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Unlucky Fried Kitten Christmas Quiz 2013

Updated on February 15, 2014

Just for fun really, though whoever gets all 15 answers correct will win a UFK album

Question 1

Where have you more than likely seen the above image? You have probably seen it many times, unless you are incredibly unlucky?

Question 2

Dennis Mitchell has been appearing in comic strips around the world since the 50's, causing trouble with his naughty little dog. What was his dog's name?

Question 3

I like a bit of Christmas drinking, and I've just made the drink in the picture below by mixing Scotch and Drambuie, which is called a.........?

Question 4

Where might you find a Baby, a Trophy and a Tiger lined up together?

Question 5

We all love shopping at Harrods, pictured below, over Christmas, yeah? I know I do. Mind you, if I'd been shopping there 100 years ago I could have bought something that would really liven up the festive period. What could I have bought up until 1920, over the counter, which would be illegal to buy/sell now?

Question 6

What links Joan of Arc, Agatha Christie, Napoleon, Socrates and about 4% of the population today?

Question 7

This park below, which you have name, is the largest of the 8 Royal Parks in Greater London. Name the park and tell me if the other 7 parks combined cover a lesser area or a greater area?

Question 8

I just walked into my son's bedroom to find him with his fingers around a 'little goose' Should I be disgusted or proud? And why?

Question 9

The Louvre in Paris, pictured below, had to close in November this year, due to a spate of unfortunate occurrences? What happened?

Question 10

Which weighs the most, a 2p piece or two 1p pieces?

Question 11

What is special, in terms of the English language, about the sentence 'The Time To Be Good' ?

Oh, and I should say, in theory you should hear this phrase more times than any other?

Question 12

He's a self-employed taxi-driver who travels around town, sometimes with his dog, and he lives in a bit of a bachelor-pad, really. Well, it's certainly a house-for-one and he built it himself with the help of one of his friends. Oh, and when his taxi-cab firm is not doing so well he usually finds that friend of his and gets a bit of help to get through. Who is he? Oh, and he's had a few run-ins with the Old Bill, though it's more often than not been a case of mistaken identity?

Question 13

I hope the High Street retailers aren't suffering too much from the inevitable festive sport of shop-lifting and staff pilferage, but which 9-letter word do the retailers use for such losses?

Question 14

In which playground game can 3 snags lead to disqualification?

Question 15

Which country has the highest number of wild camels?

Thanks for looking. It's a fun quiz but feel free to leave answers or comments in the comments section.



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