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Valiant Hearts Walkthrough, Chapter Three, Part Two: Douaumont Fort

Updated on June 28, 2014
Valiant Hearts owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposAes only.
Valiant Hearts owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposAes only. | Source

Yeouch. Emile may think otherwise, but Freddie, the dog, and Anna's father all managed to survive the massive explosion that rocked Douaumont Fort. The trio is now trapped deep in the bowels of Baron Von Dorf's former stronghold, and they need to pick their way out before the superstructure crumbles on top of them. Luckily, the Baron just happened to leave a tank behind when he fled the scene...

Douaumont Fort - Freddie

- First, free Freddie. Order the dog to pull him loose of the debris.

- Head right through the darkness. You'll find Anna's father trapped beneath more debris. Pull him out. Once he's up, check the spot where he was laying to find Flashlights.

- The professor advises getting the lights on. Guide him over to the left side of Baron Von Dorf's silenced tank to find a spot to place batteries. He'll plug one in and light the place up.

- Go through the doorway to the right. Climb the ladder in the next room and check the locker at the top for a Broken German Bayonet. Then stand Freddie on the suspended platform to your left.

- Grab a stick of dynamite, then order the dog to pull the lever below. This will set the platform in motion. While it's moving you need to throw a stick of dynamite up, through a hole above you, through a flame, and down into a small pit. Doing so will destroy the girders surrounding a part of Von Dorf's tank. Grab it, return to the professor, and hand it over. Then hop inside.

- Drive the tank to the left until you're forced out. Run back to the right and check the locker you rolled by to find a Dead Rat inside. Yay.

- Follow the professor to the room at the far left. Inside you'll find a press for making tools, needed to restore the tank. To create a mold with the press you need to turn the three shapes above the press to the appropriate configuration, then hit the chain on the left side of the press. Take the resulting mold to the professor and he'll give you what you need. You'll have to do this twice to advance. (Check out the pictures above to see how you need to position the shapes. They don't have to be absolutely precise for the molds to turn out correctly.)

- Follow the professor back out to the tank and climb the ladder to the right of the tank. Check the right side of the office for German Coins, then pull the rope in the office to move the tank turret into place. Once it starts moving, order the dog to pull the switch beneath the office. The change in direction will lower the turret onto the top of the tank. All done. Climb in the tank.


You now have to drive the tank out of the Fort and off to safety. You have control of its direction as well as the elevation of its gun, and you can use the gun to blow apart any soldiers in your way. Notably, you'll wind up facing gunners in balloons, soldiers manning small artillery cannons, and land mines. All three need to be destroyed before you can advance, so don't just try to roll over your victims. They have to be blown up with the main gun. They won't change their angle of fire, so be patient, adjust your position and gun elevation as necessary, and keep firing until you take them out.

Eventually you'll reach a building. Shoot a shell through the upper window to blow it open, then roll on through. You'll get dropped into the ground. You're largely out of danger at this point. Keep pounding away at the landscape as you head left and, eventually, you'll reach allied lines - as well as a hero's welcome.


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