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Vintage Collectibles Make Your Decor Sparkle!

Updated on February 27, 2010

Eclectic styling is a hot trend in the home-furnishings industry today, and vintage collectibles easily compliment this type of decor. If your taste leans toward mixing and matching periods and styles, as well as patterns, textures and colors, then decorating your home with vintage collectibles could very well work for you.

Both collecting and decorating are often dictated by individual likes and dislikes. Seasoned collectors look beyond price tags and purchase items because they cherish them and can often see past their existing appearance. This is certainly the case with vintage collectibles.

Vintage collectibles bring charm and personality to any space within a home. Searching for pieces that can no longer serve their original purpose is one way to select items of interest. For example, a worn set of leather suitcases can be instantly transformed into an intriguing bedside table by stacking them largest to smallest.

 If you have a flair for visualizing an "as-is" item in a completely different manner, you can often save yourself a large financial investment by purchasing the item, then fixing it up and transforming it into an object suited to your desired usage. Commonly known as recycling, many do-it-yourselfers enjoy the challenge of creating unique works of art from these types of pieces.

Flea markets and garage sales are excellent sources of vintage collectibles. Architectural salvage yards that sell building materials from homes and establishments that have been demolished contain numerous possibilities for the imaginative collector. Elements such as window frames, gates, stairways and railings can be cleaned up and displayed as accent pieces or wall art throughout a home.

Sometimes, however, even the most skilled do-it-yourselfer requires guidance when transforming a piece from its original state to a completely new usage. In this case, it is advisable to consult an expert in the particular area in which you're working. For instance, you may wish to consult an electrician when converting a broken railing spindle into an exotic lamp.

Many pieces that have historically been used as outdoor furnishings can be designed to function within the interior of your home. Consider creating a decorative fireplace screen using a section of an iron gate. Or bring the outdoors inside by placing a weathered stone bench in a dressing area within a master bath. Top the bench with overstuffed cushions to create an elegant resting place, or use it to store extra towels. Bring a weathered urn into a screened porch or sunroom and fill it with cascading flowers. It will add instant texture and color to your existing space.

Artful arranging plays a big part in displaying your vintage collectibles. Do not hesitate to gather together those objects that you love. Consider grouping all of your glass medicine jars and vases of different sizes and shapes together for a bold effect. A monochromatic color scheme will help unify the cluster and add drama to the arrangement.

Speaking of color, allow similar colors to bring cohesiveness to dissimilar objects. For example, a grouping of cracked stones and tiles in earth tones mixed with distressed bronzed chairs and benches will tie together a garden room in a warm and inviting manner.

Perk up existing collections by adding a touch of vintage to the mix. A set of frayed doilies that have been in your family for generations can add Old World charm to open shelving in your dining area when displayed underneath favorite wine glasses. Do not feel compelled to stick to merely one room or space. Include vintage collectibles as part of your decor throughout your home. Stretch your imagination and customize any area of your home with these unique creations. You may find that, with a small chunk of time and a little bit of financial investment, you can create a wonderful conversation piece that you will treasure for years to come.


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