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Wagons for Kids

Updated on November 23, 2011

Remember being a kid and how fun it was to be pulled around in a wagon? Now as a parent I appreciate wagons more than ever. The Radioflyer has been a long time favorite. But there are so many other choices out there! Did you know there are plastic wagons, two seater wagons and even covered wagons. There have been a lot of advances since the red radioflyer wagon!

Radio Flyer All-Terrain Cargo Wagon

 The Radioflyer All Terrain Cargo Wagon has a large body with wooden rails.  The rubber tires make a smooth ride for your little one.  The tires are easy to inflate. The wagon handle folds up under the sides which also can come off for easier storage.    This wagon has a controlled turning radius which prevents tipping.  Parents gave this wagon a favorable review.  They made comment on how the wooden wagon bed was larger.  Parents liked the fact that they can pull their children as well as snacks.  This  wagon would make a good investment!

Little Tikes Adventure Wagon

 For something a little smaller you might want to try the Little Tikes Adventure Wagon. It's two side panels lift out .  It is perfect for the smaller children. It it recommended for children 1 1/2 years old and up.  It is 7 1/2 inches deep and 33 inches long.  The handle  is 32 inches long that folds under the wagon for easy storage.  Parent reviews are favorable.  Parents liked the fact kids could get in andout of the wagon without it tipping.  They also state the wagon is easy for other children to pull around.  The wagon hold two toddlers easily.  Parent also state this wagon was durable enough to help haul around lawn materials!

Radio Flyer 2700Z Pathfinder Wagon, Red

 Made for two this Radioflyer Pathfinder wagon has storage!  The seats can fold down to create an extra storage space. The comfortable Radioflyer Wagon has two molded  cupholders and two seats with seatbelts.The seatbelt has a belt between the legs.  It has received the National Parents Center Seal of Approval.  Parents rave about the safety components in this wagon.  Two children can fit comfortably, however some parents can fit all three of their children in it.  One parents commented how pleased they were that there was space between the wheels and body so little fingers don't get squished.

Radio Flyer Ultimate Family WagonTM

 The Radio Flyer Ultimate Family Wagon has fiveseating options. The wagon is made of all plastic with rubber wheels. This wagon is so versatile.  If one child were to sit in the wagon then he or she could fold down the other seat to make a table!  wagon comes with a UV Canopy. The canopy is removable. Seats come with seatbelts.  Parents react very favorably to this wagon!  They state it was very easy to put together.  One parent commented how handy this wagon was to have at the amusementpark as it could not only carry their child but all of the child's accessories such as diapers or extra clothes.

Step2 Canopy Wagon

 The Step2 Canopy wagon has room for two!  It has two contoured seats and an extra storage area.  Their are two cup holders  for kids. The removable plastic canopy  protects your child from the sun and the rain.  In to of the plastic canopy are two cup holders and a place for your keys!  Parent reviews really like this feature.  Parents also state this is a sturdy wagon.

Step2 Neighborhood Wagon

The Step2 Neighborhood Wagon has room for two. This wagon has storage area and cup holders for the little ones. It has a nice long handle easy for pulling. Max weight is 75 pounds. Seats include seatbelts. Parent reviews are favorable. Parent report their children love it and also state it is easy to put together. Parents state they use it for their one year olds. One parent commented that this wagon is easy to take down the stairs of their second story apartment.

Radio Flyer 2900 Outback Wagon, Red

 This Outback Radioflyer wagon has seats that fold up or fold down.  The seats come with seat belts. What makes this wagon unique is the  soft sided storage bag.  This bag offer extra storage for clothes or diapers.  The soft sided storage bag is removable. Wagon features molded cup holders

Deluxe Ride and Relax Wagon with Umbrella

The Deluxe ride and relax wagon is made by Little Tikes. This plastic wagon has side rails that come off. if you take one rail off the wagon can double as a bench!  The umbrella attaches to keep the sun off your little one.  Seat belts are added for extra safety.  There are cup holders on either side of the wagon for little ones sippy cups or juice boxes.  A cooler can attach for carrying around your lunch or cold drinks.  This would be an ideal wagon for amusement parks! Parents comment that they like this product due to being able to hose out crumbs through the drain hole.  Parents also comment they like the fact that the wagon is easily maneuverable.

Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon

 When looking at Wagons for Kids you can't forget the classics!    This is probably the one you had as a small child!  The Radioflyer Classic Red Wagon has a steel body with no seams, no edges to cut little fingers.  The body measures 36 inches long  and bed set 4. 5 inches deep. The Tires are rubber with steel.  The handle great almost over any terrain.  Parents Magazine placed this item in their Toy Hall of Fame.  Parents reviews were favorable.  In the reviews parents were nostalgic about their own experiences with a radio flyer and just had to buy one for their children.    Parents love the versatility of it and the fact they can take it on picnics or just a walk to the park.

 Does your child love John Deere?  Check out these cute green and yellow wagons.  John Deere wagons are made of rust resistant steel and on average scored at least four out of five stars on customer reviews.  The learning curve john Deere wagon has high wooden sides and wheels that absorb any shock. The riding surface is smooth for safety. 


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    • hometips profile image

      hometips 7 years ago from Plymouth, MN, United States

      This reminds me of my childhood day. Nice article.

    • GarnetBird profile image

      Gloria Siess 7 years ago from Wrightwood, California

      Nice Hub. I've been thinking of buying a toy wagon to haul my books around in to the post office (I sell them online).

    • Ms Chievous profile image

      Tina 7 years ago from Wv

      LOL I keep telling my little one he is going ot have to roll me around soon enough! Thanks for stopping by!

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 7 years ago

      I love these little wagons. Personally, I wish I had one just for me!