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Underground Survival Strategies, Mw3

Updated on October 7, 2012

Survival Underground Strategy

Underground is a medium-sized map, and is set in a London train station. There is one main strategy that goes with this map, which will get you to wave 30+. It is are fairly simple, but like most Survival strategies, it is much easier if you are level 50. For all strategy walkthroughs I do I create a very detailed walkthrough for waves 1-10. Most strategies on these pages are not here to help you level up, but are here to help you get to the leader boards. These strategies, also work for Ps3, XBox, or PC. (Im on Ps3) My online name is TheGreatMattAtat, so message me if you ever want to play some survival. BTW, if you haven't already, please read my original page which has all the information, including links to other map strategies. The Link is right below this. So without further ado, Underground!

Underground overveiw map.
Underground overveiw map.

The Set-Up

The set-up is quite simple. Lets start with the basics of getting money. Your not gonna want to spend any money until the end of round 5. Right away you have a Five Seven. The first couple rounds until wave 6, are ridiculously easy, just take the shotgun from the first guy you kill and then collect ammo from everyone else for the first couple rounds. At the beginning of round 5 you want to be by the Airdrop Armory (the black number 3 on the map above), also known as the killstreak section. At the end of round 5 you should have at least $5000 dollars if not more. Go to the weapons armory(the black number 2 on the map above) scroll to Sub-Machine guns, and pick the very last one, the P90. You will want a red dot sight. The next round is the first helicopter round. You want to be near the killstreak section so that you can go underground to the right for protection against the helicopters. To take them out, it shouldn't be more than a couple mags at close range. Refill your ammo at the end. You are now set for supplies until wave 10.

The Map

The map above is a description of the places your supplies and other things are.

*Black Numbers: 1=Explosive armory. Here you can by frags, flashbangs, armor, self revives, and much more. Also available here are 2= Weapons armory. Here you can buy bullet-firing weapons(guns) and refill ammo. You can also purchase accessories such as sights, grips, and undermounted attachments. 3=Airdrop armory. Here you can buy perk care packages, predator missiles, airstrikes, delta squads, and riot troops.

*Green Circle/X The green circle is where you will want your Sentry Turret, while the green X is where you will want your Sentry Grenade Launcher.

*Blue Dots. This is where you and your partner will be camping. It applies the same if you are playing solo.

*Other. The red lines are the routes that your enemies will be coming in from, mostly from the middle and right, and occasionally from the left. The purple line is your escape route if you are ever overwhelmed by the many enemies/Juggs, that may be attacking you. It is also useful because the helicopters cannot get you

*Note: This strategy should be completed by wave 15, by then you should have enough money for you and your partner to get a couple sentry guns.

Waves 1-10

Wave 1. Noobs. Easy kills, recommend taking most of them out with a knife to safe ammo, and make sure to pick up a shotgun.

Wave 2. Noobs Same as one, easy kills, knifing and shotgun are best.

Wave 3. Noobs+Dogs. Same easy kills for noobs, but watchout for dogs, the best way to kill them is a knife, but don't let them get on top of you.

Wave 4. Noobs, possible troops. Troops may spawn either wave 4 or 5. Almost as easy as the noobs, but they have an SMG, shotgun is best for now.

Wave 5. Troops. Same as before, easy shotgun kills. After this round if you haven't bought anything, you will want to buy the P90 under sub-machine guns for next round.

Wave 6. Helicopters. Stay by the underground place, near the killstreak section. (You do not want to get caught in there fire) Take them out with the P90, should only take a couple mags for each.

Wave 7-9. Easy troops and dogs. Easy kill with P90.

Wave 10!!! The Ultra Hard Dreaded Juggernaut!!! Just kidding :D This Jugg is very easy to kill, since he is not armored, and there is only one. Stay by the killstreak section, and go to the car on the left side. Duck down and wait for the helicopter to lower him. When he is on the ground, throw a flashbang when he gets close to the car. Go up close and unleash a full mag into his face, throw tne other flashbang, reload and then finish him off.

Wave 10+. You probally have enough for the Sentry guns now, so set them up like the map has it. After that you are going to want to get sleight of hand, and get an LMG as your other gun, besided the P90. As you camp out with your partner, you will find it gets easier to kill them with the sentry guns. After that use the rest of your money as you wish, buying predators, airstrikes, delta squads and whatever your heart desires!!!!! Have fun and i hope this helped.

Extra Tips and Tricks!

Are you tired of playing on your favorite map underground, and then dying because your out of claymores? Does it annoy you that the Explosives Armory is way to far away, and you don't have time to get back? Use the "Bait" technique! Say you need some C4s for the next round because there are 3 Juggs. All you do is kill every enemy, except one. Then as he follows you around trying to kill you, you have plenty of time to get your supplies, get back to the sentry guns, and get ready for the next round. Finally when your ready kill him, and let the round begin.


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