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Video Game Trends You Should Worry About

Updated on June 20, 2014
Elder Scrolls Oblivion pimp my horse DLC better known as Horse Armor
Elder Scrolls Oblivion pimp my horse DLC better known as Horse Armor

1. Micro Transactions

Imagine you go get a new car, everything works, it drives nice. it looks good all that good stuff. Than you hit the radio and you just hate the music so you change the channel. Only to hear this (Sorry only one radio station came included with purchase, but you can always purchase more. Now wouldn't that make you just a little mad? It should, because when you take your hard earned money and buy a 60 dollar game (not to mention Tax) You expect that to be all you pay with the exception of some DLC (Downloadable Content). No one wants to get nickel and dimed for things that should be free. I'm not talking about full expansion packs Im talking about, skins, multiplier maps, new weapons,and god forbid horse armor . Not to mention these items are usually way overpriced.

2. Greedy Downloadable Content

I love driving video games and I happen to own a 360, so I go out and get Forza 4. I get home pop it in and stat racing. I slowly work my way up to buy more exotic vehicles. During this I start noticing things that annoy me. Hmm I think I'll go buy a Camaro ZL1 (DLC $5.00), Ok I'll just go get this car than(DLC). I finally make my way over to Porsche only to find that the entire line of cars is DLC not one Porsche can be used unless you purchase DLC for it. Now I can understand a couple of tracks or even one car from each manufacture being DLC. But an entire car company unavailable with new purchase of a game is simply unacceptable. This somehow has become an industry practice no matter what genre of gaming it is. Vital Characters on fighting games being pushed off as DLC. Rockstar with there cash cards in Grand Theft Auto 5 where you pay real money to get in game money. Why ,because every item in the game is ridiculously overpriced. Not mention the online portion of the game is designed for players to loss money. There was on point where you got paid $1000 for completing a mission but every time you died you got charged $2000 not to mention all the ammo you used. Some people go so pissed they started modding the game. Finally Rockstar took the hint and dropped the penalty to 200. I personally find a death penalty ridiculously dumb.If you're gonna do DLC than do it right like Bethesda does with the Fallout series and give consumers what they deserve.

Pre owned section at GameStop
Pre owned section at GameStop

3. Used Games.

There is absolutely nothing a wrong with consumer buying a used game. Consumers are not the issue here, the issue starts with companies like Gamestop. When a company creates a new game it takes allot of work , advertising, animating, coding, testing, all these things cost money. When the game finally comes out and you purchase it new the creator gets rewarded with most of the profit and the seller gets a slice. Its the same thing when you buy a used game right? Wrong,after a game becomes used 100% of the profit goes to seller (Game Stop). This is part of the reason studios have to resort to horeing dlc and charging gamers for stupid things. I don't know how this happened but its wrong and it needs to change, and change without affecting consumers. DRM(Digital Rights Management) May work for PC'S and steam but at this time console gamers aren't ready to go full digital or be online at all times. Evidenced by the near downfall of the Xbox One. Studios and sellers need come to an agreement, otherwise this will just get worse and possibly sink the entire industry.

Video Games Unite
Video Games Unite

4. Console War Nonsense

Console wars have been going on since the third generation and are completely pointless. The only thing they do is rob us of great opportunities and stunt the advancement of gaming ,imagine Halo vs Metalgear how awesome would that be. Imagine how much more the Last Of US would sale if it we're multi platform.In my recent review of Watchdogs I pointed out the lack of graphics we we're promised. Turns out those can still be reached on PC but the code is hidden. Here my theory on why. The Trailer that was shown at E3 2012 was based off a PC this was before the developers had full specs on the PS4 and Xbox One. The only reason why they'd hide the code and basically downgrade graphics on PC is to keep the playing field even.Or one of the said companies above threatened to pull support for the game if they wouldn't downgrade the graphics which would lose UbiSoft money. That's just isn't fair to PC owners who can access these awesome graphics. Not every gamer myself included puts graphics as a number one priority when it comes to buying games or a console. Not mention not everyone can afford a ultra powerful PC. If the graphics on PC are better than there better. If they can handle a higher fram rate cool. But don't handicap PC's because other systems aren't as powerful.

A Gamer Can Dream
A Gamer Can Dream

5. Lack of Creativity

All we ever seem to get nowadays is sequel after sequel of some dude running in 3rd or 1st person shooting generic enemies with sub par A.I, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, Gears Of War. The gaming industry needs to start pushing more unique games. Mirrors Edge The Wolf Among US, State Of Decay these are good examples of what needs to happen. We get tired of playing the same rehashed character with a gun over and over again. Would it kill the industry to have some character diversity. It would be nice to have a triple a title with a protagonist of ethnic origin every once in a while.Its like studios are afraid to step outside the box and innovate. Give us more games like Skyrim, Fallout, Psi Ops, Murder Soul Suspect, and stop giving us carbon copies. And please give us more horror,we need more games like Outlast and Dead space. Also don't be afraid to do crossovers, I'd love to see Batman vs Solid Snake in a stealth battle. Any industry not just video games need to focus on always pushing boundaries and evolving otherwise it will lead to stagnation and stagnation equals annihilation.

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    • Warren Alexander profile imageAUTHOR

      Warren James Alexander 

      4 years ago from Houston Tx

      Thank you for taking time to read and for giving positive criticism.

    • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

      John Roberts 

      4 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

      As you and Daily Top 10 have said, there's plenty of things we should worry about in today's gaming industry. This was a great read and I didn't realise how harmful a lot of what you mentioned can be. My only criticism is that some of these things can be good, and if you were to simply talk about those (but not go into full detail so not to sway the reader's opinion on the actual topic too much), that'd likely get some better discussion going.

      For example I believe DLC and micro transactions are OK when done in moderation and within reason. Blizzard Entertainment shouldn't have microtransactions in their subscription based model, but I think it's OK in their other titles Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone because those games are free to pick up. Monetising in video games is far different to that of music, film and so on thanks to those having concerts, premieres, award ceremonies, royalties and so forth, whereas video games don't. So making that extra bit of cash can be good, but the overall message should be (in the case of this article) that it's a trend we should be concerned with, because right now it's out of control.

      Nice article! Voted up, useful and interesting! If you have any more plans to write here, I'll be sure to read what you have to say!

    • dailytop10 profile image


      4 years ago from Davao City

      Predictable Plot...Awful Remakes...Bad voice acting...Too much Cut-scenes...lack of puzzles or I better say they're too easy..and the list goes on...Game developers can definitely do better than that and I hope they improve in time. Thanks for sharing this hub and have a great day!


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