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WWE Immortals: Tips and Tricks to Win Battles

Updated on January 23, 2015
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Anurag loves playing video games. His guides and listicles revolve around popular iOS, Android, PC and console games.

WWE Immortals is a mobile fighting game featuring your favorite characters in superhero avatars. A pure touchscreen masher, Immortals presents a dark, mythical version of World Wrestling Entertainment. It has a story mode and an online versus mode to lock horns with human players. Characters have their own signature moves that can be used once the adrenaline bar fills up.

If you have played games like Marvel: Contest of Champions or Injustice: Gods Among Us, then you might be quite familiar with this mobile brawler’s tap-based fighting mechanics. While the former has a different set of touch-centric fighting moves, WWE: Immortals offers quick time events besides the usual stuff. With these tips and tricks, you will able to master your moves, keep the right fighter in your team, and improve your characters health and attack rate:

1. Combine Taps and Swipes

For starters, mix light and heavy attacks to hit opponents. Quick taps for light attacks and a swipe left or a swipe right for heavy attacks will do the trick. Start tapping soon after the game starts and then finger-swipe to inflict maximum damage to your opponent. Attacking first will give you an upper hand over your opponent.

Light attacks are quicker than heavy attacks. Your opponent won’t have a chance to hit back if you tap rapidly. While heavy attacks are slow, they help you pin down your opponent for a few seconds. A combination of light and heavy attacks will do greater damage than only taps or swipes.

Stringing a chain of taps triggers a quick time event where you will have to follow the swipe direction quickly to inflict a deadly blow to your opponent. Timing is the key, so make sure you are quick in following the direction of the quick-time swipe to achieve a combo bonus.

2. How to Block Your Opponent’s Signature Attack

Fighting builds up “adrenaline”. Whether you hit or take hits, you will gain adrenaline. Check the adrenaline bar at the bottom of the game screen. Once the bar fills up, tap on it to unleash your WWE character’s signature attack. Your character deals additional damage to his/her opponent if you follow a quick time event soon after a signature move gets triggered. The quick time event usually involves rapid tapping or swiping. The quicker you tap or swipe the more the damage your opponent will take.

To make sure your opponent does not use his signature move; just keep an eye on his/her adrenaline bar. When it fills up, quickly hold down two fingers to block. Blocking at the right moment will ensure that your character will take less damage. It’s not easy, but with practice you can prevent a massive health drain from your opponent’s signature moves.

3. Tag-in a WWE Character at Crucial Moments

Tapping on the character profile will replace the current fighter with a new fighter. When battling an opponent, tag-in a character only when your current fighter’s health gets low.

A tagged-in fighter comes with a full adrenaline bar. When you have used up a signature move of your current character, tag in another character and use his signature move soon after he/she appears on the screen. This strategy can be of immense use if you have a higher-level, silver or gold character whose signature moves are more powerful than the current fighter. You can also tag-in a character with an upgraded signature move.

Add stronger characters to your team and tag the most powerful character if the current opponent is stronger than your current fighter.

4. Keep “Dark Sorceress” Paige in Your Team

Each WWE character has its own signature move, but having “Dark Sorceress” Paige in your team gives you an upper edge over your opponent. Her special moves, especially the Banshee Rage can inflict a hell lot of damage.

The Banshee Rage drains all the regenerated adrenaline of her opponent. Check your opponent’s adrenaline bar and use Paige’s signature move to eat up his/her adrenaline to prevent him/her from using a special move. You can Buy Paige for 11,000 credits. Do not sell this card.

5. Talent Enhancements Boost a Character’s Health and Damage

Talent cards improve your character’s health, damage, stamina regeneration and other attributes. You get free talent cards on random occasions. They can also be purchased at the store for 3000-5000 coins. Purchase only those cards that belong to a character in a team. There’s no use purchasing a talent card for a character that you do not own.

6. Character Chemistry Grants Health/Attack Bonus

In WWE Immortals, characters share two types of Chemistry – Rivalry and Alliance. Being an ally with another character grants both of them health and damage boosts. Being a rival with another character generates more adrenaline, but both rivals will have lower defense.

To know what chemistry your character shares with fellow teammates, just go to Collection, tap on a character profile and then tap on the Inspect button. You will get a list of possible chemistry with both allies and rivals.

The allies list will have names of those characters that will grant a 5% Health/Attack bonus to your character (and vice versa). The Rivals list will have names of rivals that will grant adrenaline generation. All characters in the rivals list will have reduced defense.

Additional Tips and Tricks

  • Upgrade your character’s signature attacks instead of wasting your hard-earned credits on card purchases. You can access a character’s signature move by tapping on his/her profile, and then tapping on the signature move icon. Upgrading special moves requires fewer coins.
  • Invest your earnings on Talent Cards. These cards give a permanent health/damage boost. You can see the talent enhancement section on the right side of the character profile. To add talent enhancement to a character, tap on Talent Cards and select cards crafted for your characters. You pay only 3000-500 per card to get a permanent boost.
  • Play previous battles to collect XP and coins, but you will lose all progress you have made in the current battle.
  • Winning battles grants XP to your character. Earning XP levels up your character. Leveling-up increases damage and health points. You will also unlock new signature moves once you reach a particular level. For example Sheamus unlocks the Brouge Kick signature move when he reaches level 20.
  • If you have unlocked the second signature move, then wait for two adrenaline bars to fill up and then tap on the second signature move to deal max damage. Beware of opponents who can drain your adrenaline. All adrenaline generated will be wasted if Paige uses her signature moves.
  • You can get bonus items by logging into WB Play. Just go to Settings and tap on the Log In button at the top-right corner of the screen. Register with WB Play if you are not a member yet.
  • Earn gear cards by winning online matches. You can unlock a WWE character’s gear slot by spending credits. Find the Gear icon on your hero’s profile > tap on the empty slot and add gear to get bonus boosts.

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    Anurag Ghosh 2 years ago

    Thank you

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    Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

    Some great tips here.