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Vintage Hand Crank Rope Maker

Updated on February 12, 2013
Vintage rope maker
Vintage rope maker
Strands of hemp rope are braided into one large rope
Strands of hemp rope are braided into one large rope
Rope makers are nice collector items
Rope makers are nice collector items
Older style rope maker
Older style rope maker
Rope making demonstration
Rope making demonstration

Like most products that we take for granted today, supplies like rope was actually made on the homestead.

Rope was part of a sustainable homestead, farm and ranch.

Rope was used with horses and livestock, to tie up post on fences, pull up hay shocks into the barn loft, tie on the family possessions on to the side of wagons, and even used to make bed frames to hold feather mattresses.

A hand crank rope machine would be equipped with several strands of smaller hemp roping and then strung out at a distance.

Most rope machines used three hooks that would turn in sequence on an inner gear as the hand crank was turned.

One person would stand at the end holding a wooden piece resembling a cross separating the three strands, while the other person cranked the rope machine.

With each crank the three strands twisted and braided together until a rope was made ready for use.

Vintage rope makers from the most crude and simplest to the most elaborate are still available in antique stores and in collections in living history museums.

Unless you see one being demonstrated you may passed over one and not even knew what it was used for.

They are a fun hands on attraction for kids and adults of all ages as they rope making demonstration allows them to experience the past while making a functional item.

They are worth a pick the next time you see one that may be reasonably priced to just have fun with the kids.

The twine used in hay bailing sold at farm stores can be used on these rope machines.

You will probably not find the wooden part that is used on the other end, but they would be very easy to make.

You can also Goggle Vintage Rope Machines and find more information on these important relics from the past.

Pictures supplied by Cottage Craft Works .com old time country online store.


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