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Updated Starcraft 2 Unit Strengths and Weaknesses: Heart of the Swarm

Updated on May 11, 2013


I searched around on the internet for some type of guide on the strengths and weaknesses of the new Heart of the Swarm units but couldn’t find a lot. So I decided to create my own chart and put it up here to help those that need the information. Please be aware that this information is open for discussion but I did plenty of research and am willing to backup all information listed here. Note that the new units are a little bit lacking in the area of detail and that is because they are still being tested for what units they do best against. I’m sure this will change around too with all of the balancing that Blizzard will be doing over the next few weeks, or even months.

There are repeated units because some units are equally good and bad against the same unit. For instance Zerglings are good against Bannelings if you put one Zergling against a Banneling. That Zergling removes the Banneling threat with only 25 mineral loss. Banneling is equally good against Zergling though because that one Banneling can take out roughly 5 to 8 Zerglings in one hit. That’s a fair trade for that one unit.

Upgraded units are not taken into consideration. This is based off of base stats. I will reference some units with notes (i.e. +1 Weapon) when I want to state that they are only good against that unit with an upgrade.

I left out the reference of units being good against others if they are in a mass of units. We all know that one Siege Tank doesn’t stand a chance against 10 Zerglings. No need to state those here. I also didn’t openly state all air to air units as having weaknesses to ground to air units, because it’s implied, but I did add them when I could remember them.

Please let me know if you see any mess-ups. I did the best I can but I’m only human. Also, I will be updating the new units as we continue to see new patches released and as we work with them and see more strengths and weaknesses.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you in your Starcraft 2 Heat of the Swarm endeavors.

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Strong Against: Banneling, Marauder, Hydralisk, Immortal, Ghost, Stalker

Weak Against: Brood Lord, Colossus, Ultralisk, Mutalisk, Hellion, Dark Templar, Roach, Mothership/Core, Hellbat, Banneling, Hydralisk, Siege Tank, Archon, Zealot (+1 weapon), Battlecruiser, Ghost, Colossus, Banshee, Thor


Strong Against: Colossus, Swarm Host, Marine, Siege Tank, Hellbat, Zergling, Mutalisk, Zealot, Roach, Ultralisk, Buildings

Weak Against: Marauder, Hydralisk, Roach, Zealot, Stalker, Marine, Siege Tank, Zergling


Strong Against: Ghost, Sentry, Marine, Stalker, Hellion, High Templar, Zergling, Banneling, Zealot, Hydralisk

Weak Against: Brood Lord, Marauder, Swarm Host, Mothership/Core, Widow Mine, Mutalisk, Ultralisk, Void Ray, Carrier, Banshee, Raven, Siege Tank, Battlecruiser, Immortal, Reaper


Strong Against: Viking, Banneling, Corruptor, Banshee, Marauder, Stalker, Sentry, Mutalisk, Immortal, Ultralisk, Phoenix, Void Ray

Weak Against: Battlecruiser, Thor, Hellion, Dark Templar, Siege Tank, Ghost, Roach, Viper, High Templar, Zergling, Brood Lord, Marine, Colossus, Sentry, Infestor, Archon


Strong Against: Siege Tank, Colossus, Hydralisk, Medivac

Weak Against: Viking, Mutalisk, Phoenix


Strong Against: Immortal, Zealot, Marauder, Viper, Thor, Colossus, Viking, Siege Tank, Dark Templar, Banshee, Ultralisk, Brood Lord, Hellion, Roach, Zergling, Void Ray, Mothership/Core, (This unit is primarily a harassment unit, should not be used in open battle)

Weak Against: Thor, Hydralisk, Infestor, Queen, Banneling, Archon, Corruptor, Stalker (soft), Carrier, Sentry, Phoenix, Battlecruiser


Strong Against: Carrier, Battlecruiser, Mothership/Core, Mutalisk, Banshee, Thor, Raven, Tempest, Colossus, Phoenix (soft), Brood Lord

Weak Against: Viking, Battlecruiser, Sentry, Marine, Hydralisk, Thor, Stalker, Void Ray

Swarm Host

Strong Against: Marine, Stalker, Roach

Weak Against: Banneling, Tempest, Hellion, Banshee, Archon, Viper


Strong Against: Zealot, Marine, Sentry, Zergling, Mutalisk, Marauder, Immortal, Hydralisk, Archon

