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Video Games That Will Suck and Why: Skyrim

Updated on September 7, 2011
Look, off in the distance, keep walking... keep walking... Having fun yet?
Look, off in the distance, keep walking... keep walking... Having fun yet?

What Was Revolutionary Has Become Retarding to the Artistry of Games

I am old enough to remember the shock and amazement that came with experiencing the HUUUUUUGE early titles in the Elder Scrolls series. I recall riding horses (and looking up to see how the entire horse looks up with me) and journeying to an endless series of villages and taverns and quests. I remember, with glee, the freedom of Morrowind, where I could just wander around murdering people and pillaging villages whenever I got bored on the mindless, endless slog of the main quest line.

But, that's the past. That style of gaming is quickly running up against the new reality of technology. In the past, size was the best way to make a game feel open and inviting, because the graphics stank, the controls where clumsy, and it was more important to simulate life and violence than to create original game experiences. Games, then, could brag about how each person has a house, a schedule, and friends. Games could brag that their world was endlessly open, allowing players the freedom to wander away from the main quest narrative at-will.

However, the open world style of games is the past. Even really, really fun open world games with middling-good narratives like Assassin's Creed stumble against the edge of their created landscape. It's just that there's only so many "things" one can do. The people in the world only do a certain number of things. The size is an illusion of a level-designer's wet dream, where bigger is better, and more is better. Unfortunately, the new paradigms in games is not in the "bigger is automatically better" arena, but in the carefully-scripted, perfectly executed levels and goals that align with a well-crafted narrative experience. Portal and Portal 2 are the future of game design, and where quality happens. The Uncharted series is equally controlled and scripted. By allowing player freedom, the game designers can only be as complex as budgets and Physics Engines permit in such a huge space. By contrast, containing the player into narrower levels, and into more scripted interactions leads to the surprises that come from a perfectly-executed game.

Size and freedom are illusions, at best. The HUUUUUGE levels in Morrowind and Oblivion did seem to be iterations of regions more than carefully-executed levels. The enemies were the same in each region, with predictable AI tactics. Instead of a diverse range of experiences, the player is treated to a large number of similar interactions, using the tired tropes of FPS-gaming built for a melee world. There are only so many ways to interact with the limited palette of controls on an average controller. By expanding the size of the game, the creativity and originality mapped to each button decreases as game design budgets seek to merely meet the design specs, not to innovate on top of them.

What was once a revolution in size and level graphics and occlusion shaders has now become a retarding urge backwards, away from innovative design, towards what was once surprising and is now no longer even interesting. At the end of the day, it is really, really annoying to spend so much of my gaming "time" running across a huge level to get to the various points of interest that the game tells me will lead to an interesting and memorable experience. How much of your time spent playing Portal involves merely traversing? Not much. Within moments of stepping off of the elevator, the player is engaged in active gameplay: solving the puzzles and exploring the many traps and easter eggs of the immersive narrative experience.

For this reason, I predict that Skyrim will suck. Size is overrated. What I want, and what gamers want, isn't BIIIIG HUUUUUUGE levels, but memorable, rich game worlds that turn every moment of game time to game play, instead of just running over a large map towards a blinking marker on the mini-map.


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    • profile image

      SkyrimSucks 4 years ago

      Too bad as of now. Skyrim is one of the worst RPG's in existence meaning that you have a bugged and crappy game and have to use consoles for furthering process of permanent pauses. Thanks a lot Bethesda, as an American gaming company you sure put down the American dream...

    • profile image

      Just me 5 years ago

      Lol I have a compromise that I actually do :DD I play Portal 2 and Skyrim simultaneously. Cheers.

    • profile image

      jum 5 years ago

      i played uncharted 3 and it has like 10 minutes of endless walking without any goal i like uncharted 3 but skyrim ftw

    • Leonhart profile image

      Leonhart 6 years ago from The Netherlands

      I agree with the author, but even more so with lvl 55 orc. Skyrim turned out to be a total letdown for me. After having played Oblivion, it is clear to me that TES V is a facsimile of it.

      The old sets of armor are back: elven, glass, daedric, you name it, they're back (just when I thought I had seen the last of those).

      There's no cool armor in the game.

      And then there's the quests. They're all pretty boring, and when you've finally completed them, the only reward you usually get is gold. If you don't get gold, you get a weak weapon that looks like it was pulled out of a trash can.

      The 'unique' weapons (almost all of them) you get as loot in some dungeons look exactly the same as the least unique weapons; think iron/ancient nord stuff.

