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Valiant Hearts Walkthrough, Chapter Four, Part Three: Chemin des Dames

Updated on October 16, 2014
Valiant Hearts owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Valiant Hearts owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Emile has no idea what's going on back at his farm, and even if he did he has issues of his own. The offensive at Chemin des Dames is quickly turning into a bloodpath of epic proportions, and Emile's commanding officer is quite eager to continue pressing his troops into danger. Emile will comply with the orders... but he'll only go so far before his steely facade begins to unravel.

Chemin des Dames - Emile

- Back to our hero. The general wants Emile to gather troops. Best oblige him. Head left and speak to the three soldiers in the tent to send them off. Check behind the last one in line for It's A Long Way to Tipperary Lyrics.

- Lead the men on a mad dash across dangerous ground, avoiding machine gun fire. Eventually you'll arrive in a short tunnel. Push the huge box of shells off of the lift near the right end of this tunnel. Push the box as far as it can go to reveal a Letter from a Russian Officer sitting on the ground.

Emile accompanies several other soldiers through the besieged trenches of Chemin des Dames in Valiant Hearts.
Emile accompanies several other soldiers through the besieged trenches of Chemin des Dames in Valiant Hearts.

- Hop on the lift and pull the lever to get it moving. Wait for the gunner above to stop shooting before rising up.

- A soldier with wire cutters will go to work up here, then get shot down. Wait for the gunners to stop, rush out and pull the guy to safety, then grab the cutters he dropped and finish his work. Keep going.

- Dig yourself some cover and continue moving. You'll have to keep avoiding gunners in the background. After passing by several small sections of barricade you'll find a slightly longer stretch that will slowly get chewed away behind you. Check the ground here for a Russian Identification Tag.

- Near the end of this trek you'll reach a stretch of fence that will be destroyed from the front back. Backtrack away from the bullets until the gunners stop firing, then quickly advance.

- Keep going until you find ground you can dig through. Slip between the bombs in the soil and make your way to the right. Dig briefly to the left once you're underground to find a "Le Singe" Tin Opener, as well.

- You'll emerge in a small cave. Continue right and pull a soldier to safety. Once the way forward is open, press on.

Emile passes near an enormous fire in the trenches of Chemin des Dames in Valiant Hearts.
Emile passes near an enormous fire in the trenches of Chemin des Dames in Valiant Hearts.

- Bombs start to fall. Tag the movements of your teammates to avoid them. Check the ground as you're running for a Soldier's Ring. Look ahead of you rather than at your feet, as it's easy to miss if the soldiers are standing on top of it.

- Eventually one of your men will set up a plunger for dynamite but fall before he can set it off. Wait for the gunfire to abate, then ignite the dynamite.

- Things continue to be generally bad until you reach a heap of dirt, at which point they get really bad. Quickly pick into the dirt and make your way to the right, avoiding bombs already in - and quickly digging themselves into - the soil. You want to zigzag through here, never going too high nor too low. Get too high and the bombs from above will kill you; get too low and you'll be trapped.

- Past another volley of bombs from above you'll reach a cart. It will begin to move on its own; stay safely behind it as it wheels down the hill. There's another cart beyond here that you'll have to control as it rolls down the hill, which you can do by hitting the brakes any time the gunners are about to open up on your position. About halfway down this short course, between two gunner emplacements and protected from fire, is a Papkha laying on the track. Hop out and grab it.

- After a quick cut scene, head up the hill. Another one follows. Pull out your shovel and smack down the guy you've probably been wanting to take out this whole time. This ends the level.


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