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Vectron Wave Flying Toy As Seen On TV

Updated on July 20, 2010

Vectron Wave Flying Toy As Seen On TV

So I was flipping through the tv channels this morning when I saw another new infomercial toy that i wish I had when I was a kid. It is the Vectron Wave Hovering Flying Disc. Not only was the Vectron Wave a seriously cool toy but one of my favorite things to do is challenge myself and try to pretend like I have any sort of hand eye coordination.

I remember when I was a kid my two favorite things were to design rollercoaster tracks out of my race car tracks that were free form with wind up cars and to try balancing things and setting records. I was absolutely horrible with trying to keep a soccer ball in the air and hackey sack was definitely not something I would have ever attempted to play in public without my friends but things that involved hand and eye coordination are where I shined.

I could do the paddle balls great, games where you would have to place or flip or rotate things were awesome for me and I even got good at bar games (at that point they weren't bar games for me since I was too young to drink) like flip cup, darts and other things. My sister and I would also have contests to see who could twirl batons and toss them, get the most flips and catch it and how many throws in a row we could get. Basically anything that would involve hand eye coordination and that looked cool I loved. One of my favorite toys were Devil Sticks which were the three stick sets that would have a larger stick in the middle with rubber sides or ends and you would basically spin and juggle it as well as toss it. We definitely tried to set some records with each other like how many spins we could get the middle stick to take around a single stick or who could toss the middle devil stick the highest and catch it. Devil sticks were definitely one of my favorite games and when I saw the infomercial for the Vectron Wave As Seen On TV Flying Toy it made me kind of want one since it is all about balancing and then using your imagination to try and create new obstacles and ways to get it to hover and fly without losing control of the Vectron Wave Flying Toy As Seen On TV.

The infomercial shows kids playing with the Vectron Wave and passing it then using paddles to keep it floating in the air. After they get good enough with keeping it flying with paddles they then use their hands and you can see it is tricky but also fun. The fact that it hovers and flys is also what is awesome about the Vectron Wave As Seen On TV flying toy. Not only does it hover above you, but if you push up it looks like it leaps so you can have a contest to see who can get their Vectron Wave Flying Toy to not only fly and hover but who can get it to fly the highest without touching the vectron wave.

Another thing that was kind of cool about the vectron wave commercial was they challenge you to try and see how well you can catch and keep the vectron wave flying. In one scene I think they had someone drop it from a staircase and the kid was standing below and caught it so it hovered above his hand and then went on to fly again. I absolutely love the vectron wave and you can play a million games with it.

You can use it to play hot potato, for contests, just to keep you busy when your bored and if you are on a conference call and you are an adult you can use it to entertain yourself when it gets boring. I actually think that the adults may end up stealing their kids Vectron Wave As Seen On TV Flying toy because it not only looks fun and addictive for kids but also would be fun for adults. I love the vectron wave and will probably end up buying one for myself and to see how my cat reacts to the Vectron Wave. He may end up loving it and it'll be seriously funny to watch him play with the Vectron Wave. I might have to shoot a video and post it back here. If you end up deciding to buy vectron wave and love it, feel free to leave a comment below.


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