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Valiant Hearts Walkthrough, Chapter Three, Part Three: Vaquois' Mines

Updated on October 16, 2014
Valiant Hearts owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposAes only.
Valiant Hearts owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposAes only. | Source

Emile and Freddie have been split up once again, and while Freddie heads north Emile is relegated to something he does very well: digging. He has been enlisted as a sapper in the tunnels outside Vaquois, using his considerable skills to save French live while laying down traps for the Germans. What follows is a rather terrible ethical moment that may haunt Emile for the rest of his days.

Vaquois' Mines - Emile

- Return to the grizzled engineer. After receiving some cursory orders you'll be free to move through the mines. Head out, right, and down to start. The soldiers along the way don't give you much choice as to your destination.

- Eventually you'll be in a room full of dirt. Dig through the left wall and save the soldier on the other side. Grab the can where he was laying with the dog, take it from the dog, and then dig a short distance through the wall on the right. Don't go too far, as there are bombs on the other side. Once you have a clear path, hurl the can to detonate the bombs.

Emile receives orders to rescue miners from the depths of Vaquois' Mines in Valiant Hearts.
Emile receives orders to rescue miners from the depths of Vaquois' Mines in Valiant Hearts.

- Head down the ladder. Enter the room on the left and dig / bash your way to a box of dynamite. Throw the dynamite up, through the flame above Emile's head, and onto the rickety platform holding up a mine cart. Roll the mine cart a short way right so you can climb onto it and reach the ladder below the flame.

- Walk right until the far wall explodes, releasing deadly gas. Send the dog under the gass to dig at a conspicuous mound. Inside is a Listening Device.

- Enter the doorway on the right side of this upper platform. You'll find a rather distinct puzzle beyond. Turn the wheel in this section of the room and bring the overhead basket to the right. Throw a stick of dynamite up so it lands in the basket. Then hurl a second stick of dynamite into the flame projected into the middle of this area. It will land, explode, and reveal a lever.

- Head back out into the hall and order the dog into the next hole on your left. The dog can hit the lever in the middle of the area and redirect the flame upward. Wheel the basket into the flame, then quickly to the left. This will destroy the wall riddled with bombs and release a trapped soldier. Check his small alcove after it's open to find a dynamite plunger.

- Before leaving, perform the same trick with the dynamite and the basket again, except this time wheel the basket to the far right end of the track. It will blow away some dirt and reveal a Telephone Cable.

- Backtrack one screen to a previous ladder. You'll find wires for the plunger. Set it down and push it to destroy a wall to your right. Follow the tunnel until you see a doorway. Have the dog dig to the right of the doorway to find a General Headquarters News Bulletin.

- Go through the tunnel. Dig into the dirt below your feet, minding the Throat Lozenges that are buried about halfway down. Keep digging past a dead miner until you find a soldier suspended far above your head.

Emile navigates a puzzle in the Vaquois' Mines section of Valiant Hearts.
Emile navigates a puzzle in the Vaquois' Mines section of Valiant Hearts.

- Climb the ladder on your right and use the wheel to lower the soldier to ground level. Order the dog over to save the guy.

- The way you came in is now blocked. Follow the soldier right, helping him across the chasm and with pushing a rock out of your path. Keep going until you find a ladder back to the surface.

- You're back where you started, now with new orders. Head back into the mine and descend to the lowest level. Head right, grab a bottle of wine on the way, and dig through the bottom-right wall to find a British Identification Tag 1915. Then throw the wine bottle up and to the right once standing on the lift to smack the lever and ascend one level.

- Dig through the wall on your right, and then further, past two soldiers. You'll find a buried hole your dog can squeeze through. Guide him to the left from below and have him steal a socket wrench from the Germans in the upper tunnel. Snag it from him when he returns to Emile.

- Run as far left as you can go, to a mine cart elevator. Use the wrench on the lift here to bring the cart up. Check on the other side of the cart for a Trench Lantern, then push it as far to the right as it can go.

- Cut scene follows. Oh dear.


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