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Video Games Helped Me Heal From a Bad Breakup

Updated on October 11, 2017
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Cameron Eittreim has been a licensed Bail Bondsmen for five years, and he is the author of American Bondsmen ISBN: 978-1-365-49244-0

The Sega Genesis Was My Savoir

Love is one of the most powerful emotions in this world, and when you are in love it can control your entire being. There is nothing worse than losing a love interest, or suffering from a traumatic break up where there were either very strong love emotions or the pain and trauma of a cheating spouse. This past year I went through one of the biggest emotional roller coasters of my life, and I didn’t think that anything would take the pain away.

It’s weird when we get hurt we tend to find ways to distract ourselves from the pain, and I rediscovered something that I hadn’t enjoyed for a good seven years. I rediscovered my love for video games, pulling out my retro console and slowing watching the painful memories disappear. I didn’t consider myself a video gamer anymore, in fact I laughed at guys that devote themselves to video games but now I am thankful that I have found my first hobby again.

My Sega Genesis Saved Me:

After spending a few weeks gathering my thoughts I started to pick up other hobbies, such as gardening and exercising. Already being a freelance writer I have been picking up many more projects then I used to, and I stumbled upon a project writing an editorial for a retro video game publication. This instantly brought back fond memories of playing my Sega Genesis for hours upon hours, enjoying every game in my collection from Desert Strike to NBA Live 98. After completing the piece I decided to pull my old friend out for some classic gameplay, and I went to Game Exchange in Fort Smith, Arkansas and purchased Sonic Adventure 3 and Super Hang-On.

Immediately after popping Super Hang-On into my Genesis all of my negative thoughts were gone. I was immersed in the simplistic yet addictive gameplay that I had grown to love for most of my youth. There was nothing like it, my mind was completely occupied on the game. This made me was more so I went back to the game store and I got Samurai Showdown, an instant fighting classic.

This game was addictively fun, and I felt like I was getting a lot of my aggression out on the game. From the classic 16-bit soundtracks that make the games so memorable, to the colorful yet simplistic graphics that changed the game industry forever. The Sega Genesis was and will always be my all-time favorite video game console, and even after all these years it doesn’t get boring.

There is something to be said about one of the most popular game systems to ever grace the video game industry, and my collection of games has grown substantially. There have been quite a few Sega Classic collection releases for the current generation of game consoles, but nothing can quite relate to playing the actual console. From the way that the cartridge looks and feels, to the nostalgic look of the nineties hardware hooked up to a 1080p HD TV. There is nothing like seeing your classic console on a brand new television, and giving it another round.

I Got Back into My Gameboy:

In addition to getting back into my Sega Genesis I also pulled out my old Gameboy Color, my unit which is Atomic Purple I have had since I was 9 years old when my mom purchased it for me at launch. The Gameboy Color changed the way that portable games were played forever, because prior to the Gameboy color the previous color handhelds such as the Sega Game gear were bulky and they had horrible battery life. The Gameboy Color on the other hand was lightweight, had great battery life, and has a vibrant color screen albeit missing a backlight.

I started playing Pokémon Crystal Version again, which has such an impressive level of depth that it is easy to become fully immersed in this game. I got addicted to growing my Pokémon collection again, and winning as many battles as I could. I forgot how fun the gameplay of the original Pokémon titles was, and how it helped to calm my nerves. My next title that I found again was NBA Jam for Gameboy Color, an addictive basketball title that is surprisingly great considering how simplistic the Gameboy hardware is. I found myself playing as my favorite childhood Sacramento Kings team, facing off against the legends like Kobe and Shaq and trying to perfect my combo dunk.

The Gameboy color is amazingly fun to play, and my collection of Gameboy titles is actually quite large because the games are so affordable to get nowadays. A lot of today’s teenagers are trying to scoop up these original Gameboys because retro is cool now, but for me this was an instrumental piece of my childhood. During long car trips, and visits to the hospital where my great grandmother passed away. My Gameboy Color was a piece of my childhood, and something that has helped to bring me back from a traumatic breakup.

I Am Once Again a Video Gamer:

Well, they say once you lose someone that you love you will never get over it. But, by getting back into video gaming my mind and my heart has healed and I am better than ever. I didn’t really understand why people can put so much effort into gaming, and then I realized that it is a stimulant. Video Game not only calms you but it helps you to concentrate, and it has helped me tremendously this last month. I have gone back to professionally writing about video games, and now I look forward to playing new titles for my android device as well as continuing to enjoy classic genre titles as well.


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