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WWE2K18: 205 Live and NXT Roster

Updated on September 8, 2017
Cruiserweight  Champion: Neville
Cruiserweight Champion: Neville


It's that time of year again when we get drip fed information about WWE2K18. So far we know about the new features, modes, gameplay, mechanics and best of all the roster. Lots of new character have been added in. But there has been a huge surprise with NXT getting an upgrade as well as 205 Live being featured.

In previous games NXT had a roster space of twenty, but that has soon changed. The new limit has not been disclosed, but NXT has already surpassed the twenty barrier. This brings new excitement to Universe Mode as well as Career Mode. New opportunities will be unleashed, but its unclear whether you start at NXT in Career Mode (WWE2K16) or go to the main roster straight away (WWE2k17).

205 Live is a completely new addition this year and had many thinking it would be a DLC. We have been proven wrong and already know 205 Live will feature in Universe Mode, but what about Career Mode? Having 205 Live in career Mode would add a new title, but Career Mode is already humongous as it is. If the title ranking system is improved as well as making it harder to upgrade your superstar than 205 Live would be a welcome addition to Career Mode.

Jack Gallagher
Jack Gallagher


Release the roster has come gradually with 2K releasing superstars in packs of forty. So far we know about one-hundred-sixty superstars that will be featuring in WWE2K18. This is a huge amount and there is still more to come. Obviously for the main roster all the usual suspects are there, so main anticipations is seeing the superstars in NXT and 205 Live.


Male Superstars
Female Superstars
Nick Miller
Alexander Wolfe
No Way Jose
Billie Kay
Bobby Roode
Ember Moon
Roderick Strong
Nikki Cross
Eric Young
Sawyer Fulton
Peyton Royce
Hideo Itami
Shane Thorne
Johnny Gargano
Tommaso Ciampa
Kassius Ohno
Killian Dain

205 Live

Male Superstars
Akira Tozawa
Jack Gallagher
Brian Kendrick
Cedric Alexander
Noam Dar
Enzo Amore
Rich Swann
Gran Metalik
Rich Swann
Rich Swann

Roster expansion

We still have at least one more roster revel yet. As you can see the 205 Live roster is not complete and it seems stupid to not accomplish this. If 205 Live does get completed then it would be more dynamic in Career Mode. But as it is such a small roster you will be fighting the same superstar over and over again.

NXT still has more superstars to add and we know this for definite. There are talks about expanding the women's rosters, which mean they could possible add the likes of Ruby Riot, Mandy Rose ect. This would make a lot of scene as we are currently in the Women's Revolution. Could this also be the year we see a Women's Career Mode?

We only have a month to go till the release. As the roster gets expanded and new features, modes and mechanics continue to be added the hype is getting huge.

205 Live

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