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Vtech Vsmile Learning Center

Updated on March 14, 2011

Vtech Vsmile Motion Learning Center

Vtech have a range of learning games and toys for  3 to 7 year old kids and quite recently I bought a Vtech Vsmile Disney Princess Learning Center for my daughter as she was complaining she was bored and needed something to do, so on buying this I forgot to order the adapter so that I could stop having to buy batteries for the main learning game system, you still need to put batteries in the wireless motion controller though, but that's ok.

The Vtech Vsmile learning center teaches problem solving skills in each learning oriented game which also learns you language and maths skills aswell as basic spelling with advanced phonics to help children remember words too and this is pretty much classed as developmental benefits that are put into three different groups

Language Development - Language and phonics understanding including spelling

Logical Thinking - Basic maths skills and problem solving and science facts.

Cognitive Development - Exploring and discovery through visualisation and memory and also use of motor skills.

Thw wireless motion controller takes some getting used to but you can switch within the game to standard controller if you find the motion a bit irritating like my daughter did, in fact I found it a bit annoying trying to move the motion controller to move the game character only to have it go back the opposite way, maybe there's a knack to it, but we haven't found it yet!

When I ordered this Disney learning center we soon found out it had a bonus free game as well as one game that came with it already which was the Cinderella magic wishes game and the free game Tinkerbell. And the game system itself is very straight forward to set up and easy to switch on too with also a small compartment on the top to hold up to 9 games which makes use of a storage draw just above the space were you place the game cartridge.

Vtech has been creating these educational game playing systems for years now and this is one of many varying educational toys for pre-school kids to begin learning early on before ever going to school, of course most kids might go to a nursery and learn there, but sometimes extra education really helps kids develop that much faster and it is certainly worth it.

There is a Vtech Motion Learning center for boys too and that's a Toy Story themed one, so it all depends on what games and age ranges your kids fall under as some of the games are fairly standard and educational as far as these types of video games go and plus it also depends if they haven't already found a proper gaming console beforehand like my son did with his Nintendo.

Vtech Vsmile Learning Center

Vtech | Source

Princess Vsmile Learning Center

Disney Princess Vtech Learning Center.
Disney Princess Vtech Learning Center. | Source

Vsmile Motion Learning Game System

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