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Unique Inflatable Garden, Yard & Beach Toys For Kids And Human Hampster Balls For Children.

Updated on January 13, 2014

Fantastic gift ideas for children to use outside at the beach, yard, or garden.

This awesome collection of unique toys for children are some of the best ideas ever conceived.

Using them safely in the back yard or garden will provide hours, days, and even weeks of healthy exercise outdoors. Take these funtastic toys to the beach and be the family that every stares at.

Spice up the childrens lives, give them the enjoyment boost throughout the summer vacation. Kids will love these gift ideas and will never want to stop playing.

For The Swimming Pool

The Two Headed Serpent.

This multiple child pleaser is a must for any garden party this season. The visual effect is obvious as children arrive to the party scene.

With a hefty 175 lb floating weight limit, this 7 foot monster of the deep is a delightful additive to any function, even for adults parties.

Perfect for pool time adventures where childrens imagination is allowed to be free. Watch them for hours invent their own water-borne adventure, leaving the adults free to indulge themselves with their favourite tipple.

Please click on tee smaller image for full details.

Princess Inflatable Swan

In England, all the real swans in the whole country are owned by the Queen. This is your chance to be regal in the comfort of your own home.

This fantastic inflatable pool toy is ideal for pool playtime of for just letting children relax whilst enjoying the sun.

A massive 145 lbs floating weight limit, ideal for several kids to enjoy this blow-up swan at the same time.

75 inches of sheer pool fun time for kids of all ages. Watch how in the evening after the children are in bed, as dad trys to show his prowess by riding on it.

The Inflatable Dragon.

Swimline Giant Sea Dragon Inflatable Pool Toy
Swimline Giant Sea Dragon Inflatable Pool Toy



This 115 inch long monster will have younger children screeching with delight. Designed around either a fictional dragon of old or, the proverbial dreaded mother-in-law.

Comfortable sits to children with a maximum floating capacity weight of 225 lbs. Made with a heavy duty vinyl for longer lasting fun.

Excellent prospects for imaginative game playing in every pool in the land.

Medieval Inflatable Log Jousting Set.

Swimline Log Flume Joust Set
Swimline Log Flume Joust Set



This brilliant floating jousting set is an excellent inflatable toy for tiring out hyperactive children. Let the battle commence and run competitions to see who is King or Queen of the swimming pool.

A very cheap set of pool toys for kids which will have them having so much fun it may be dark before they come out of the pool. Ideal for children above the age of 5 years old.

Adult supervision required at all times. Recommended that no child be out of their depth in water when playing on these inflatable toys.

Please click on the smaller images for full selection and discounts available.

Inflatable Squirter Fire Boat

These inflatable toys for swimming pools with a built in squirty gun are excellent. Fantastic reviews from satisfied clients.

The gun simply fills up from the pool for continuous fire power. Almost 6 feet long of magical playtime and easily fits two children inside, or more younger kids.

Constructed from heavy gauge PVC for a longer life. Easily inflated and deflated for storage.

As with all products on this page, one day shipping is available and products are all fully guaranteed.

The Space Explorer

The good old US of A keeps the space race alive. Float away into imagination on this mock up of the American Space Shuttle.

The inflatable kids toy is ideal for budding spacemen and space women. Move over Mr Spock.

Ideal for one or two younger children at a time.

The Inflatable Pool Side Slide.

Np pool party is complete without the obligatory pool side slide. Slides are the permanent mainstay of all poolside parties.

Children will play for hours on these as the climb and then dunk themselves in the refreshing water.

Made from super strong vinyl for boisterous kids. Can be used at the pool or even just on the grass.

The Human Hampster Ball.

The ultimate poolside toy of all time. The Aqua Ball. The plastic ball which you can walk in. Walking on water has never been to much fun.

These walk in balls are very tiring for youngsters. As well giving them so much fun, it will give them a very health exercise routine. It is not as easy as it looks.

The combination of arm, hand, and footwork is unbelievable, which makes the pools walk in balls so much.


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