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WalkThrough For Rune Raiders 01

Updated on April 5, 2012

There will be Four Games for Four different heros for the game, each has different stages. I choose the Dwarf to start the game.

Level 1

We will have 700 golds to hire heros for our team, and in the stage 1 we can only hire Dwarf, Heroine and Elf to build the team. Then we choose the Icon Done to start the stage. We can drage the team member to build the team position, and use the green Icon down wards to let them go straight up. When we meet the monsters, the team members will attack them automatically, and all we need to do is to tap on the golds and weapons the monsters drop. When the monsters drop an arrow, we can drag it onto one of our team members, and this will increase one perk onto them.

In the first stage all the monsters are the same and quite easy to kill.

Level 2

At this stage we can add the Healer into our team. and we need to get a gold bottle to end the stage. In this stage, the enemies will add some range attackers, we should use the healer to keep the blood line up high. And choose the shortest route to let our hero to attack the ememies.

Level 3

This stage we can hire one wizard more to our team. There will be a bull monster in this stage, it can only attack the people in front of it, but it has a very high attack rate, almost can kill every one in the team, be careful to deal with it. I use the elf to kill them from a long distance one by one.

Level 4

This stage we can hire Centaur which can attack multipal tagets in the same time, and in this stage there will be a bird which uses fire to attack us. just be close to the healor and we will be safe to pass the stage.

Level 5

In this stage we can hire a ninja but it can only attack the enemies from behind. And in this stage we will face the first Boss-King. It does not have a high attack power, but its skill can make our team members attack each other, so let all the team members stand apart, and only attacks the boss. Leave the healer behind, and whenever one member is low HP, drag him to the healer, and we can win this stage easily.

Level 6

This stage we can hire a bear team member which can only attack the enemy right in front of it. And there will the Medusa monster who can attack its surrounding area, just do not let it reach our low defense team member like the healer and elf.


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