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How to Upgrade Playstation 3 Hard Drive - Playstation 3 Hard Drive - Upgrade PS3 Hard drive

Updated on May 12, 2015

Video for installation at bottom of article.

Read this article is you want to replace Playstation 3 hard drive, Change PS3 Hard drive are looking for a Hard Drive for PS3.

On the Playstation 3 the avaiable hard disk space seems to disappear fast from all the games, videos, demos etc. It is extrememly easy to upgrade the hard-drive and Sony has designed this so that anyone could do it. Upgrading Playstation 3 hard drive is absolutely easy and only takes a few minutes. You do not have to buy an official "Sony" hard disk any 2.5-inch SATA notebook hard disk will fit. Make sure that you stick to these standards or elese it will not work! I would personally would go with either a 5400-RPM or 7200-RPM, these should work fine.

Recommended PS3 Hard Drives on the right

I have added in this article the option to buy the hard disks will are compatible and that I recommend using. Most of my stuff I buy is from Amazon including the hard drives I recommend, you can always count on Amazon for a cheap price and fast delievery. Just to add I personally think if your going to upgrade you might as well get a good sized hard no point in buying a slightly bigger hard drive in my opionion.

Anyway! Moving from that here are the step by step instructions to installing the hard drive, please take care in reading them. The video at the end of the article is a video made from IGN showing you exactly how to install the hard drive if you have any problems with any steps on this guide.

Once you have bought an upgrade drive, the next step is to back up all your current data on your PS3 hard drive to an external hard drive i.e. a memory stick. If you aren't to attached to your music, videos and game saves then skip this part.

Plug in the memory stick or external hardrive where you will be backing up the data to, to the second player USB clot. Go to settings then system settings from there you will find something that says Backup Ultillity you will be asked if you want to back up your data to an external drive you click yes. Once you have clicked yes you will have the option to choose where you would like to save this on this part just click on the memory stick or external hard drive you have plugged into your PS3. The PS3 will now begin to Back up your files.

Next you will need a Phillips-head screwdriver to compete the next part of the installation.

Turn off PS3 and unplug the system. Remove the HD side-panel, and remove the blue screw.

You will see a metal latch, pull this then MOVE THE DRIVE TRAY TO THE RIGHT! Once you have moved it to the right just slide out the drive.

Remove the four screws that hold the hardrive to the tray. I would recommend using a screwdriver that fits very tight because the screws and extremely tight and easy to strip!

Swap and new hard drives then put then screw the new hard drive into place. Then just pop it back into the system slide it into place (Left this time) and put the blue screw back into place.

Turn the system back on and let the PS3 format the new drive. Once the drive has formatted go back to the backup utility and restore the data from your external storage device back onto the PS3 hard drive.

If you find my Hub interesting don't hesitate in leaving a comment, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks Domingos


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