      The Daedric quests have returned. Yay, right? Wrong. The quests yield the same weapons you already got in Oblivion (Ebony Blade, Mace of Molag Bal, etc).

      The biggest issue is the lack of decent quests. I would even go as far as to say that the main quest sucked. It ended abruptly, without any reward, or sense of satisfaction.

      The game seems to lack color as well. Sometimes, you want to get away from the freezing cold, to an inn. Unfortunately, inns aren't very inviting. Usually, there's a cold light emanating from them. If not, there's no light at all, except for some wall torches.

      I know Skyrim is a cold province, but does it have to be so colorless? So bleak? Colorless and bleak, that's how you could describe the armor and weapons, too.

      Skyrim prides itself on containing dragons and being 'epic'. But there's nothing epic about the quests, weapons and armor, or the gameplay in general. It pretends to be a sequel, but it's less than that. It's like advertizing a dull version of the Shivering Isles as a new game.

      Sorry, no more '500 gold' quests for me.

    • profile image

      brhinoceros420 6 years ago

      I think its just natural to hate rpgs until you play them. Nobody wants to be labeled as a geek. Move past the labels and enjoy yourself a damn good game. I hated oblivion because my friends would spend hours on it instead of having a real life. Moderation people! Anyways, my point being, skyrim is the best!!!

    • profile image

      toaster 6 years ago

      In Summary:

      TES=Exploration, Story, Combat

      Skyrim fails all three.

      People think it is good because:

      1) Fans of morrowind and oblivion using convoluted illogical platitudes to justify their wilful ignorance (we all know how fans can be – see: Star Wars)

      2) Unaware of the “rpg” OCD busywork mechanics at play, mistake long gameplay time as proof of good quality

      3) The lump of cash dropped on the game makes for some powerful rosy goggles (need some fairly serious personal integrity to admit that you wasted not only the last 36 hours of your life playing this game, but also wasted the $60 you paid for it)

      Me, i think my around 40 hours of gameplay slot me snuggly into all three categories (fan/ocd/miser).

    • profile image

      toaster_pimp 6 years ago

      Skyrim is meant to be 3 things: Exploration, Story, Combat. It fails at all three - just unpolished, poor execution (won't go into details here).

    • profile image

      Dare 6 years ago

      My only gripe about Skyrim (PS3) version are the loading times. If Bethesda would use a proximity based graphics loading engine like GTA: Vice City or low quality to high quality fade in like Borderlands then the game would be immensely more enjoyable. ~Loading Screens Need To GO~

    • profile image

      Rabiddog 6 years ago

      A game is a game - whether it'll be good or not is generally meant for the niche players it's aimed at. I personally HATE open world games and find them boring and pointless. But I love stealth games and I know plenty of open world gamers who despise having to sit, wait, and sneak kill or sneak by an obstacle.

    • profile image

      djduanejake 6 years ago

      I completely disagree, sure gaming has gotten a bit...very advanced since morrowind, and sure the AI nay seem a bit generic or maybe you just haven't evolved with the times/technology. I am 25 I love games, am a game designer and Ive played every game out there (RPG and FPS mostly) own a console, a ps3 and have an area 51. And i prefer Skyrim on the box and NO it does not suck, it provides a very different, immersive, sometimes glitchy but very expected from an open world multiple coded game. It will take time to fix these issues people it dosnt happen overnight.

    • profile image

      lvl 55 orc 6 years ago

      Glad I didn't buy skyrim. Was fun the first 20 hours or so. until the point where you can craft daedric weapons. by then any loot you get will be inferior to your equipment. so basically you play the rest of the game with the stuff you have on, constantly upgrading it when your smithing/enchanting skills lvl up. then that's it. Unique loots suck. so one of the most important aspects of any rpg is lost. quality loot.

      Next, i would have to agree with the author of the blog about the size of skyrim. bethesda made it so huge without even putting in some quality storylines for side quests etc. simply put, side quests for the dark brotherhood requires you to assassinate different npc's throughout the world. the worst part is you even assasinate the emperor without any major effect in the overall gameplay or story.

      Another ugly thing is the ending. which one? oh wait there isn't one. after you kill alduin, you dont get any loot??!!. again no impact to the rest of the world/story. you just get teleported back to skyrim to finish your stupid sidequests.

