get the hang of his combos and the cooldowns of his abilities. Not only is Zed so fun to play, but he has huge potential to verse the enemy team all by himself.


Lastly, I am going to have Ezreal in my top 5 most strongest Ultra Rapid Fire Champions. Just remember that these Champions are not ranked in any way, I am just telling you the strongest 5 in my opinion. You are not obligated to agree to my Champions and you certainly do not have to agree with anything I say here.

Just like me, everyone has an opinion on something and maybe our opinions may not be the same. Anyways, lets us start with why I chose Ezreal as a part of this list. First of all Ezreal has an annoying projectile ability which does a pretty big amount of damage. The cooldown of the ability is already pretty low even without Ultra Rapid Fire mode. So you can already imagine how many times you can spam the ability in the game. The damage may not be so shocking, but what makes it strong is how low the cooldown of the ability is.

Moreover, he has an ability which is like the Summoner Spell, Flash. But unlike Flash where you only teleport a short distance, his Arcane Shift also deals a good amount of damage to the nearest enemy Champion. So while escaping, you can also deal a pretty good amount of damage to the enemy Champion chasing you. Not bad right?

Lastly, he has his global ultimate called Trueshot Barrage. Did I forget to mention that it is a global ultimate? With this, you are able to kill enemy Champions across the Summoners Rift map. Overall, because of these reasons, this is why Ezreal is a part of my strongest Ultra Rapid Fire mode Champions.

Good Game, Well Played

Well thank you so much for giving me and my list a chance. Hopefully you also give my other amazing and great guides a chance also. You might be interested in my Guide To Carry Bronze and Guide To Carry Low Elo. They will definitely help you into becoming an even greater and knowledgeable League Of Legends player. If you have enjoyed and liked this Hub, feel free to follow me because there will be more coming out in the future. I would like to thank you once again and please continue to support me even in the future!

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