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Updated on April 10, 2012
Argoflex Camera image by John Kratz(Creative Commons)
Argoflex Camera image by John Kratz(Creative Commons)
Elephant Trunk Up
Elephant Trunk Up
Commodore 64
Commodore 64

I was tempted to say, Money....but I am not very good at that.

I like to collect old electronics, computers, and cameras

My wife collects elephant figurines, but only if their trunk is up!

When I was younger, I used to collect baseball cards. Now I am wishing I had kept those cards. I had some ones that would be worth a great deal now.

When I was in my mid teens I got into photography, and I started to collect old cameras, and darkroom equipment. When I got married, my new wife said this stuff has to go, there is no place for it. The real shame is, I cannot remember a thing about what I did with this stuff. Some I think ended up in an auction when my mother sold her home, but that was just a few items, I had a lady that stopped me last week, and asked if I remembered taking her son's senior pictures. I had totally forgotten even having that sideline business back in the 70's.

The next thing I got into was CB radio. Being an electronics nut, I always had to have the newest gear, and that was way before the internet and craigslist, so I accumulated a lot of stuff. I had base stations, and mobile units for the car, and walkie-talkies.

My collection doubled one day when a women showed up at my door. She was the wife of another local enthusiast, and they had just had a major breakup and he admitted to her that he had another family in a different state. Another woman, and a couple kids that were his. The result of this was that she was going to sell me all his CB gear for $200.00. 

I hauled truckloads of cb radios, antennas and a fifty foot tower to my little house. I had no idea this guy had so much, and my wife was not too happy with me over my newfound haul.

I ended up renting a storage shed and putting most of the items there to keep peace in the household. A couple months later the guy showed up and wanted to buy his stuff back. I told him he could have it back for what I paid, but he ended up paying me extra for my trouble. 

It wasn't too long after that, that I lost interest in CB radios, and I sold everything off except for a unit for the car.

It seems like my next hobby was computers. Computers were pretty rudimentary in those days. My first computer was a Commodore Vic20, I also got a Timex Sinclair about the same time. The next step brought me to a Commodore 64, the Radio Shack TRS-80, then I won an Apple IIE in a contest. When I got a new computer, often the oldest one would get assigned to the basement or a closet and when the next upgrade occurred the oldest one would join it in the closet. I eventually got a Macintosh, and worked my way up in Macintosh  models. I also got a 486 IBM so I could keep track of things on the DOS side. Whenever I upgraded, I never sold the old one, I just stored it. At any one point in time I had the basics of a home computer museum. A few years back, we had a flood, and all that computer memorabilia was ruined. Now days when I upgrade pc's, I keep two, and then I recycle the oldest one for donation to charity.

Now I also seem to collect cell phones. I have a big basket, and in it resides every cell phone I have ever owned. Plus ones I find at yard sales. I should figure out something to do with them, but it is nice when any family member loses their phone, I can provide them a replacement till they get their own back.I guess in the past I have donated some of the nicer retired phones to a womens shelter. 


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    • figurines profile image

      figurines 9 years ago

      I like collecting figurines as well. My wife got me into it. She was actually looking at elephant figurines online the other day and found a ton of them. Why is your wife only interested in collecting elephant figurines, and not other kinds?