      Overall. another over-hyped game using an over sized world with an illusion of having an open world environment. but has no real diversity or alternate choices on how to proceed with the main storyline. you just get to choose between the empire and stormcloaks. that's it. they even have a similar quest no matter what side you choose.

      but in the end you have no choice but to capture a dragon. ride him to the place to get to alduin, then follow a path to get to the halls of something. talk to 3 people. shout 3 times then kill a dragon.which isn't even any different then the dozens of dragons you've already killed.

      oh and did I mention that there is no ending?

      A stupid move by bethesda for their DLC's which im not buying.

    • profile image

      Xen 6 years ago

      I actually liked the game. Sure, they dumbed it down, but there was a point. Plus, many of the glitches, which there are many, are easily ignorable. I haven't found one glitch that interrupted a quest, or made leveling quicker. The only set back about the game was the health/stamina/magic leveling system, and the removal of acrobatics and athletics. But, it removed retarded 3D movements, so I'm fine with that. It has so much more freedom then Morrowind had. Either way, personally I thought Daggerfall was the best of all of The Elder Scrolls, haven't played Skyrim enough to compare it to Daggerfall, plus it's really difficult given the time differences. I personally like the finishing move cinematics, it feels really nice in-game to pick up a man with your bare hands and throwing him into the ground. Also, K-T, there's a point why your character is mute, or at least for me. I usually voice the character, but using some pretty lame catch-phrases unfortunately. Plus, if I'm stuck with an annoying voice I don't like, I can't kill myself, where as if an npc has an annoying voice, I find it plenty easy to kill that person or just leave.

    • profile image

      Arimmus 6 years ago

      I disagree with you. Where you believe that bigger is not better, longer lasting gameplay with point of interest are better. Story can only go so far. For me, I enjoy getting myself deep into the lore of TES games. Even though I read every book in the games I still read them, I still talk to people. In fact that is the best part of the game, being able to learn things about a game from the people. this is why i though DA2 was not as good as the first, because you couldn't talk to people. Games that rush the experience often times feel flat, forced. Skyrim due to its size, did not feel forced. I could do what I want when I wanted, and there were choices. I hate games where you are forced to choose. There are points where you must do as the story says, but you have so many other choices. So, go on, say Skyrim sucks. But that doesn't mean you are correct.

    • profile image

      Dude 6 years ago

      You are just unhappy because you got hit by an arrow to the knee =D

    • profile image

      Eric 6 years ago

      Personally I feel that skyrim is a great game, but I understand that not everyone will agree with me. For me, I really enjoy the immersion that Bethesda has put into it. Call me a nerd but one of the things I enjoy most in the game is finding a book while exploring a dungeon, taking it home, or to the edge of a waterfall, and reading up a little on whatever may happen to be in the book. While the main story and supporting story are excellent, sometimes I think it's the little things like hunting deer or finding a nice little waterfall and stream that make this game so great.

      The world create in skyrim really feels so real, and has that sort of feeling that it's still there when you're looking at it, and has always been there.

      Btw I'm not one of those ppp who plays games all day...before you tell me to get a life consider that I live in the woods and spend almost all of my time just wandering around them...

    • profile image

      aw87 6 years ago ever.

    • profile image

      Enough 6 years ago

      Alright, Skyrim is out and now everybody knows how awesome it is. On PC terms, it did much better than MW3. Console wise, not so much. What does that prove? NOTHING! Skyrim is for some people,and not for others. I happen to enjoy wandering the land of Skyrim, seeing all there is to see and enjoying all of the little events that I encounter. That may not be for all of you. THAT DOESN'T MEAN THE GAME WILL SUCK. You all have your opinions, but don't write it off as fact. And on a side note, I still havn't beaten Oblivion after five years, yet I still came back to it after Skyrim. Good job Bethesda, I hope you'll make more games like these in the times to come!

    • profile image

      K T 6 years ago

      Dunno about Skyrim, but I've tried Arena, Daggerfall and Morrowind. In the end none of them really had anything that made me want to play on. Morrowind was a little prettier graphics-wise; that's about it.

      Size actually doesn't bother me too much. What bothers me is the sheer lack of purpose. The Elder Scrolls games (at least the ones I've played so far) are all so open-ended, they give you so much freedom, that you don't feel any sense of purpose. You can do whatever you like; it doesn't seem to matter as far as this world you're in is concerned. The way the NPCs in these games interact with you doesn't help either; somehow they nearly always seem to have some kind of attitude problem with you. "SPIT IT OUT OR HIT THE ROAD!" "MY TIME IS PRECIOUS SO MAKE IT QUICK!" Nobody in these worlds is really your FRIEND, nobody really gives a **** if you lived or died, leaving you with likewise zero inclination to care about anyone or anything in these worlds.

