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Ultimate Scavenger Hunt List

Updated on November 13, 2012


A scavenger hunt is a game that can be played by adults and children alike. Somewhat like a treasure hunt, the partipants are given a list of things they must find or and the aim is to finnish the fastest. Below is a comprehensive scavenger hunt list which you can build upon or change depending on your location and needs.

Scavenger Hunt List

1. A Birds Feather

2. A Leaf

3. A Photo of a Team Member with a Motorbike

5. A Key

6. A Frozen Chicken

7. A Photo with the Team on a Bridge

8. A Red Phone

9. An Egg

10. A Purple Flower

11. A Photo of the Team with a Yellow Car

12. A Super Hero Costume

13. Someone who is not a Member of the Team's Drivers Licence

14. A Photo of a Team Member Dancing with a Stranger

15. A Purple Flower

16. A Pineapple

17. A Newspaper more than Ten Years Old

18. A Bowling Ball

19. A Dandelion

20. A Flag

21. A Photo of a Sign with a Team Members Name in it

22. A Coin from the Year of a Team Members Birth

23. A Packet of Biscuits

24. A Ballon

25. A Photo of a Team Member Swimming with their Clothes on


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