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Viking Lotto

Updated on November 6, 2015

Browsing the web or watching Scandinavian TV you may come across the “Viking Lotto” mention. Does lotto has anything to do with vikings? Surely not, as it is a name used in the generic sense to describe the game played in the northern Europe. These brave sailors and warriors would say that being extremely lucky (like winning lottery for us) meant to die with a sword in their hands and be beryhmed in sagas.

Viking Lotto was the first multi-national European lottery played in 5 countries Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland. Offering amazing jackpots and fair winning odds for the lottery fans and players throughout Scandinavia Viking Lotto is also available for the global lottery community via the online services. Impressive cash prizes and high winning odds back Viking Lotto's popularity and attract the growing number of players.

Now offered in Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Estonia, Finland and Norway this Europe's first multi-national lottery uses a 1 to 48 guess range and requires matching the 6 drawn from it. The largest jackpot ever delivered in the history of Viking Lotto reached €15 mln and was won in March 2010. That once again backed Viking Lotto's popularity and proved that the possibility of winning the top prize in the lotto game using the structure of the kind is rather high.

Viking Lotto History

With the first draw carried out in Norwegian Norsk Tipping in March 1993 the game originally covered solely such Scandinavian countries as Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Denmark and Norway later joining the Baltic state of Estonia. An excellent example of how lotteries can unite nations. Viking Lotto’s high popularity in Scandinavia is backed by its dynamic nature and rapid rollovers with the largest prize to date claimed in 2010 and estimated at €15 mln.

Viking Lotto is known under different names in different hosting countries: Veikkaus in Finland, Víkingalottó in Iceland, Onsdags Lotto (meaning Wednesday Lotto) in Denmark, VikingLotto in Sweden and Viking Lott in Estonia and Norway.

Playing Viking Lotto

Viking Lotto game play implies selecting 6 numbers from the range of 1 to 48 as well as one additional numbers, the so-called Lucky Number, which is drawn from the same guess range and is accountable solely for the secondary prizes. Viking Lotto players may choose to play 5 or 10 entry lines as well as make use of System game option which generates all the possible combinations with 8-10 numbers. This hikes the winning rates and, naturally enough, the ticket price will grow progressively.

Viking Lotto players can use several numbers selection options which are the so-called Quick Pick (automatic randomized generation of numbers), My Numbers (special or favorite numbers saved and played continually), Multi-Draw (paying several draws in advance not to miss any) and the traditional Manual Selection. The last one is much discussed and there plenty of tips available for it. The basic ones imply dividing the game field in two equal parts (which in the case of Viking Lotto will be 1-22 and 23-48) and choosing number from both of them in such relation: 3/3, 2/3, 3/2. The same goes about the odd and even numbers. Avoid choosing the highly improbable combinations of the succession of numbers, number in the same vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, etc.

Viking Lotto draws are held in Norsk Tipping (Hamar, Norway) at 19:30 GMT every week on Wednesday. The results are broadcasted live on Scandinavian TV and usually available online soon after the draw.

Although earlier it was available only for the "north-men" the game was made accessible for the wider audience via the online ticket services. The services are very numerous and it is sometimes really challenging to choose one. Visit Localotto to review and compare over 6 dozens of the top lotto sites, choose one or several agents and win fortune online!

How to win Viking Lotto

Winning Viking Lotto jackpot requires matching all the 6 numbers drawn from 1 to 48 range. To win the 2nd division prize player will have to guess the 5 main and 1 bonus ball. The 3rd to 5th divisions require matching respectively 4, 3 and 2 balls. The overall odds to win anything in the lottery are estimated as 1 in 54.

Viking Lottery grand prizes range between €480,000 and €2.4 mln as the lottery’s operators stick to their rollover rule as well as return the unclaimed prizes to the next draw prize funds. Viking Lotto jackpots are individual for each of the 6 member countries hosting the lotto game. For instance, Denmark Viking Lotto biggest jackpot of €6 mln was won in August 2005. Viking Lotto prizes are provided as lump sum payments with those below and above €20,000 required to be claimed respectively within 365 days and 3 months. Choosing a reliable agents is 60% of success in getting the lottery prizes. If it is had for you to make a decision then Thelotter review will come in handy.

Viking Lotto Winning Odds

Find below the winning odds breakdown for Viking Lotto prize divisions

6 balls = 1 in 12.3 mln

5 balls + bonus ball = 1 in 1.02 mln

5 balls = 1 in 49,000

4 balls = 1 in 950

3 balls = 1 in 53


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