      Compare Neverwinter Nights. From the start there's an urgent purpose that's made very clear to you: to save the town of Faerun by finding a cure for the Wailing Death. And you have allies like Aribeth who provide guidance and form an important part of the story. Or look at the Ultima games. Often you'll have important friends like Lord British, who also play a major role in the story. Or look at the Might & Magic series, where you always have a party of adventurers who have to support one another. There's purpose and there's companionship. AFAIK you find no such thing in the Elder Scrolls games.

      Rewards come by very, very slowly in these games as well. Treasure and stuff are very hard to find. (In Daggerfall you can't even buy just a miserable healing potion at low character levels.) This gives me even less inclination to continue playing the games. Compare games like the Might & Magic series, where you'll often find pleasant surprises in the form of gold and trinkets even early in the game, enticing you to find more.

      Finally, your character is always mute. At most s/he'll just cry out in pain. You never hear him/her SAY things like, "this place looks creepy," or "I wonder what this device is for," or that sort of thing. Strangely, the NPCs can talk (at least in Morrowind) -- YOU alone can't.

      All in all, the Elder Scrolls games I played were simply failures in my book. Amazing (to me anyway) how people could like them at all. None of them are installed in my system now, and I never bothered to even think of trying Oblivion. And if you find exactly the same sorts of things as the above all over again in Skyrim, then it will be crap in my book too and I'll not touch it with a ten-foot pole.

    • profile image

      Greg 6 years ago

      In hindsight, this review failed, as Skyrim is simply amazing.

    • profile image

      Daniel 6 years ago

      I completely agree with the poster here. I don't want a giant fucking game world to spend hours running through.

      Take Xenoblade Chronicles for instance. Perhaps the fucking biggest game world I've ever had to traverse. Not only that but you run as slow as hell and there is no way to get a mount or some sort of vechile to help you move around faster.

      Most of the game is just running from point to point to do what you need. Thankfully many of the quests aren't that far away. Take FarCry 2 (or should I say FailCry 2) which was an absolute joke. Every 'mission' was always as far away from where you were as possible. Nothing was close by and the only 'challenge' was the bandit outposts that were between you and your quest target. If you got in a car you could drive right through those. Or if you had a sniper rifle you could pick off the entire AI with just a few bullets without them knowing where the fuck you were. An absolute disgrace of a game.

      Once upon a time we wanted huge expansive games that made us feel free. Now I don't have the time nor the care to spend ages running around these places. The bigger the game world, the longer the game takes to release. The more they have to cut back on the things that matter: Gameplay, uniqueness, diversity, weapons, character development. It seems that many publishers just try to bury all that hard work with a huge landscape that no one really gives a shit about.

      P.S. Not a troll just disappointed.

    • profile image

      nolaggg 6 years ago

      Skyrim is not lagging or buggin' up... If you have lag i heard a gtx550 videocard lags the game like crazy (pc). I find almost everything enjoyable in the game except when you have to go across the map to talk to one person.

      I dont think that you should hate on games author

    • profile image

      Me 6 years ago

      I have the PC version and I ask, where are all of these bugs of which you speak? The only bug I've seen in my 20+ hours of play is sometimes my right hand goes invisible when I select a second spell, but can still cast with both.

      Being a PC gamer since the mid- 80s, I've witnessed a lot of quality game series go to complete shit for this new generation. I hated Oblivion, and honestly, I love Skyrim. To me, I think Bethesda did a great job improving on their last installment. It took me aback at first when I realized stats and classes were removed, but in the end it wasn't a bad thing for the series. I personally love the big games like this, because years ago RPGs were short, but you really had to think. Hard puzzles, no hand holding, and you actually had to read what NPCs told you. Skyrim has been enjoyable and I like that I hear some classic Morrowind tracks in the music.

      Author, I respect your view, but it does sound like you're one for the watered down modern day gaming experience. While Skyrim has watered down a few things of its own, it's not to the point where it's not Elder Scrolls or unplayable.

    • profile image

      yourmotherslover 6 years ago

      also, screw vampires. werewolves in this game are so freaking intense!

    • profile image

      yourmotherslover 6 years ago

      this is the most heretical web page i've ever seen

    • profile image

      Jonas 6 years ago

      @jeff Don't do quests for Daedric lords if you don't want to do bad things, and it's not Fallout: skyrim, it's The Elder Scrolls.

