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Wakeboard Racks Tower Rocks

Updated on March 3, 2009

Family Tubing from a Wakeboard Racks Tower

Family and boating go together. Almost all water skiing familes will end up tubing since it provides an easy and fun way to entertain young and old alike. Check out how to be safe while tubing from a wakeboard racks tower.

360 View of Wakeboard Racks Tower

Cross Bar Tower Doubles As Board Rack

Front View of Stainless Steel Pro X Series Cross Bar Tower
Front View of Stainless Steel Pro X Series Cross Bar Tower
Folds down as low as your windshield
Folds down as low as your windshield

Wakeboard Racks Tower for Sale

Who Wants a Wakeboard Tower that Can't Pull Tubers?

Almost every family who enjoys boating will eventually dabble in all the available water sports out there; wakeboarding, wakesurfing, water skiing, slalom skiing, barefoot water skiing, and tubing.

Familes love water skiing because it is probably the only activity available where the entire family can have fun together. Think about it. You take your kids to their sports and sit on the side, cheer, and support the troops, but you or your other kids are not really involved. And this is how it is with hockey, football, soccer,, dancing, swimming, etc...

But wouldn't it be great to do a family sport where everybody gets involved? Of course it would! Water skiing offers fun for everyone while allowing dad and mom to get in on the action.

It doesn't take long before you load up your boat with tons of equipment that just gets in the way; skis, wakeboards, kneeboards, wakesurf boards, etc... It doesn't take a genius to fugure out that organizing this stuff would be a major help. This is where a wakeboard racks tower can come in handy.

What is a wakeboard racks tower? Well it is a wakeboard tower that was originally designed for wakeboarding so that the pull of the rope can be at 7 feet of the water instead of down low. This upward pull makes every type of water skiing easier because it makes you feel lighter and safer on the water!

Well, next came accessories like a board rack which is an after market rack that attaches to the tower and clamps the boards and skis up and out of the way of the people trying to sit in the boat and enjoy the view!

A wakeboard racks tower is a wakeboard tower that is designed to have the rack built right into the tower. This is also called a cross bar tower. This design has two purposes. It not only allows for a built in board rack which can also create shade, but it also ends up reinforcing the wakeboard tower to keep it from getting loose over time.

The single biggest concern of buyers adding a wakeboard racks tower to their boat is that it is safe. A wakeboard racks tower solves this problem by reinforcing the tower so that it becomes the strongest tower available.

Can you go tubing off the tower? Most towers that come installed from the factory as wells as added later have stickers right on the tower warning that it is not safe to pull a tuber from the tower... Are they nuts? Who wants all the expense of a wakeboard tower but not be able to pull tubers from it? This is probably one of the mandatory fun things that everyone wants to do.

Hooking the tube down low puts the rope in the way of people sitting in the boat and causes the rope to hit the water and create spray in the faces of those ridiing in the tube! How annoying!

It is hard to believe that tubing actually has these manufacturers more worried about their towers falling apart than wakeboarding or barefooting, but it is true.

It turns out that tubing or towable tubes creates more stress on the tower than any other water sport activity! The sideways forces on the tower creates alot of stress! I talked to someone from South Dakota who was actually in a boat where they hooked up one of those flying tubes to a tower. The tube took off in the air and the upward force actually ripped off the tower from the boat! He said it was a miracle that the broken legs did not hit anyone as it cracked off the tower mounts!

The good news is that there is now a wakeboard racks tower that actually encourages tubing because it is reinforced to handle the stress! What is even more surprising is that it actually costs less than a factory installed tower which may not even be rated for tubing!

Wakeboarding and Tubing

What is the number one water sports item sold in America?

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      So how many people could be on a wakeboard tower at the same time?

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Nice, looks fun


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