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Value of Kennedy Half Dollars

Updated on March 1, 2012

Value of Kennedy Half Dollar

The Kennedy half dollar is one of the most adorned and collected coins of modern United States mintage, but its story of origin is unlike any other. The sad beginning to the Kennedy half dollar is that it was sped into production to memorialize the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. While the reason for initial production wasn't held in a celebratory atmosphere, the Kennedy half dollars always were and still are America's favorite half dollar coins. Their popularity is so great, that even when the mint stopped producing Kennedy halves for public circulation in 2002, they continued to mint a special yearly batch just for interested collectors. Covered in this article, you'll find information about the history of these coins, as well as Kennedy half dollar values.


Value of Kennedy Half Dollars. Shown above is 40% Silver 1967 Kennedy Half Dollar.
Value of Kennedy Half Dollars. Shown above is 40% Silver 1967 Kennedy Half Dollar.

History of the Kennedy Half Dollar:

  • Unique to any other circulation minted coin, the Kennedy Half Dollar was designed specifically to memorialize President John F. Kennedy’s tragic assassination. Shortly after JFK’s assassination in November 1963, the US mint began producing these commemorative half dollars. The first Kennedy Half Dollars were released in January 1964, marking the shortest time between a president’s death and their appearance on legal tender.
  • Half dollars minted in 1964 were produced using a 90% Silver composition. They were then changed to a Silver Clad composition for the years 1965-1970, before finally being changed to a Copper clad composition in 1971. The clad composition is still used today.
  • The only major design change to the Kennedy Half Dollar was in 1976 when Seth G. Huntington won the rights to have his illustration of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall depicted on the reverse of the coin. The bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollar also features dual 1776-1976 on the obverse of the coin.


Pictured above is the original year, 1964 90% Silver Kennedy Half Dollar.
Pictured above is the original year, 1964 90% Silver Kennedy Half Dollar.

Composition and Melt Values:


  • Weight – 12.5 Grams
  • Metal Composition – 90% Silver, 10% Copper
  • Melt Value - $14.60


  • Weight – 11.50 Grams
  • Metal Composition – 60% Copper, 40% Silver
  • Melt Value – $6.07


  • Weight – 11.34 Grams
  • Metal Composition – 75% Copper, 25% Nickel
  • Melt Value - $0.11


Kennedy Half Dollar Values -

Although the Kennedy half dollar is a highly collected coin, it unfortunately has little value beyond the Silver value of the early coinage. In fact, coin collectors actually have themselves to blame for the value of these half dollars being so low. The reason stands at, the fact that so many half dollars have been collected and hoarded over the years that there is a surplus of Kennedy half dollars in Mint state conditions. Since the Kennedy half dollar was never circulated at anticipated rates, there was never a chance for rare or key dates to appear. Don’t let that get you down though, there are still a few Kennedy half dollars of greatly increased value.

Above: Regular Kennedy Reverse.  Below: Bicentennial Kennedy Reverse.
Above: Regular Kennedy Reverse. Below: Bicentennial Kennedy Reverse.

Unfortunately, the bicentennial 1976 Half Dollar value is much lower than the silver coins that preceded it.

Kennedy Half Dollar Value - Key Dates

  • 1964 – 90% Silver. Valued at $14+
  • 1964D – 90% Silver. Valued at $14+
  • 1965-1970 – 40% Silver. Valued at $6+
  • 1965D-1970D – 40% Silver. Valued at $6+
  • 1974D – Double Die Obverse Error. Valued at $165+

PF-65 Proof Kennedy Half Dollars -

  • 1964S – Heavily Accented Hair. Valued at $25
  • 1970S – Valued at $25
  • 1979S – Clear S. Valued at $25
  • 1993S – Silver Proof. Valued at $40
  • 1994S – Silver Proof . Valued at $40
  • 1995S – Valued at $40
  • 1995S – Silver Proof. Valued at $110
  • 1996S – Silver Proof. Valued at $50
  • 1997S – Silver Proof. Valued at $100
  • 1998S – Matte Finish. Valued at $300


Alright, and that concludes this coin chapter on Kennedy half dollar values. I hope you have learned a little, and more importantly, enjoyed this read on America's favorite half dollar. Good luck with your collection!

Want to find more than just Kennedy coin values? Go ahead, discover below! There's plenty of coins that put the Kennedy half dollar value to shame!


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    • profile image

      11 months ago

      What is the double headed kennedy worth and dont forget the double tails.

    • RobinReenters profile image

      Robin Carretti 

      24 months ago from Hightstown

      Wow I remember these like yesterday how I had many too bad I didn't save so many other things in my past

    • Trsmd profile image


      8 years ago from India

      Kennedy half dollars are a highly collectable series and have been going up in price as time goes by. People want mint state ones and that is were the money is.


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