    • profile image

      Jeff 6 years ago


      I have been playing Skyrim for a few days now and the biggest problem I have (besides the bugs that don't allow you to finish certain quests)is the fact that while Bethesda claims that the world is so full of freedom and choices, you really have very little choices when it comes to questing or just running around trying to change the land of Skyrim on your own. Here are some examples:

      1. There are way too many essential characters in Skyrim. In Fallout New Vegas, most, if not all characters in the game could die and there was, where it mattered, an effect or consequence to the character or the world. In Skyrim, you can (SPOILER) walk in to the crime-ridden city of Riften and if you're like me, expect to be able to hunt down the bad guys (Thieves Guild) and save the city and its poor inhabitants. Instead, all you can do is join the thieves guild and go around and extort the already poor people of the city. Now, if you are trying to be the good guy in Skyrim, this poses a major problem.

      2. Non dynamic quests. (SPOILER) I came across a quest in a city called Markarth that got me interested in the begining but at the end, made me quit the game outright. This quest has you enter an abandoned house with another person that is hunting deadra and their worshipers. I won't explain the whole quest but at the end, instead of having a choice to do the right thing, you are forced to beat an old man to death TWICE or you'll just have to ignore that quest altogether. There is no 'good' ending to that quest which really upset me. Again, if you want to be a good guy, you are just SOL.

      Bethesda should have taken a page from Obsidian, the guys who developed Fallout New Vegas.

    • profile image

      2Noobs 6 years ago

      Indeed Skyrim suck balls, well PC version really does, and it should get "Worst Console Port Award", why? I make it short for you: QUALITY is more important than quantity for me, but Skyrim quality is really really poor!!!

      graphic = crap

      animation = uther crap

      AI = lame

      controlls = obviously made for consoles

      npc sound = like cheap narrator (its so boring that i fall asleep)

      overall performance = just terrible (that with high-end system)

      BUGS = i cant do even single quest without seeing a bug (friendly npc constantly get stuck everywhere when it should follow me, etc etc..)

      Only good thing about Skyrim: Dragons looks cool, but really i can play better games like Dragon Age origins if i want see dragons lol

    • profile image

      Anonontario 6 years ago

      I'm one of those COD jackass fans and you sure showed respect to other gamers by saying that. I totally agree with the writer now saying that I'm not a RPG fan I can't even stand the amount of running around in assassins creed nevermind the world the size of skyrim, the last thing I would want to do while playing a game is get bored bc I have been riding a horse for 10 minutes just trying to get a quest so I can play. And to the dude that said portals is not an intelligent probably said that bc you couldn't finish it, portals is def one of the most thought out new games on the market you sir are a true retard


      Stay Frost and keep gaming

    • profile image

      XBL: VIce Lords 513 6 years ago

      You really can't compare games like Portal, to the Elder Scrolls series. Elder Scrolls: Oblivion being one of the first games out on the Xbox 360, had some of the best graphics seen in any videogame. Now I agree that the map size can sometimes be a little overwhelming, but if you are an avid Bethesda RPG player you will begin to understand that this is how this type of game works. There is no "future" style game. All new games are apart of the future, as they get better with graphics and the story lines progress.

    • profile image

      Jayrock 6 years ago

      First off if TES series are role playing games then Resident Evil is an rpg too...Skyrim looks extremely similar to Oblivion and the similarities that stand out the most are the flaws oblivion had.I'm not a hater but to have a staff of hundreds and to add only a couple of new things in a sequel is pathetic.Combat still looks artificial and stiff.There's more variety in how a player handles a weapon in Monster Hunter.In MH this made every enemy encounter completely different.Adding real "weight" to a weapon changes things dramaticaly.You can become "unencumbered" when carrying too much stuff but in battle every weapon feels like your swinging a pigeon feather.Enemies need very little strategy to kill.No attack patterns that force you to think outside the box.Slash, slash or spell is all you need to get anywhere.It amazes me that Bethesda seems to look over simple things.I don't hate bethesda because i liked FO3 but I also realize that oblivion is about the best they can do.They just do not have the ability to do better.Let's be honest Graphics are why most people are going to play this game.It is what it is.

    • profile image

      brian 6 years ago

      to each his own...but i really got to say, most of the linear games with the condensed maps and cheesy dialogue usually wind up way too short for me. it pisses me off that i spend that much money on a game and wind up with a 20 hours of game play. one thing i have been able to count on with tes series, is an immersive and satisfying gaming experience. if you like games too short and watered down, this is ok. but it's also ok for real gamers to like real games.

