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Carved Wooden Folk Art On Ebay

Updated on November 15, 2012

Here's A Video I Made For You!

Carved Folk Art Elephant Coat Rack

Wow! I just love art of any kind, but especially carved wood! I picked up this beauty for $8 and recently sold it already for $40+ Shipping! It's always tough to tell with artwork how much it is worth, and so generally speaking, I always price high and just lower the price until it sells.

Here's a hand made folk art tray. It was made with lots of little sticks that were cut up and placed vertically to form an interesting pattern.
Here's a hand made folk art tray. It was made with lots of little sticks that were cut up and placed vertically to form an interesting pattern. | Source

When I look for things to buy for re sale (or for my collection) I always look for things that look original and unique. Items that are hand done or antique are obviously going to be worth more, and it just takes an eye for artwork to know what is good or not. Thankfully, i grew up as an artist and so I am very comfortable identifying quality art from junk when I am out picking. I think that most people can learn how to become familiar with art but it takes a lot of reading and looking around at galleries. A great way to see what type of art is worth what would be to go to Ebay and check completed listings. This way you can see what is worth the most and try to go find it!

You can find a ton of artwork on Ebay. The best part is that a lot of the people selling it are just people who are cleaning out their attic or closet, and so you can get some incredible deals. I have bought a lot of things on Ebay on the past and then re sold them on Ebay for a lot more! If you are looking to sell on Ebay I strongly suggest trying to find a matching item in completed listings. If you are looking to buy on Ebay, then again, you should check completed listings. Remember though, if you like an item and you think it is fairly priced, you better grab it quick because if you don't, I might buy it before you!

Another great thing to look for is art that is themed around a specific thing. The reason this piece caught my eye was that it works well for a safari or jungle theme. Since it has a very friendly look to it, it also works well for a children's room or perhaps a nursery. If it's one group you really want to tap into, it's the children's stuff. There are a lot of kids out there, and their parents will spend a lot of money on them!

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    • Vledoc profile image

      Vledoc 5 years ago

      Wow these are great ideas, I have never thought about reselling with EBay before but it makes so much sense.