Weak Against: Ghost, Immortal, Brood Lord, Ultralisk, Colossus, Siege Tank, High Templar


Strong Against: High Templar, Marine, Marauder, Hellion, Zergling, Roach, Infestor, Sentry, Stalker, Ghost, Archon,

Weak Against: Banshee, Hydralisk, Carrier, Mutalisk, Thor, Brood Lord, Void Ray, Banneling, Immortal

Brood Lord

Strong Against: Dark Templar, Siege Tank, Marine, Ultralisk, Roach, Infestor, Hydralisk, Immortal, Sentry, Marauder, Zealot, Stalker, Zergling

Weak Against: Viking, Thor, Mutalisk, Corruptor, Stalker, Void Ray, Phoenix


Strong Against: Hellion, Mutalisk, Void Ray

Weak Against: Marine, Zergling, Zealot, Banshee



Strong Against: Banneling, Marauder, Corruptor, Hydralisk, Zealot (cs+stim+medivac), Viking, Immortal, Void Ray, Phoenix

Weak Against: Siege Tank, Sentry, Stalker (early), Thor, Hellion, Ultralisk, Banneling, Brood Lord, Ghost, Infestor, Colossus, Roach, Battlecruiser, Dark Templar, High Templar, Archon


Strong Against: Ghost (early), Thor, Zealot (early), Reaper, Hellion, Hellbat, Roach, Immortal, Stalker

Weak Against: Widow Mine, Banshee, Marine, Brood Lord, Immortal, Void Ray, Zergling, Battlecruiser, Siege Tank, Hydralisk, Zealot, Mutalisk, Mothership/Core, Carrier, Thor


Strong Against: Hellion, Thor, Zealot, Immortal, Roach, Sentry

Weak Against: Marauder, Roach, Hellion, Stalker


Strong Against: Immortal, Marine, Hydralisk, Zergling, Raven, Infestor, High Templar, Archon

Weak Against: Marauder, Siege Tank, Roach, Ultralisk, Zergling, Stalker, Ghost


Strong Against: Marine, Hydralisk, Zergling, Zealot, Sentry, Reaper

Weak Against: Marauder, Mutalisk, Roach, Ultralisk, Stalker, Thor, Colossus, Siege Tank


Strong Against: Zergling, Zealot, Marine, Sentry, Reaper

Weak Against: Banneling, Stalker, Marauder, Mutalisk, Roach, Ultralisk, Thor, Colossus, Siege Tank

Widow Mine

Strong Against: Marauder, Roach, Immortal, Clustered Units

Weak Against: Raven, Mothership/Core

Siege Tank

Strong Against: Banneling, Colossus, Marine, Hellion, Sentry, Hydralisk, Thor, Roach, Stalker, High templar, Marauder, Ghost, Zergling

Weak Against: Banshee, Banneling, Mutalisk, Void Ray, Phoenix, Brood Lord, Immortal, Mothership/Core, Carrier, Thor, Battlecruiser


Strong Against: Brood Lord, Marine, Immortal, Battlecruiser, Zergling, Hydralisk, Mutalisk, Stalker, Siege Tank, Marauder, Archon, Phoenix, Void Ray, Hellion, Viking, Raven, Banshee

Weak Against: Marauder, Zealot, Phoenix, Colossus, Viking, Zergling (in mass), Banshee, Immortal, Mutalisk, Corruptor, Carrier, Marine, Siege Tank, Battlecruiser


Strong Against: Battlecruiser, Carrier, Banshee, Raven, Corruptor, Void Ray, Brood Lord, Mothership/Core, Thor

Weak Against: Marine, Mutalisk, Stalker, Thor (on ground), Hydralisk, Colossus


Strong Against: Banshee, Roach, Dark Templar, Widow Mine, Ghost

Weak Against: Corruptor, Phoenix, Viking, Stalker, Thor, Marine


Strong Against: Immortal, Zealot, Siege Tank, Ultralisk, Colossus, Marauder, Roach, Zergling, Sentry, Dark Templar, Thor

Weak Against: Viking, Void Ray, Hydralisk, Thor, Mutalisk, Phoenix, Corruptor, Raven