    • profile image

      Dave 6 years ago

      I don't know if it will be good, though I'm going to try it. If it follows oblivion, the leveling system will still be crap, and exploring is tedious when areas all have the same mobs and such, with nothing new except to visit another area that's virtually the same as the last.

      I'm going to give it a try though, hopefully they improved on oblivion instead of making it worse. MW3 was good, Oblivion was okay, Skyrim will be = ???

    • profile image

      Raiku 6 years ago

      In the end, all of your precious scripted games will be fortgotten after some time one after another, while people will still play skyrim and i bet all of you haters will be amongst them.

    • profile image

      GrimMiharu 6 years ago

      I think that the game is full of possibilities than a lot of new games, and what I saw and read so far is much better than Oblivion(And I loved that game), there is scarcely a limit to the options not to mention the graphics.

      So all the haters Keep your opinion to yourself, do not ruin the game for other people.

    • profile image

      adsf 6 years ago

      The focus of the game is to give you freedom to do whatever you want so I'd say exploring the game's world is the 'active gameplay' and the 'points of interest' are just another part of that. The games you compared it with are designed to offer a completely different gaming experience to Elder scrolls games.

    • profile image

      Baziken 6 years ago

      LOLZ @ Freddy. Why live life when you can play video games? :D

    • profile image

      Freddy 6 years ago

      I love games like cod or portal but i complete them in a day or less skyrim wil let you play for ours as anything you want get maried and buy a house and the culture that is put into a TES game is sooooo cool why live life when you can live skyrim ?

    • profile image

      jod 6 years ago

      I didn't even start the main quest in oblivion until i was 88 hours into the game. there are so many things to do. cant wait for skyrim and the new adventures!

    • profile image

      Christian 6 years ago

      As much as I have to respect everyones opinions, I must say that your article made me mad. Not because I'm a TES fanboy, or even because I think Skyrim will be the best thing ever created, but because of the extreme level of pure ignorance in your article. You based your article off of the fact that short, linear, fast-paced games, are better simply because of the fact that they aren't "HUUUUUUGE". I loved Portal, and Portal 2, but I finished them both in a matter of hours. I've been playing Oblivion for years on the Xbox 360, and will continue to do so until the release of Skyrim. Your article makes the claim that due to the fact that Skyrim allows you to use some imagination, instead of putting you on a linear story line that ends in a few hours, it will be a bag game. I'm a sophomore in highschool and I can see that you will put down something to see a reaction out of others. In the section of "Games That Will Suck" you placed three versions of Skyrim on different systems. It's sad how simple minded you are. You're trying to compare two entirely different gaming experiences, to put the type you don't like down, based off of your own opinion. And you are failing miserably.

    • profile image

      TygerYang 6 years ago

      @Zebulum, seeing as you have children (and probably an active life) I can see your problems with spending so much time in a game.

      That being said, I hardly expect there being an as unique or at least interesting world to explore for those who live there. At least for those who live there. And if you say that people can just go off on hikes in places they don't live in, that takes time and money. If you play an open world game like Skyrim you can get a (rather) unique experience any time you want that can be paused when you want.

    • profile image

      Blayze Kohime 6 years ago

      I played Oblivion for years, literally, and ~never~ ran out of fun things to do. When I did get done with all the game content, there were dozens of mod-added quests to enjoy, some literally as long as the main quest line. Notably, this is also why I would never buy one of these games on a console system; I like to experience the creativity of the fan-base and not just the creators.

    • zebulum profile image

      zebulum 6 years ago from USA

      I think it's interesting that people enjoy wandering around looking to explore.

      I do that in real life. It's called going for a walk. When I do it in life, and discover things, they generally are not violent, and they generally come with a wealth of sensations beyond just the visual.

      I guess I prefer not to dedicate 20+ hours of my life to one video game, week after week, and would rather balance out my time with activities like hiking with my kids.

    • profile image

      percivn 6 years ago

      You think it will suck because it will be too big? The size of TES is most people's favorite part of the game. It gives you time to admire the game. You get to discover new things. You never know what you will come across. You might come across a person in the woods looking for help, and end up getting a new horse, or a nice weapon. You could decide to kill someone for no reason, and end up being an assassin in the Dark Brotherhood.

      I truly believe Skyrim will be the greatest game ever made, and I'm sorry if you have never enjoyed the awesomeness that is The Elder Scrolls.

