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Vampire Diaries- Get sucked in: Complete review and guide on this new Facebook Game- Missions, Stamina, etc- How to play

Updated on June 2, 2012


Vampire Diaries: Get sucked in is the Facebook game for the hit CW series, The Vampire Diaries. It is still in the Beta stage.

In the game, you are new to Mystic Falls, and encounter the main characters of the show one by one. They give you "missions", which mostly involve fetching different things for them from different locations. As you move up to levels, you collect "items" to complete "collections" and unlock new locations.

The items are scattered within "fogs", or otherwise transparent hexagonal structures. Clicking on them may 1. Do nothing. 2. Reveal items. 3. Lead to the mini-games (discussed later).

The characters are represented by still pictures. Sometimes clicking on them leads to conversations, where you have to pick your responses from the given responses. The locations are also still pictures. The graphics are HQ.


Menus and Navigation (Refer to Screenshot):

On the left side are the "Mission Journal", which lists the missions you've completed as well as your current mission, and "Current Mission", which gives you details about your current mission.

On the bottom right is the navigation menu, clicking on the "map" icon shows you the map of Mystic Falls. Locations are unlocked as you level up. The main locations are-

  • Downtown
  • Mystic Falls Estates
  • Cemetery
  • Salvatore Estates
  • Lockwood Mansion
  • Mystic Falls
  • Uptown

Clicking on each leads you to the location, where there are sub-locations. Example, Downtown has your home, classrooms, library, Mystic Grill, etc. Click on each sub-location to enter it, and complete your mission. That "left arrow" button basically acts like a "Return/escape", it leads you out of the sub-location, and back into the main location.

On the top menu bar, you have level, XP (Points you are collecting. You need to collect certain XP before you level up), stamina, store, backpack, gifts, awards, collections, and Mystic coins. Of these, backpack and collections are most important, as this is where the items are stored. Backpack also contains the stamina-inducing items you collect (discussed later). You collect Mystic coins as you progress and use them for add-ons in the mini-games (discussed later).


In the beginning, you are given a specific stamina/energy. As you level up, the maximum stamina increases.

Clicking on each hexagonal structure reduces your stamina by one. You gain one stamina every three minutes.

There are also stamina inducing items that you can collect throughout the games. These are-

  • Water- Two Stamina
  • Damon's Kiss- Two Stamina
  • Damon's Heart- Five Stamina
  • Root Beer- Five Stamina
  • Coffee- Seven Stamina
  • Soda- Ten Stamina

Using them will give you the stamina as listed. You can also ask your (facebook) friends for Water.


Most of the time, you have to find items in the fog. The fog consists of hexagonal structures as discussed above. Clearing the fog earns you XP and Mystic Coins. Fog can be cleared rapidly with the "Fog Mower". Fogs return after a given time.


Clicking on the hexagonal structures leads to mini-games. There are three mini-games:

  • Mystic Pix- You are given two pictures, and you have to spot five differences within the allotted time. Although the same set of pictures are repeated, as your "skill level" increases, the differences get harder, and the time decreases.
  • Mystic Trivia- You are given questions about the show, and four options, of which one is the correct answer. Answering correctly earns you points, there is no negative marking for wrong answers. The time allotted decreases with the increase of your skill level. Same set of questions are repeated.
  • Forgotten Objects- You are given a picture of a scenery with items scattered everywhere. There is a list of ten items on the right, you have the find the items in the picture, and click on them, within a specified time. Same set of pictures are repeated, but the time allotted decreases as your skill level increases.

There are also add-ons available (a maximum of three, depending on the level), that you can add in exchange of the Mystic Coins. These add-ons have various functions, for example, 2X multiples your score by 2, 10 seconds adds 10 extra seconds to the game, etc.

You also earn Mystic Coins, XP and Items from playing the Mini Games.


Each collection consists of five items,some common, some rare, some very rare, that can be found in different specific locations. You collect items from the fogs, or through mini-games, or by interacting with the characters (in the later levels). A collection can be "traded in" from the Collections button on the top menu (see Menu and Navigation above) to unlock collections and collect trophies.

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  • Pros: The game is very simple, it has a structure that is easy to understand and follow. The story line is suspenseful and interesting. Graphics are HQ, the character stills look stunning. Special effects, specially those on the mini-games, are commendable. Navigating through locations is easy. Music and sounds are good too.
  • Cons: Your character is never shown- and you obviously have no option of personalizing your appearance or name. The game basically consists of finding objects by clicking on fogs and playing 3 mini-games repeatedly, which can get boring after a while. At some points, you have to ask for items from your facebook friends, so if they don't play the game, and/or can't send you the items, you are stuck.

Overall, it's an interesting game with amazing graphics and an interesting plot-line, but don't come in expecting an adventure game, like the Call of Duty. This game follows a rather slow but steady pace, and is simple and easy to go along with.

If you are a fan of the show, you should definitely give this a try.


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    • comicalequation profile image

      comicalequation 4 years ago

      Click on the Packpack icon at the top of the screen, and click on the item that you want to use :)

    • profile image

      lynn schroeder 5 years ago

      how do i remove items from the backpack that i need