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How to Unlock Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold on Call of Duty Black Ops zombies on Moon

Updated on April 28, 2012

Unlocking NIGHTMARE by A7X

At first it was a mere question whether Avenged Sevenfold's song would be played on the moon map, and having it confirmed by not only the group themselves on there feed, but seeing it in more than 1 youtube video the questions began of how do you get it. Well, i can say this it is NOT random, and there is some things you will have to do to unlock the song.

Ok first off, The main requirement is that you have to do One Giant Leap achievement to unlock the song, once this is done it starts playing. Now the achievement itself says " In Moon, become trapped in the receiving area and free yourself through resurrection in co-op." so now i will decode this for you , so you can listen to arguably the BEST song put in zombies since " Im not ready to die"

So what this means is the you have to die in the receiving area of the map (where you land on the moon) you have to had been trapped there, then respawn on the other side of the map. So the way this works is you must wait for BOTH excavators to come down and block tunnel 6 and tunnel 11. After this has been done there are two ways to be in the receiving area, that is A go there before both drills have come down or B if already outside or in the dome, take the teleporter to the pack-a-punch room and then teleport to the receiving area after 20 seconds.

once in the receiving area well.. someone has to die, either someone take 1 for the team, or if someone is already gonna go down due to lack of ammo, or lack of skill, then it may be ebst to sacrifice them, because the rest of you will have to survive the entire round 1 man down, because it is when that player respawns that the song will start playing.

A common misconception is that you have to be on level 20+ to have the song play. Usually this is more because by level 20 both excavators will be down, and at that point you will probably be in the receiving area because by that time you will NEED pack-a-punched weapons. But i have seen more than once that people can easily do this on an earlier level, you just need to wait until those drills go into tunnels 11 and 6. Well there ya have it, the way to get to hear A7X's Nightmare on The moon.

My next hubs will include more zombie information and guides so stay in tune.


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