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Video Game Review: Home a unique horror adventure

Updated on March 5, 2013
5 stars for Home


I will be very brief as to not spoil the plot. The game starts out where you wake up in an unfamiliar house and all you have on you is a flashlight. Once you step out into the next room you find a dead body whom you do not recognize. You have no idea what is going on and how you got to the house in the first place. You now must make your way back home and figure out exactly what is going on.


When it comes to game play, there isn't much beyond moving around and interacting with objects. However, the real point of the game is the atmosphere it creates through setting and sound. You go through some very creepy places in the dead of night and it always feels like someone is on your heels.

The sound is what makes the atmosphere so compelling. The game starts with a thunder storm going on in the back ground which immediately sets the mood. As you progress you will get other sounds such as the humming of machinery, the creaking of metal gates, doors slamming, and even whispers and foot falls from someone off screen. The entire game had my stomach in knots while I played and it all stemmed from the amazing sound effects.

Wonder - *Slight Spoiler*

Without giving anything away, the game ends with you having so many questions. The game presents you with a lot of evidence to what is happening on your journey and a lot of it will contradict other evidence. The game comes down to you trying to make sense of everything and encourages you to share your own insights on their website. There you will end up reading more versions of the story that may make you end up rethinking your own.

If you plan on buying this for yourself, it is only 3 dollars and is available on steam as well as their website: Here is my own run through of the game, I think I missed a few important rooms as it only took me about an hour to go through. I had a lot of fun with this game and after I had a friend watch my play through we spent about an hour trying to piece together a story ourselves.

Home Play Through (Only Watch first 15-20 mins if you plan on playing it yourself)


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    • Namels Reviews profile image

      Christopher Gordon 4 years ago from Massachusettes

      Yeah, I was really blown away by it. Never expected this 8-bit game to make me think so much about it.

    • Jargoness profile image

      Jargoness 4 years ago from Italy

      Home was awesome, I was pleasantly surprised by it. I've played it myself and also watched Cry and TheRpgMinx's let's plays.