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Video Game Ideas - Diner Dash and Other Similar Games

Updated on May 7, 2015

Diner Dash 5 : Boom!

The Diner Dash series of games are single player time management games which have sparked a number of spin off titles including 'Wedding Dash' , 'Fitness Dash' and 'Fashion Dash'. Diner Dash 5: Boom! Follows the series' main protagonist Flo as her diner is sabotaged by Mr Big who wants to buy the lot. After the diner explodes, Flo must race to rebuild her business within one week to stop Mr Big getting his hands on her property. Players can work through 5 different venues each containing 10 story mode levels plus additional bonus level. The aim of the game is to get through a busy day at the diner while meeting a set earnings target. At each venue, Flo is faced with an additional challenge to protect her tables from including earthquakes, high winds, rain and fuse box problems. These issues can be combated by purchasing upgrades for the diner. The game features several types of customers with varying levels of patience. The player must serve them in the appropriate order so they can earn bigger tips.

Delicious: Emily's Childhood Memories

Delicious is a series of time management games developed and published by Zylom Studios. The games follow Emily, a waitress who dreams of one day owning her own restaurant. Emily's Childhood Memories is the sixth installment of the series and sees Emily go to the house where she grew up which her parent's are having to sell due to financial difficulties. Players take on the role of Emily as she works to earn enough to save her childhood home. The object of the game is to successfully run a restaurant by serving customers in a timely manner before they become frustrated and leave. Player can utilize fast service, entertainment and restaurant d├ęcor to keep customers happy and earn larger tips. In addition to serving customers, Emily has to prepare food, restock and clean tables. As the player progresses through levels, they will be able to hire staff to help keep up with demand and keep customers happy.

Cake Mania 3

Cake Mania 3 is the fourth game in a series of cooking and time management games published by Sandlot Games. Cake Mania 3 sees the series heroine Jill as she prepares for her wedding day. However, disaster strikes and a 'time bender' shatters causing Jill to be bounced through various time periods as she struggles to return in time for the wedding. The player controls Jill as she takes customer orders and bakes the required cakes as quickly as possible before the customer gets bored and leaves. The general premise is the same for this version of the game although each level is set in a different time period and features different cakes and customers. The levels contain mini-games in addition to the story mode game play and trophies are awarded for completion of each stage. Cake Mania 3 progresses through six different time themed levels: Jurassic Period; Forbidden City; Ancient Egypt; Medieval England; Revolutionary France; and Future. On completion of these levels, Jill can return to her own time, bake her wedding cake and meet Jack at the altar!


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    • Millionaire Tips profile image

      Shasta Matova 

      7 years ago from USA

      We love playing the Sims.


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