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Ultimate Silver Farming Guide in "Black Desert Mobile Online" - Easy Million Silver

Updated on March 3, 2020
MiZZiTDK profile image

I recently started to play "Black Desert Online Mobile". And I'd love to share with you all of the tips and tricks I know.

"Black Desert Online Mobile" Login Screen
"Black Desert Online Mobile" Login Screen

Silver is very important in Black Desert Online Mobile. It is basically spent for every upgrade you do in the game. Whether you enhance your equipment, upgrade your skills, and upgrade your camp, you’ll definitely need Silver to do all of those things. Well, don’t you worry though, this silver farming guide in Black Desert Online Mobile will show you the best and most efficient way to farm silver in the game. Check out our list of tips on how to improve your silver farming in the game.

When should you start Silver farming?

1.) Silver Farming for Beginners/Starters

For beginners, it’s a pretty common mistake to start silver farming as early as you can. Well, it doesn’t seem pretty bad at all but for starters, focusing on the main story is recommended. Just follow the main quests and you should do pretty fine for a starter. It’ll unlock you to better areas to farm for silver anyway. Just farm for silver when you need silver to increase your CP but if not, then just continue the main quests.

2.) Silver Farming for End-Game Players

For end game players, or for players who’ve already completed most of the main story, it is definitely the best time to farm for silver. Why? Well, it is because these players have probably unlocked high level areas. Which means, it will be more efficient for them to farm silver because of the availability of high level loot rewards in this area. Anyway, the main focus of these players at these point is increasing their CP so silver farming for them is really a must.

3.) Silver Farming on AFK Mode

If you’re too busy to play the game but still has the time to check on it from time to time, then farm silver while on sleep mode. Or better yet, farm silver while on Black Spirit mode.

Best Tips to Farm Silve in "Black Desert Online Mobile"

Silver Farming can easily be done in Black Desert Online Mobile. There's definitely a lot of ways to grind and earn Silver. The only main difference among these methods is efficiency. One way of silver farming can be pretty inefficient if compared to the other method. Thus, I've summarized the most efficient methods in farming silver in the game through the list of best silver farming tips below.

Area Information in "Black Desert Online Mobile"
Area Information in "Black Desert Online Mobile"

1.) Factors to Consider for an Ideal Silver Farming Area for your CP/Level

A.) Area with Significantly Lower CP Requirement

You might think that farming in the most difficult area available for you is the best place to farm. But you’re definitely wrong. You might probably need to spend a lot of potions in this area to farm. Thus, it will somehow give you less silver as compared to farming in areas you really won’t need potions to farm.

B.) View the Area Information for Loot Details

You can easily check if an area is an ideal place to farm by checking out the Area Information in the Map Menu. It will show you the required CP, loot level reward and list of available quests. Check out for high grade loots especially ones that are above the purple grade loots. It will sell for a hefty amount of money. You’ll definitely feel lucky when you’ll be able to get one during silver farming.

C.) Farmable Monsters

The area will definitely be not ideal if you won't be able to loot rewards from the monsters in the area. Monsters with green colored names suggests that they are farmable or ideal monsters to farm for your CP and level. Plus, only these monsters will drop junk items you can sell. Looted junk items from these monsters are your main source of income so be sure you can get junk items from monsters in the area.

D.) Mini Bosses

Another factor you’d like to add in choosing an ideal place is mini bosses. You’ll probably notice unusual huge red marks in the area’s map. Well, those are probably unique monsters or mini bosses in the area, they usually drop unique loots so might as well farm in areas with mini bosses.

E.) Repeatable Quests

Earn more silver, experience and other rewards by completing quests while grinding. So, make sure the area has an available repeatable quest which you can take again and again while you farm silver in the area. It won't be much but at least, it will increase your rewards; thus, making your farm more efficient.

Camp Storage in "Black Desert Online Mobile"
Camp Storage in "Black Desert Online Mobile"

2.) Empty your inventory before AFK Farming

This is one of the most common mistake most players commit. They go ahead AFK Farming whether in Sleep Mode or Black Spirit Mode with a filled inventory. Don't bring anything when your farming. You'll only need a bunch of potions when you're farming. Make sure to minimize your inventory before AFK farming. It is because AFK farming automatically halts by itself if you’re inventory is almost full. It can either be because its already too heavy or it might be because your slots are almost full. Thus, before going into AFK farming, sell all of your junk items to a nearby shop and leave all of the important ones in your camp’s storage. Also, don’t forget to use your skill books, fuse your crystals, lightstones and relics to minimize space in your inventory.

Collect Funds from your Camp's Town Hall
Collect Funds from your Camp's Town Hall

3.) Produce Silver from your Camp

Your camp is also a very likely place to earn Silver. You can get directly get silver from your Town Hall. Or make money from your ranch. You might get some rare items out of your farm. Or you can craft items or equipment from your camp and sell it for a price. However, I would strongly recommend focusing on upgrading your buildings first before spending most of your time crafting equipment for Silver. It will be more efficient if you’ve upgraded most of your buildings already at a high level before spending most of your time crafting.

Silver Reward from Clearing Boss
Silver Reward from Clearing Boss

4.) Join Boss Rush

Completing a boss rush may either reward you with a hefty amount of silver or reward you with items which you may sell for a good amount of silver. Don’t keep those stamps lying on your inventory with no use. Use them from time to time. Who knows, you might get a high grade equipment from boss chests.

Ancient Ruins in "Black Desert Online Mobile"
Ancient Ruins in "Black Desert Online Mobile"

5.) Join Ancient Ruins with other Players

There’s a lot of high level loot rewards in the Ancient Ruins. Just like to boss stamps, don’t let your ancient tablets go to waste by letting them lie on your inventory. Use them as soon as you can to get a hold of awesome loots.

Opening Unique Chests in the Arena
Opening Unique Chests in the Arena

6.) Compete with other players in the Arena

Competing in the Arena earns you chests. Chest reward grade/level increases as you continue to go against players in the arena. The more you compete in the arena, the better reward chest will be.

Claiming Rewards from Events
Claiming Rewards from Events

7.) Actively Join In-game Events

I was able to earn Golden Chests from the recent events I joined. These chests usually give you 2 high grade/golden loots which you can sell for a huge amount of silver. Selling the loots I got from my Golden Chests gave me a couple of million silvers.

Produce Silver by Dispatching Troops in Node Manager
Produce Silver by Dispatching Troops in Node Manager

8.) Earn Silver from Node Manager

Dispatch your camp members in Node Manager to earn you significant amount of silver every minute. All you have to do is assign them to a specific spot and you'll just have to come back to claim the earned money.

These are just a few of the many ways you can earn money in Black Desert Mobile Online. But I can guarantee you that these methods are the most efficient silver farming methods in the game.


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