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Valiant Hearts Walkthrough, Chapter One, Part Two: Neuve-Chapelle to Ypres

Updated on October 16, 2014
Valiant Hearts owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Valiant Hearts owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Freddie rages over his lost love, but he's not the only one suffering. Emile, wounded in battle, has been captured by the Germans and put to work in one of their camps as a cook. It's an oppressive atmosphere - but at least one member of the German army is willing to look beyond borders, and he just happens to have four legs...

(Yes, I probably missed an item or two. That will be rectified once I have a chance to play through the game a second time.)

Neuve-Chapelle - Emile

- Back to Emile. He's been captured by the Germans, and gets to serve them food. Head right.

- You'll find a water pump nearby, and beside it a medic with a dog. Turn the wheel on the right side of the pump to move the medic out of the way. Continue left.

- You're now inside a small building. Go all the way left to find a Photo Frame sitting on the ground. That done, pull on the vat near the Frame to trigger a cut scene.

- Push the vat to the right, until it's sitting atop the fire sign. Then turn the wheel to the left of the vat. Next, pull the lever near the door. Last, pull on the chain beside the vat. Instant meal.

- Pull the vat outside. Cut scene... and...

- You are now the dog. Follow the prompts to free Emile. You can jump back to the dog in the same way whenever you like.

- Bash through the collapsed entrance of the building. Once outside, drag the soldier caught under debris to your right.

- Head further right, grabbing a wine bottle as you go. Emile will be blocked by artillery rounds. Use the wine bottle to knock a handle out of a tree past the artillery, then jump to the dog and have him retrieve the handle. Use it on the lever near the rounds to move them.

- Another puzzle ahead. Walk all the way right until you find a small storage space. Pull the cart of artillery rounds out of here and lug them to the see-saw platform you crossed to get here. Quickly run up the platform to the free-standing ledge with the lever nearby. Use it to raise the dog to the top platform, stepping on yourself as it passes.

- Run to the end of the platform. You'll see a small hole in a snowy ledge, by a ladder. Jump to the dog and command him to enter the hole, then climb down the ladder. The dog will meet you back on the ground.

- To the right is a dirt mound. Step onto it and dig down to breach a trench below the earth.

- Head right. There's a heap of dirt ahead littered with shells. Ignore it - they'll blow you up - and climb the ladder instead. At the bottom and on your left, past another dirt wall, you'll find a Valiant Stores Contest Memorabilia.

Freddie sets up a series of explosives in Valiant Hearts.
Freddie sets up a series of explosives in Valiant Hearts.

- Head right and bash through a wall to get outside. Head right until the dog notices a small mound of dirt. Have him dig at it to find a bone. Grab the bone from him and return to the trench tunnel. Hurl the bone at the ladder above the entrance to lower it, then climb up. Dig twice in the tunnel beyond for a Crucifix. Don't go any further or you'll get blown up.

- Return to the ground and grab the bone from the dog again. Hurl it at the bomb-littered wall on the right to blow through safely.

- There's a large dirt wall beyond littered with bombs. Dig straight ahead, then up and to the right. This will get you to a Compass. Keep digging down to escape.

- Cut scene. Oh dear.

Port Arthur - Freddie

- Back to the burly American. Head right until you come under machine gun fire. Hide behind the nearest barrier, then bash it out of the way and keep running when the machine gun stops.

- At the top of the next ridge you'll find some soldiers under fire. Run straight ahead until you find barbed wire. Clip through quickly and keep going. You have very little time before more bullets come whizzing at your head. You'll find cover nearby.

- Wait for the bullets to subside, then bash through the barrier and continue. The same goes for the next barrier in.

- Beyond you'll find a trench tunnel. Look on the ground for French Coins just before entering.

- Inside you'll find a soldier asking you to help him with dynamite. Grab a bundle of two sticks from the appropriate box and throw it to him, then turn the wheel to the right to move him up one space. Throw him a three-stick bundle this time. Turn the wheel again and throw him another two-stick bundle.

- That done, hit the plunger to the left to blow up the dynamite.This will create a path into a German tower.

- Climb up and check the bottom floor of the emplacement for a Khukuri Knife. Keep climbing...

- ... tense moment; get to the gun at the top quickly, and aim it across the battlefield at the moving tractor...

- ... and bam! Saved. Snip twice.

Ypres - Emile

- Chrlorine gas ahead. Send Emile into it and he'll die immediately. Get close enough that you can see the lever on the other side of the gas, then send the dog to shut it off.

- Follow the soldiers right. The dog will notice a dig spot near Freddie. Dig down to drop through the earth, into a hidden ahead.

- There are two levers down here. Pull the down lever once, then pull the up lever once. Climb across the box that gets lifted to reach a Canadian Identification Tag. Climb back over and hit the up lever a second time. Jump to the dog and order him onto the box, then lower the box again. Climb on, then order the dog to pull the down switch. Go through the tunnel at the bottom.

Emile solves a poison-spewing puzzle in Valiant Hearts.
Emile solves a poison-spewing puzzle in Valiant Hearts.

- Chlorine gas! Insidious. Start by running all the way to the right and climbing over the mine cart in your way. There's a Urine Soaked Cloth sitting on the ground.

- Grab the mine cart on the right and push it all the way left, until it's beside the box you were riding earlier. Have the dog raise the box on the chains, push the cart beneath it, and lower the box again. Pull the two boxes back into the room with the generator and position them on the small grey elevator to the left of the generator. Hit the lever beside it to move the pipe above back into place.

- Now you have to overload the generator. Turn the left wheel so the pipes feed back into the generator. The junction on the right needs to face up and right, while the junction on the left needs to face down and right.

- Head for the wheel on the right. You need to turn it so the left junction above you is facing right and down, while the right junction is facing left and up. You can do the upper junction with the wheel; the dog will have to move the lower junction into place via the lever up top.

- Climb the ladder once the generator blows. Once back outside, head left, away from the march of the soldiers, to find a dig spot for the dog. Inside is a Letter from a Canadian Soldier.

- Run right. Keep running as the bombs begin to fall, then bash through the wall ahead. You'll wind up in another cavern. A short ways down the tunnel you'll find a Gas Canister Deployment Strategy on the ground.

- Bash through the debris on the far right to find a basket. Have the dog dig beside the basket to find a Belgain Shako, then carry the basket back to the rope on the left. Order the dog into the basket, then hit the lever on the ground to raise it up to the higher platform.

- Order the dog to grab the bone up here, then bring it back down in the basket to grab the bone. Use the bone to knock down the rope ladder on the right. Wait for the dog to retrieve the bone, then order him back into the basket and raise him to the upper level. Climb up, grab the bone again, and use it on the handle-less lever to bring Freddie down beside you.

- He'll cut through the barbed wire immediately ahead. Snag the Watch off of the ground, then run, run, dig, and run some more.


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