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Value of Franklin Half Dollars

Updated on February 21, 2012

Franklin Half Dollar Values -

Wen most people think of half dollars, the Kennedy design is usually the first and only coin to come to mind. No offense to the Kennedy half, but it's a real shame that most people aren't even aware of the more valuable Franklin half dollar that preceded it. Minted with almost a completely silver composition, the Franklin half dollar value has remained strong over the years. With their value in silver, and a mintage lasting only fifteen years, Franklin half dollars make for great investments and collections. In this article, you'll find a complete history for these historical coins, as well as a list of key date Benjamin Franklin half dollar values.


Value of Franklin Half Dollars. Shown above is 90% Silver 1963 Franklin Half Dollar.
Value of Franklin Half Dollars. Shown above is 90% Silver 1963 Franklin Half Dollar.

History of the Franklin Half Dollar:

  • As a replacement for the Walking Liberty Half Dollars, the Franklin design began mintage in 1948.
  • The designer for the Roosevelt Dime, John R. Sinnock, also designed the Franklin Half Dollar. His initials JS appear below the shoulder of Franklin on the obverse of the coin.
  • Unlike many other coin mintages, there were no recognized regular mint errors that were released into circulation. There was one proof error in the Franklin mintage, but as with all proof coins, these were not released into circulation.
  • The Franklin Half Dollar was minted from 1948-1963 when it was then replaced by the current and more popular Kennedy Half Dollar.


Franklin Half Dollar Reverse. Mintmark is placed above the Liberty Bell.
Franklin Half Dollar Reverse. Mintmark is placed above the Liberty Bell.

Franklin Half Dollar Composition and Melt Value:

Weight – 12.5 Grams

Metal composition – 90% Silver, 10% Copper

Melt Value - $14.60


Value of Franklin Half Dollars:

Circulated Franklin half dollar values are worth not much more than their melt values, which really aren't bad at a value of nearly $15 per coin. The real value is contained with uncirculated Franklin half dollars. Below you'll find key date Ben Franklin half dollar values for coins in MS-63 condition. Coins that grader higher could have drastically increased value.

Did You Know?

Franklin Half Dollars are only worth more than Melt value when they're in Mint State Condition. If you're unsure of how to tell what your coin's condition is, its good to familiarize yourself with the Coin Grading Scale.

Circulated 1962 Franklin Half Dollar. This coin as with most circulated Franklin Half Dollars is worth the melt value of $14.60
Circulated 1962 Franklin Half Dollar. This coin as with most circulated Franklin Half Dollars is worth the melt value of $14.60
  • 1948 Half Dollar – Value $25+
  • 1948D Half Dollar – Value $25+
  • 1949 Half Dollar – Value $65+
  • 1949D Half Dollar – Value $70+
  • 1949S Half Dollar – Value $100+
  • 1950 Half Dollar – Value $40+
  • 1950D Half Dollar – Value $40+
  • 1951 Half Dollar – Value $25+
  • 1951D Half Dollar – Value $40+
  • 1951S Half Dollar – Value $40+
  • 1952S Half Dollar – Value $50+
  • 1953 Half Dollar – Value $40+
  • 1953S Half Dollar – Value $40+
  • 1955 Half Dollar – Value $35+

Error Franklin Half Dollars:

  • 1961 – Double Die Proof Error. The most valuable Franklin half dollar. Valued at $1,300 in PF-65.

***All other unlisted dates from 1948-1963 are generally valued less and can be purchased for around the spot price of silver.


Overall, the Franklin half dollar is an extremely unique American coin. While they've lost their luster among society, it's at least comforting to hear that Franklin half dollar values will continue to remain strong and increasing in value for years to come. I'd like to thank you for reading my articles on Ben Franklin half dollar values. If you're in the hunt for more United States coins, take a look at some more of my coin articles:


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I just found ur place and I really happy the way you show the value of every single coin that s hy I feel that ur store are honeest and the integrity of the owner and the management are good and one of this days u gonna have call fr , me to sale all my coin fun to see all nice coin so kept up the good work .to all you out there..happy man ,Conrad Leonardo

    • profile image

      darlynn puckett 

      6 years ago

      My coin is 1953. no letter follows date. and its silver. what is it worth

      .its franklin and liberty half dollar.


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