Strong Against: Thor, Zealot, Immortal, Zergling, Mutalisk, Colossus, Marauder, Roach, Marine, Siege Tank, Hydralisk, Phoenix

Weak Against: Viking, Sentry, Corruptor, Void Ray, Thor


Mothership/ Core

Strong Against: Immortal, Marauder, Roach, Colossus, Siege Tank, Zergling, Widow Mine, Zealot

Weak Against: Viking, Corrupter, Void Ray, Stalker, Mutalisk, Phoenix


Strong Against: Marauder, Thor, Stalker (soft), Banneling, Zergling, Immortal

Weak Against: Hellion, Hellbat, Sentry, Marine (cs+ stim + medivac), Roach, Mutalisk, Brood Lord, Colossus, Void Ray, Marauder (early), Mothership/Core, Dark Templar, Archon, Reaper, Banshee, Thor


Strong Against: (support unit), Zergling, Zealot, Immortal, Marine, Battlecruiser

Weak Against: Reaper, Colossus, Brood Lord, Hydralisk, Hellion, Ultralisk, Banshee, Stalker, Siege Tank, High Templar


Strong Against: Reaper, Brood Lord (soft), Carrier, Mutalisk (soft), Hellion, Hellbat, Marine (early), Void Ray (soft), Mothership/Core, Sentry, Phoenix, Ghost, Viking, Raven

Weak Against: Marauder, Siege Tank, Hydralisk, Zergling, Roach, Ultralisk, Immortal, Zealot (soft), Dark Templar, Thor

Dark Templar

Strong Against: Zealot, Stalker, Marine, Hydralisk, Zergling

Weak Against: Void Ray, Immortal, Raven, Banshee, Mutalisk, Brood Lord

High Templar

Strong Against: Marine, Ghost, Hydralisk, Infestor, Sentry, Zergling

Weak Against: Ghost, Roach, Colossus, Siege Tank, Ultralisk


Strong Against: Mutalisk, Marine, Zealot, Zergling, Hydralisk

Weak Against: Thor, Ultralisk, Immortal, Ghost, Infestor


Strong Against: Marauder, Siege Tank, Thor, Ultralisk, Roach, Colossus, Stalker, Dark Templar, Archon

Weak Against: Marine, Sentry, Zergling, Hydralisk, Ghost, Zealot, Mothership/Core, Void Ray, Carrier, Marauder, Reaper, Widow Mine, Banshee, Battlecruiser


Strong Against: Marine, Hellion, Hydralisk, Sentry, Zealot, High Templar, Thor, Zergling

Weak Against: Viking, Banneling, Corrupter, Immortal, Mothership/Core, Void Ray, Carrier, Siege Tank, Banshee, Battlecruiser


Strong Against: Banshee, Zealot, Mutalisk, Void Ray, Mothership/Core, Siege Tank, Thor, Raven

Weak Against: Battlecruiser, Stalker, Marine, Thor, Hydralisk, Corrupter (soft), Carrier

Void Ray

Strong Against: Colossus, Immortal, Battlecruiser, Siege Tank, Ultralisk, Marauder, Corrupter, Roach, Zealot, Tempest, Mothership/Core, Dark Templar, Carrier, Banshee

Weak Against: Viking, Mutalisk, Hydralisk, Stalker (soft), Phoenix, Marine


Strong Against: Marine, Workers, Zergling, Roach, Zealot, Sentry, Ultralisk, Marauder, Siege Tank, Hellion, Hellbat, Widow Mine (Hard Counter), Swarm Host, Colossus

Weak Against: Viking, Mutalisk, Phoenix, Stalker, Marine, Battlecruiser, Carrier, Void Ray, Raven, Corrupter, Thor, Hydralisk


Strong Against: Swarm Host, Siege Tank, Colossus, Zergling, Roach, Zealot, Sentry, Ultralisk, Marauder, Hellion, Hellbat, Widow Mine

Weak Against: Viking, Corrupter, Void Ray, Mutalisk, Battlecruiser, Carrier


Strong Against: Marauder, Roach, Thor, Ultralisk, Immortal, Mutalisk, Colossus, Siege Tank, Phoenix

Weak Against: Viking, Stalker, Corrupter, Void Ray

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