    • profile image

      Serph 6 years ago

      Christ my phones autocorrect kicked in as I submitted the post excuse some broken language. The idea should still be in the post.

    • profile image

      Serph 6 years ago

      Skyrim will be an overhyped piece of trash modern day gamers will think is amazing and deep. The irony is they dumbed down the shit of the series to an all time retard level in Oblivion and of course its going downhill from here. Skills? Non existant as far as I'm concerned now, perks are retarded as fuck especially in this style of gameplay. Already alone they pretty much confirmed we got a slightly tweaked gamebryo engine (one of the shittest engines made) from any leaked gameplay the animations are horrid as usual, voice acting is laughablt, and combo is so dated I'very played games over 10 year old hell even 20 with more combat depth.

      Another insult to injury is the continous level scaling in their series. What's that? You wanna be that awesome hero or Gillian who reigns over all? Oh wait those bandits are carrying ancient artifacts that are beyond the so called big bads in the games. TOTAL IMMERSION! Its as funny as radiant AI anyone remember that awesome concept? Oh wait no because it was yet another bullshit claim by Bethesda. As far as I'm concerned this take isn't even worth pirating its that bad.

      Now I'm expecting all you Bethesda asskissers to cry out and rant to me and call Bethesda a God. Good for you I hope you know you're allowing gaming to become for suited to brain dead people and erase any depth.

    • profile image

      The Hoodedman 6 years ago

      I'am surprised no one has said " F*ck You, SKYRIM IS BOSS!" I can respect your veiw even though I will enjoy Skyrim a lot. I'am glad we The Elder Scrolls fans are respectful of other gamers veiw points. It makes us look better than the jackass COD fans.

    • profile image

      AnonGamer 6 years ago

      LOL, I immediately thought this game would suck. Gaming is in a glut.......

    • profile image

      retarded 6 years ago

      "What I want, and what gamers want, isn't BIIIIG HUUUUUUGE levels,"

      Speak for yourself.

      And Portal 2 was one of the most annoying games I've ever played. All the scripted dialog/events and poor humor made me feel like I was in a Disney movie, not an intelligent game.

    • profile image

      RCNovak 6 years ago

      The Elder Scrolls series is a Role-Playing Game. The act of exploration, traveling, and wandering through the natural environment is a part of the experience to fully invest the player in the Universe of the game and the role they are playing in it. The vastness of the design and the pace of the game is suited for the RPG Genre; because it simulates the pace of what your character's actions and life would be like in the context of their adventure. What you are comparing Skyrim to (Portal) is an entirely different animal. Essentially, Portal 2 is a puzzle game strapped onto a First Person Shooter module. Of course the game has to engage you from the very beginning and not let go; you are in the relative world of a First Person Shooter. Not only that, but the storyline is catered to a more focused and condensed world... you are in a Lab, for crying out loud. Skyrim's story is not as pre-determined. You are attemtping to compare apples to oranges, and you are failing miserably.

    • profile image

      SlithNostro 6 years ago

      A main reason people buy Elder Scrolls games is the open worlds of them. Portal is fun, but there isn't any replay value because once you are done, you have done everything. In "HUUUuGE" games like Skyrim, you can replay, explore more, and accomplish different things. You can't base a statement like "Skyrim will suck" on one thing that you don't believe will work.

    • profile image

      anomynous 6 years ago

      good point. but it is still going to be bought because there are plenty of reasons to get see portal and uncharted dont steal hours of time away and that is not a selling point to most people. elder scrolls makes life seem like a shitty game that you tolerate when your not playing elder scrolls

    • profile image

      Zoloe 6 years ago

      I beat Uncharted 3 on day one of its release.... Now I am done with it. It was awesome and I enjoyed it immensely.... but I'm done, so I'm bring it back to pay for my pre-order of Skyrim.

      The point is, Skyrim will last me a very long time, and I could finish several different scripted story lines before even starting on the main one. So, I think Skyrim will be a lot of fun and will be full of "memorable experiences" and plenty of "game play".

    • tricdade profile image

      tricdade 6 years ago from Cape Coral,Florida

      Elder Scrolls Rules

    • profile image

      Tyger 6 years ago

      I'm not even gonna flame, even though I'm a huge TES fanboy. In your opinion Skyrim is going to suck, purely because of it's large size, and thus limited amount of experiences compared to smaller but more focused games such as Portal or Uncharted 2 (both of which I've played or enjoyed).

