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Order And Chaos Online: PvP Tablet Breakdown

Updated on April 1, 2017
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Melody is a gaming enthusiast who loves playing apps. She has played OAC for many years. Jade enjoys clowning around and mount hunting.


Trying to become one of the pro PvP players on Order and Chaos online can seem like it will take forever. However, it doesn't have to. If you are reading this it's probably because you've discovered that there is an honor points cap, which means you will only get honor points until you reach 1500 of them. You can still play in the PvP arenas after this, however you will gain no more points.

At 1500 Points a day, it might seem like it will take forever to get the PvP epics that you desire. If you want to speed the process up then you can use PvP tabs to help you gain more honor each day. Sometimes you can get these tabs in the game for free. However, any level 70 player can go to the Nick Shop and buy these tabs.

Even though many players do not wish to spend money on the game, think about the fact that the game is free. Similar MMORPGs cost money to play, for the same amount that you would pay for the other games you could invest in some tabs each month. The tabs are fairly cheap, and often go on sale. If you were going to by tabs, I recommend that you wait until runes go on sale, then save the runes for when the tabs go on sale.

There are six kinds of PvP tab in the game, and five which you can buy in the Nick Shop. Keep reading to learn about the various types of tabs.


What's The Best PvP Tab In Order and Chaos

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Living Tablets

The most popular type of tab is the living tablet. This is a blue tablet that resets your honor points for the day. The most sensible way to use this tablet is to wait until you hit the 1500. Cap, and then use it to reset your points back to zero. When you hit the point cap for the first time you will get a reward chest; however, you will not get the reward chest again until after reset. Even if you use multiple tablets, and hit the cap again, you won't get any more chests until after reset.

Since prices vary between iOS and Android, during sales and from time to time I won't tell you exactly how much they are, but they are fairly cheap. You will also notice that you can get these tabs in the daily lottery, during events, for placing in the top 10 in a weekly tournament, on the black market, in the hourly chest reward and in your daily cap reward chest.

WARNING: Do not use this tab close to reset or you may find that you are wasting the tab.

Excited Tablets

Excited tablets are probably the most misunderstood tablet in the game. Honestly, I'm not even sure why they're still in the game. Excited tabs are what we used to use when we won arena points from playing in PvP.

As update 19, we now win honor points. If you use this tablet, it's not going to do anything to help you. You can go to glory Plaza and trade the excited tablets for living tablets. You cannot buy excited tabs in the Nick Shop, but for some reason they are still occasionally given in the daily chest reward box or the lottery.

You may be sitting on a stack of them from before the update. Just go trade them in at Glory Plaza. You can get one living tablet for every excited tablet. I figured the NPC in glory plaza will be around until these tabs are removed from game. Still, I wouldn't put off trading these.


Vita Tablet

Vita tablets can be bought in the Nick Shop, and are occasionally a reward in your points cap chest. These tablets reset your Honor Points by 20%. You should only use this tablet when you are capped. Since it goes by a percentage, when you use this tablet you will be given 20% of your points back. Use it when you can and you will get roughly 300 honor points back. That means if you have 1500 points, when you use this tablet you will now only have 1200. You can cap again, but you won't get a chest.


Valor Tablets

Valor tablets are yellow, and look a lot like excited tablets. You can buy these on the Nick Shop or will occasionally get them in your points cap chest. Valor tablets will give you an extra 10% honor points when you win or lose a match.

This effect lasts for two hours, so choose your partner wisely. This can be incredibly helpful, and help avoid frustration.

However, this tablet cannot be stacked with other types of tablets which give you more honor per win or loss. If you win a lot, this might be if it you.

This tablet and the others are also found in the S3 gift boxes that you can buy in the Nick Shop. Some boxes have more than one type of tab.

By the way, the two I bought only had S2.5 gear in it. Luckily, my alt needed them!


Honor Tablet

Honor tablets are like valor tablets, only they give you double the honor points for two hours. This makes reaching your points cap much faster. These prevent the most frustration of all, but they're the most expensive kind of tab. If you get very lucky you might win one in your daily point cap chest, but it's kind of rare. The tablet are also a reward for PvP achievements. These purple tabs can speed up how quickly you become one of the pros, but it will cost you a pretty penny.

Wrapping It Up

those are all of the PvP tablets that are in the game right now, when there is an update I will update this page. There is one other kind of tablet, but it is not for PvP. It's an excited tablet, and this red tablet reset your dungeon exhaustion. if you are going to wait to get these tablets in one of the three methods, make sure you use the tablet very wisely. If you have the money to spend and you find yourself frustrated with PvP, then it could be time to go ahead and buy a few tablets. Personally I think that tablets are one of the best ways to spend rooms on order and chaos. I think the other ways you should spend rooms are on your crafting and mount permits. tablets are the most economical way to get geared up without spending an arm and a leg.

Living Tablet
Resets Honor Points
Excited Tablet
Trade For Living Tablet
Vita Tablet
Reset 20% of Points
Valor Tablet
Increase Honor Points Received By 10% for Two Hours
Honor Tablet
Double Honor Points Two Hours

© 2014 Jade Griffin


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