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Video Games Girls Like: Video Games to play with or buy for your Girlfriend

Updated on June 6, 2012

I am a girl, and I like video games. I didn’t always like them though; I used to hate them. I was no good, they were boring, and they took up all of my boyfriend’s time. Here are some video games your girlfriend will like – maybe she will become a gamer yet!

PixelJunk and PopCap are your friends. If you can start small with games like these, it is nearly certain that she will move into other games. Don’t start with a gory Dead Space marathon – she will surely never play again. Instead, try PixelJunk Monsters. It is a downloadable game through the PlayStation store. A simple, yet cute game where you place different weapons along a path in order to kill the monsters before they reach your village. I personally love this game. It is cartoonish and endearing – but addicting! Playing this game became a nightly ritual in our house, and then I started asking for more games…

PixelJunk makes a few other awesome girl-friendly games. Eden is a beautiful game, where you jump from vine to vine gathering these glowing orbs and pollen. It is simple, but beautiful and as the others, addicting. They also have Shooter, which you drive these all-terrain vehicles around, using your guns to destroy enemies and debris in your way in order to rescue scientists that are trapped underground. This is fun - I learned a love for shooting things playing this game.

Then move on to Peggle and Plants vs. Zombies. You can get these games on just about any system, from PlayStation to Xbox to the computer or even an iPhone. These are PopCap games and honestly I have never met a girl that doesn’t like Plants vs. Zombies. The plot is you are guarding your house form these cute cartoon like zombies. You plant different plants that offer some sort of protection – from spitting peas to giving you more sunlight (which you need to plant more plants) to exploding like a “cherry bomb”. This one is also addicting, and I have met just as many guys as girls who like it so you won’t even mind playing two-player with your girlfriend.

Peggle is a pinball like game, where the goal is to clear all of the orange balls from increasing levels of difficulty. Each section you get a trophy, and a new character that has a new special ability for you to use. The levels start out pretty easy, giving her the confidence to move on. They get pretty hard though, I had to do some of them a few times before completing it. There is also Peggle Nights if she finishes the first one, same idea but a different theme. If you buy the Xbox version of Plants vs. Zombies, it comes with Peggle and another puzzle game.

These games give her an idea of how the controllers work, which is one thing that keeps girls from wanting to play. Now that she has that down, move on to Little Big Planet. This game is ADORABLE! It satisfies the cute factor with being able to customize your character with hundreds of items, and is motivating to play because you get more cute things for your little guy. The game play is not easy, there have been places I have been stuck in before, but if you are playing with her you can help each other out. There are lots of levels, there are user created levels, and so far there are two games although I would not be surprised to see a third eventually.

Maybe you like RPG’s and want her to share that love? Introduce her to Fable 2 or 3. I don’t recommend Fable 1 just because in my opinion it is just not as good. The reason I didn’t like RPG’s at first is because I never knew what to do, I was always dying, and where to go was confusing since I do not have a head for maps. Then, I played Fable 2. There is that little glowing light to tell you where to go. I never got lost. The missions are clear. I liked talking to the locals. I hated that I got ugly but what can you do? I enjoyed this game. I wouldn’t even answer phone calls if I was in the middle of a battle. I was hooked. Years later and I just started Fable 3. I highly recommend this game to newbie’s.

Another game that girls like is Guitar Hero. I got this as a Christmas present one year and was highly skeptical. It sounds boring. It is not. I played Guitar hero all the way through, then II and even then III and World Tour. I gathered a whole band of instruments and my girlfriends would come over and we would rock out. We felt cool. It was so much fun. If she doesn’t like guitars, try her on the drums. I don’t like them, but I have one friend who is awesome at them but won’t even tough the guitar. You can have a lot of quality video game nights with this game.

If these games (I call them guy-tolerable games) don’t work for you, try the Sims games. These are made for girls, with babies and unicorns and romance all wound into one resource intensive game. The best console Sims games was the old PlayStation 2 games but the later ones are good as well – except for Castaway Island. For the love of gaming do not buy that game! Get the Sims 3 or even old school SimCity for the Wii. They can be a bit confusing to start off with but it is a small learning curve before she will be hogging your game systems.

Now that you have an arsenal of games to play with your girlfriend of wife, make a fun night of it. Set up some of her favorite snacks and even hand her a pink controller. Give her some time and she might become a gamer!


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    • Ally Lewis profile image

      Ally Lewis 3 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA

      I'm a gamer with my bf and we love the COD games! Black Ops 2 is my favorite. And Heavy Rain was awesome, we loved playing it together (he played, I watched). You have quite a selection here though, and I'm glad it's not all just "girly" games :)

    • profile image

      Mike 3 years ago

      My girl is very picky when it comes to games. She liked WATCHING me play Heavy Rain, but didn't care for actually playing it.

    • aliasis profile image

      aliasis 4 years ago from United States

      Not bad recommendations, but I think it depends on the girl, just like everything else. :) I love RPGS and action adventure games! I recommend Zelda, Dragon Age and Final Fantasy especially! An excellent horror game is Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

    • Colleen Fowler profile image

      Colleen Fowler 4 years ago from Mildenhall, England

      I LOVED Heavy Rain! It took me a while to get used to the controls, the reason I didn't put it here as I felt it would discourage those new to gaming. But such a great story!

    • dar0925 profile image

      dar0925 5 years ago from Reno, Nv

      Great article! I am a female and I do enjoy a good video game from time to time. May I recommend a game? HEAVY RAIN! Ladies, please, if you are into movie like, romance, and cute characters, please play this game! It's so enjoyable. I have recently bought a PS3 just so I could play this game. In fact Quantic Dream is a company that had made this game and another game called Indigo Prophecy from a few years back, and they will be releasing Beyond Two Souls later this year. :) Just my recommendation.