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Ultrastar - An awesome free Karaoke game for the PC, Singstar Clone!

Updated on August 16, 2011

So I'm writing about this nifty little gem of a program I found a few years back, called UltraStar! If you've ever played Singstar for the Playstation or Nintendo Wii, then you know exactly what UltraStar is like. If you haven't played SingStar, UltraStar is a Karaoke game for the PC, which lets you, and up to 3 of your friends for a total of 4 singers compete!

If you've ever purchased a Singstar game, you'll know that they easily run $40 per copy, which may contain less than 30 songs per game. UltraStar is amazingly price competitive, because it's free :). It was designed open source for the public to enjoy.

I have used it quite often and it's nearly flawless when compared to Singstar. All you need is to Google UltraStar, download it, download a few songs designed for UltraStar (free also), and there are well over a thousand of them, compared to the SingStar series with less than 300 songs.

It is a good idea to use a USB microphone. You can always use your computers built in mic, but the quality is better of course with a USB microphone, which can be purchased online for less than 5 dollars including shipping :) .

Happy Karaoke'ing!


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    • slurpies profile image

      slurpies 3 years ago from Vale, NC

      I didn't include the link because Ultrastar has a number of variations of it's software, and a number of ever-changing download links. I would rather leave out a link than to include a soon-broken one. Feel free too Google the software and a download link should be quickly found :)

    • profile image

      new mommy 4 years ago

      you are stupid !!! she said the name of the game what alse do you need to come and install it on your computer????? stupid men ....

    • profile image

      DickYours 4 years ago

      Could you at least post the link for the download. Stupid!