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Various Mods & WoW Addons for the Feral Druids & Bad Kittys

Updated on July 8, 2012

Mods & Addons

A mod or an addon is basically a passive program that runs in the background of your game & thus helping you acheive awareness a little bit better. For awareness is everything if you're a pure gamer at heart. Mods & addons can help you do various things in-game, For example, helping you keep track of quest givers, helping you level faster, Notifies you when a raid boss is about to enter phase 2, so you know what to expect and be prepared a little faster. Helping you keep track of your cooldowns etc. There are many good sites that let you download specific mods & addons for your current game. Feel free to check out to download whatever mods & addons you require.

Download it manually and extract the files to your World of warcraft folder into your Interface>addons folder. When you are extracting, your path should something like this for example

C:\Program files\ World of warcraft\ Interface\ Addons (this is your destination folder to extracting the given files)

(Cooldowns mod left, Bad kitty addon right)

Recount Meters Example

Below are a list of some commonly used addons and some of the best & a must have regardless if you're a role-player or pvper.


This is a very basic mod, when installed your interface & action bars to be specific have a timer on them showing you when your next ability or abilities will be ready to use. This is a good way of keeping track so you dont randomly spam buttons waiting for your moves to come off cooldown.

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM):

One of the best Raiding pvp mods available, primarily used for Raiding & pve encounters. DBM helps you keep track of EVERYTHING that a boss of raid encountered mods do, such as boss abilities, timers, screen flash warnings when you're taking damage etc. Greatly helps with awareness & makes game-play much easier & helps you control the encounter better. increases your survivability skills etc. Always updated with new patches being released etc.


If you're an arena addict, this mod is superb & very advanced, It keeps tracks of the opposing teams such as their cool downs, if they have used a trinket & or if they happen to be mana'ing up. Announces to your party letting your other team member what is taking place. At first it can be confusing to understand. but within 1-2 games its fairly easy to understand. Also displays diminshing returns letting you time your CC's and assists in co-junction with your partner perfectly. A very advanced tool truly.


Recount helps you keep track of EVERYTHING that is happening inside your raid or party. Such as healing done, healing taken, Damage done. It displays this information and statistics in the form of a meter that feedbacks of everyone in your raid or party. Raid leaders & officers keep track of this to see how well their raid is doing etc making their lives a lot easier. Although Majority of players always have this need to get on top of the meters to prove to everybody they are the best, It also reduces their self awareness. Like they say, a dead DPS class is no DPS class at all. Nevertheless this is a good mod to see test out your spec whether it be healing or DPS & see where you stand & what stats to work on.


If you're a farmer, like the chinese some would agree who spend all day farming materials for professions. This mod is very useful especially if you find yourself going out to farm Gathering professions such as ores, herbs etc. This mod will drastically reduce the number of hours you spend farming materials as it keeps track of all the spawn points so you can fly around gathering them faster. Any other player who also has this mod can share their information with you and vice versa of the spawn points etc.


If you find yourself playing the auction house alot, this mod will greatly increase your chance of getting richer. This mod scans the auction house and gives your good information on what are the cheapest bids & buyouts for items & materials etc. When to buy at a good price and when to sell to make a good profit. Remember though its only through trial and error before you actually start to increase your cashflow or just buyout an item because people dont know what they're doing in the auction house. One man's garbage is another man's treasure!.

Feral By Night!

This mod helps keep track of your Abilities such as bleed effects, Savage roar etc. Maintaining your uptime on boss & when to refresh and re-apply a new round of bleeds etc. It also has a proc tracker that helps you keep track of weapon procs etc. A wonderful tool for rotation especially for Feral cats.

Bad kitty

A similar addon to Feral by night. Bad kitty is a debuff tracker for feral druids. Originally designed to keep track of mangle regardless of how many ferals or arms warriors were present in the raid. It now keeps track of buffs, debuffs and cooldowns important to every cat that care about their damage. Almost every feral ability is tracked and taken into account any overlapping debuffs that may exist in your group or raid, helping you know when to apply a fresh rip or mangle etc. It also has a warning flash screen that notifies you when a certain ability such as rip that will require your attention in a few seconds helping you re-apply a fresh rip etc.

Summing up.

Many good mods & addons were implemented into the game overtime, Such as itemrack which is now item equip. Power aura's which used to be a powerful mod and can still be used, regardless is now implemented into the game with bright spell / ability flashes etc. CTRaid, an old school mod now being replaced by DBM & Bigwigs etc.

Depending on your class and play-style there are many good mods and addons to use. But be warned although they might be helpful, its a good idea not to constantly download tons of mods and addons as this clutters up your user interface and give you added lag issues, Most of these programs are also known to conflict with each other. Remember to update your addons & keep up with the ever changing World of Warcraft.

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Gladius & Gatherer mods


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