      I personally don't see how you can say Skyrim is going to suck. You may not like it for the reasons that you stated, but personally the size of the realm is only a small part of the game. The game is rich in lore and will most likely have an environment that will keep most people entertained (sorry if you're not).

      If this is tl;dr I guess I could sum this up by saying that you believe that Skyrim is going to fail almost purely because you don't care for transitions that work to pull you further into the game, and prefer instead games that have a constant flow of rapidly paced gameplay.

      ^Nevermind I fail at summarizing.

    • profile image

      Luke 6 years ago

      Go play your MW3 then, these games are for creative people who can think of their own Story and make it memorable, Scripted is for people who lack thought for a good experience so the game does it for them. Walking around is actually gonna be a fun thing, gazing into the awesome Graphics, adding to the immersion. but apparently your opinion is to have the same Exact experience as everyone else who played the game is more fun, some people would actually like a Unique experience so they make it themselves. the Elder Scrolls Series has greatly improved, just because your too Lazy to walk somewhere doesn't mean the game is gonna suck ._.

    • profile image

      Michael 6 years ago

      Excuse me... I must say, I disagree with you.

      There are still people that like to sit down, and "dream" themselves into another world of fantasy.

      A world that they can make their own, and that is infact: HUGE.

      But it all come down to taste mind you...

      As I love the typicall, tolkien and robert jordan fantasy worlds, this type of game really fall to my taste.

      Here I can do what the heros in those books do. (not obsessed kind of "live" but call it "pretend")

      I don't know how to explain it, but in these worlds, these huge worlds. You get to create your character, you set off in any directio you want. And there is so much to see, so much to do.

      And you can even do those small things like: go hunting for deer - sell their hide and venison for gold.

      Chop down trees and make planks out of them.

      Mine minerals and smelting them into usable bars of steel - iron and more - and then make weapons and armor.

      The posibilities are many - And I like this.

      I like that there are many small settlements spread across the world.

      I love that I can go anywhere within this world. I can get ontop of a mountain i see in the distance. On my way there I might find a abondoned village or a keep to loot.

      Maybe I get to start an entire new quest and solve puzzles inside the keep.

      And I might meet people(npcs) who need to be rescued - or they might attack you...

      There are factions to join, there is just you who can form this world of your own...

      I mean, ofcourse size matters!

      This "ilusion" that you call it, is what makes it fun.

      It's like when you read a book, you see those things you read in your head.

      These kind of games makes it possible to actually "live" in this kind of a world, and that is what's great about it.

      - Mike

    • profile image

      skyrim!! 6 years ago

      What skyrim brings is a what would happen in a realistic world, if this land were to exist. Do you think everything in the game would be jammed into one city or into a very small area? No! Skyrim is about the realism and the scope to which you immerse yourself into when you play. You arnt trying to control/fight/help/own this one block of land. You are trying to deal with the entire country! Skyrim is 2011 GOY

    • profile image

      blc 6 years ago

      Don't know if troll or mentally ill.

    • zebulum profile image

      zebulum 6 years ago from USA

      Fast travel is a "cheat" that ends up hurting players who don't walk over the levels to gain experience in the Oblivion titles. At the end of the day, these games are big for the sake of being big, and it hurts the game experience. It's like, in Portal, every second of gameplay is spent actively playing the game. There is no travel time. It's just gameplay. There is no way to make running across giant maps more fun than going around to the shop for errands. Quests feel like running errands, not playing a game. Blah. Enjoy your massive, silly game if you want. I'll be jumping through challenges with my portal gun.

    • The Odd Spartan profile image

      Christopher Rago 6 years ago from Hamilton, NJ

      I agree with KParsons but respect your views as well. It does suck walking forever, but there is fast travel to get where you need to easily and quickly. Skyrim will have huge giants and mammoths walking around! Also random huge ass dragons that try to murder you so I will be definitely looking forward to traversing the land and getting immersed once again in this newest installment. I like your boldness but man, but I have to respectfully disagree with you.

    • KParsons305 profile image

      KParsons305 6 years ago from Tallahassee, FL

      Good hub. I must say, you are the very first person I have ever heard to say that Skyrim will suck (lol.) You do have a point though. With revolutionized technology, bigger isn't always better but, what is Bethesda and Elder Scrolls known for? Their huge environments. That is the main reason they attracted so many fans. Why condense one of the main aspects of the game/series instead of keeping the size but add more quality events with the technology? They noticed this and have done so with Skyrim. I think you will be pleased once the game comes out.