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Valiant Hearts Walkthrough, Chapter Two, Part One: Paris to Marne

Updated on October 16, 2014
Valiant Hearts owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Valiant Hearts owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Emile and Freddie have told their tale rather extensively so far, hogging the spotlight from the rest of the characters. But what about Anna, the French doctor who suddenly thrusts herself into their midst? This chapter jumps back many months in order to fill the gaps in her story.

Paris - Anna

- Hop back in time, and to a new person. You're now starring as plucky Anna, and you're stuck in her room. A carrier pigeon appears to hold the key you need.

- Enter the apartment and look to the left. There's a cabinet in the living room area that contains an Ink Well. Grab it, then snag a piece of coal from the pile in front of the fireplace.

- Return to the balcony and sling the coal at the carrier pigeon when it's fluttering above the balcony. It will drop the key for you to grab. You can now leave the apartment, but before doing so grab another piece of coal and hurl it at the two pigeons on the roof to the right and knock down an item. You'll grab it momentarily.

- To the left of the apartment's exit is a Letter from a Belgian Civilian in Paris, sitting on a small table.

- Wander outside and talk to the guy with the newspapers to move him, then look a short ways right, beside a storm drain, for the Broken Watch Strap you knocked down. Keep going right.

- At the far right you'll find a car that's jacked up. Continue right to find a wheel you can put on the rear axle. Ignore the socket wrench the man drops as he leaves for the moment, as you don't need it yet. Grab the Newspapers sitting beside the sign on the far right of the screen, then turn back the way you came.

Anna departs from Paris via taxi in Valiant Hearts.
Anna departs from Paris via taxi in Valiant Hearts.

- Walk all the way back to the left, into the apartment. A little girl in here (look familiar?) is crying. Check her and you'll have to perform a short rhythm-based game. Match the pulses on the bar above Anna's head to properly wrap the girl up. Her mother will put down a bottle for you to grab.

- Return to the street and run back to the car. Grab the socket wrench the guy dropped. It will allow you to turn on the pump to the left of the car. Once it's flowing, use the bottle on the pump. Use the resulting bottle of water to cool the engine of the car.

- Run back to the middle of the intersection and grab the socket wrench with the square hole. Use it on the jack that's holding up the car. Off she goes!

Taxi Cancan

Yep, it's this minigame again. You need to steer Anna between oncoming obstacles, namely cars, fences, and barrels. The fences and the barrels are pretty standard fare; the cars are another matter. Either they come at you straight on as regular obstacles, they veer in from the left or the right briefly, or they linger on your sides and try to box you in. This game is a little bit easier than the previous one, though you need to be quite precise while driving. Tap on the direction keys rather than sustaining your grip on the buttons. This minigame is also timed to a song (Offenbach's Orpheus in the Underworld, or at least a section of it), so knowing the song will make the game a bit easier.


- There's a soldier to your left that needs healing. Pull him free of his fallen horse, then perform Anna's rhythm game to save him. This will immediately jump you to a cut scene and a change of scenery.

- Jump to another part of Marne. Head right after Anna can move again and search the ground near the edge of the screen for Shrapnel Shell Remnants. Then wander back to the right.

Anna tends to injured soldiers in Valiant Hearts.
Anna tends to injured soldiers in Valiant Hearts.

- Enter the camp past the first soldier. To your left is a half-felled tree. Check beside it (behind the head of the horse in the foreground) for a Nurse's Manual. Note the water tower on your right.

- Return to the main screen and head right. Pop into the medical tent. Check the far right locker for a saw, then use the saw on the soldier to the left. Another rhythm game waits. That done, check the locker beside the soldiers for Tallow Socks.

- Back outside. Head right and you'll find a soldier asking for water beside a medical truck. Check under the truck for a Mess Tin With Holes, then grab the bottle beside the guy. Take it into the tent, place it under the water pump, and use the chain on the tower beside the tent to fill the bottle. Give the water to the soldier to satisfy him.

- Return to the tent and grab the saw again. Take it into the yard on the left and use the saw on the tree. This will knock down a scarf. Grab it.

- Head right until you reach a bridge. Climb down into the pit beneath the bridge and look on the left for a Letter From a Prussian Soldier.

- Keep going left until you find a soldier looking for a sling. Use the scarf on him, performing another rhythm game. Keep going past him once he's healed to the far right end of the screen; here you'll find a Lice Comb.

- Out here you'll find a wooden cross. Drag it left until you find a soldier digging graves. He'll take the cross and leave his shovel behind. Grab the shovel and deliver it to the soldier by the water tower who wants a crutch.

- Once all that is done, a guy in the pit beneath the bridge will call out for aid. Drag him into a safe spot, then perform your usual rhythm game. Doing so successfully will trigger a cut scene and zip you out of the camp, bound towards Ypres.


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