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Uncharted 4 - Gate Crashing Bandicoot

Updated on August 8, 2016

Warning! Contains Spoilers...

Just to be clear, this is a review of the whole game and story so does contain spoilers, if you do not wish to know anything about the game, read another review.

So A Thief's End picks up where Drake's Deception left of in gameplay terms. The graphics are far superior, and it plays very nicely as all of the Uncharted games have.

There are elements in the games story that go back and forward into the past and present but these were used in previous games too.

There are two particularly frustrating antagonists, Raphe and Nadine, not to mention a hoard of mercenary's trying to stop Nate and his brother Sam.. (yep, Nate's brother is in this one) but i'll get to him later.

At the start of the game, Nate is in prison somewhere in South America along with Rafe and Sam (so at this point Rafe is working with the Drakes) Nate is taken outside the prison to a tower to look for a room, inside he finds some puzzles and a cross (clue time!)

After he gets back, there is a daring escape and they almost make it out before Sam falls off the prison wall to his death, or so it would seem.

This is where the story takes a step back to young Nate in an orphanage, young Sam comes along and they find a way out of the orphanage, with lots of heartfelt moments and memories of their mother. We then skip back to the future where Nate is salvaging cargo underwater somewhere. Then he's in an attic with lots of nods to the previous games, old journals and items collected, before a gun aiming refresher using a foam shooting toy pistol.

When we go downstairs we meet the wife who just so happens is playing Crash Bandicoot. This is where the article title comes in. You are challenged to do better on the game, so you play a level of the original Crash Bandicoot whilst playing Uncharted, one of those game within a game deals, its strangely satisfying though!

The Game Proper

So at the beginning Nate is living a normal life, but of course he is bored and yearns for adventure. Just then, Sam (who Nate thought was dead) turns up out of the blue with a crazy escape story, which you get to play, nice little twist being able to play as Sam also.

Sam convinces Nate to go steal another of the crosses that Nate found from an auction in Italy. With the help of his old mentor Sully they crash the party and make a plan to steal the cross, and succeed. During the escape from the auction you first meet Nadine, who is a piece of work, you just can't hit her.

They discover a map within the cross revealing they must search in the graveyard near the cathedral of St Dismas in Scotland. There, the Drakes discover a hidden temple containing tests. Completing the tests reveals a map highlighting King's Bay in Madagascar.

In King's Bay, the Drakes and Sully locate a pirate base within a dormant volcano. They learn that 12 pirate captains had pooled their treasures together, and the next clue is within one of 12 towers around King's Bay. After finding the correct tower, Nate navigates its tests and reveals a chamber containing a map to Libertalia, a fabled pirate utopia founded by Avery and the other captains.

When they find Libertalia it is very run down, overgrown and deserted. As they make their way through the ruins to what they think is the treasury, the find mountains of dead bodies, there had clearly been a pitched battle over the treasure. When they find the part of the building they believe to be the treasury room it is missing, but clues point to another settlement where the 12 pirate lords lived, New Devon.

New Devon had been flooded, there were many signs of battles here also, as they got closer to the biggest house, probably belonging to Henry Avery, they realised that the treasure had sent all the pirate lords mad with paranoia and greed.

Under Avery's house is a strange underground labyrinth with tests and booby traps, explosives and various dangers to stop anybody finding the treasure. Avery had it loaded onto his ship in a cave beneath the house.

When the Drakes, Rafe & Nadine and the rest all find the boat, a trap goes off and Sam is trapped inside, Rafe goes in after Sam as does Nate. they find Sam in the treasure room, two bodies, those of Avery and Tew the two leading pirates. The treasure had torn their whole world apart.

Sam is trapped under a beam as the fire rips through the ship, Nate has to sword fight with Rafe, until Rafe is crushed under a load of treasure in a net. Nate helps Sam escape and they leave together.

When they safely return to New Orleans, Nate goes back to work, after he says goodbye to Sam. Unknown to Nate, Sam held on to some gold from the ship and gave it to Nate's wife. She they buys the salvage company and they become successful salvagers.

In a post game sequence, you play as Nate's daughter looking around their house trying to find them. She then finds a wardrobe full of guns and other items from the past. Nate realises his daughter is old enough to know the truth of his past and begins to tell her the stories.

In My Opinion...

I enjoyed playing Uncharted 4, it was challenging but manageable and fun whilst completing. The gameplay was smooth and responsive and the story was interesting. The graphics were beautiful and reaching, the characterisation was also really intriguing. I enjoyed the different dialogue the characters had during gameplay and the cut scenes were not boring in anyway.

All in all, it was a great game, maybe not quite long enough but still held the attention til the end and if it wasn't so good I wouldn't have completed it so quickly, there is very little to fault, its not perfect, but its a great game and worth a go.

My rating.. 9/10

Trailer for Uncharted 4


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