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Upcoming Horror Games 2017

Updated on September 18, 2017

In a darkened house, hiding from a crazed maniac, a lone survivor fights for surrival

Fourth quarter ushers in the newest installments for the horror franchise as well as some reboots of old favorites such as Resident Evil Revelations for Playstation 4. While favorites from E3 included a peek at The Evil WIthin 2, and Agony, some honorable mentions look just as enticing.

Home Sweet Home has elements of every horror genre from Silent Hill to old school Dementium where the character wakes up in a strange bedroom and just wants to get home. Trying to escape a dilapidated apartment complex, following the mysterious shade of a woman that seems to appear out of blood portal in the floors and walls, the character armed only with a flashlight seeks an exit. The demo mentions slight story mentioning a missing woman and you come across a few voodoo artifacts while solving some simple puzzles while evading the ghost.

Welcome to Hanwell, "The Safest Place on Earth" has now been evacuated and a la the first Silent Hill, you are stuck in a world of empty street overrun by monsters after the city wide evacuation.

Both games are available on Steam.

Today is My Birthday doesn't reveal too much of its story, playing its horror close to the chest as a breathless character seems to be hiding from a chainsaw wielding maniac. With the gimmicks of a party clown and birthday decor, this survival horror title looks truly frightening.

White Day: A Labyrinth Name School has a simple story, children as locked in the school overnight trying escape a killer janitor. The animation is more cartoon like, but this Playstation 4 feature has a big buzz around it in the Playstation store.

Don't Knock Twice, a game when played on Playstation that can use the VR system, is the suspenseful quest of a mother to save her child from a demonic woman.

In the days counting down to The Evil Within 2, where Sebastian returns to the Stem world to save his daughter Lily from a nightmare of her own creation, there are plenty of promising games to choose from.


In your face jump scares

Long before gaming in VR, game studios have been changing their game play to first person for survival horror genre games, a choice that is paying off for a slew of upcoming titles for PC and Playstation.

Remastered and Re imagined titles for the next generation of gaming consoles

Resident Evil Revolations
Crash Bandicoot N Sane Triology
System Shock
Fear Effect Reinvented
PaRappa The Rapper Remastered
The Midnight Man Remastered
Amnesia: The Dark Decent
Everybody's Golf
Resident Evil 0 Hour and Resident Evil HD Remaster

Spiritual successors to P. T., the best game never released

Perhaps the scariest of the Silent Hill games was a title we only knew briefly as a playable teaser, P.T.,a chilling first person survival horror style demo of a house haunted by a ghost only known as Lisa, wife and mother butchered in her home by an insane husband. The extremely successful teaser which was later revealed to be the next installment to the Silent Hill franchise was killed shortly after with the likes of the final project never to be revealed. Then every gaming took up the cause to make their own version of what could have been.

Two games Allison Road , which has had its own issues with finding backing on Kickstarter and a broken partnership with a independent studio has left much of the game in development for too long. The last demos of the game showing a beautiful house and blood covered female ghost was enough to reopen the wounds in the Playstation community who longed to be vindicated after being robbed of what could have been the best Silent Hill yet.

The second title, Visage, who lacks a definitive release date either, could be a twin to Allison Road with its horrifying trailer of an empty house, a mysterious tree, and something that wants to attack you in the closet of the demo- but this game has never seen the light of the day yet either with a release date to be announced.

Curse of Silent Hill perhaps?

Monster madness

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