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WalkThrough Guide and Tips for Chaos Rings 2 of Square Enix 01

Updated on March 31, 2012

One of the greatest 3D RPG game on the Iphone platform. Chaos Rings 2 is designed by the Square Enix which is my favorate game company. And that is why I choose to write a walkthrough for this game, now let's start our journey in the world of Chaos Rings 2.

The game starts with a solo fight with a huge boss with a level of 40. We cannot defeat the boss, so it is just a tutorial fight to let us know all the commands in a fight. There has been four options in the fight, the first one is SOLO which means the single person control, the second one is PAIR, but since our team now has one person, so we cannot choose it right now, the third one is ESCAPE, and the fourth one is Options which we can change the setting of the game. Under the SOLO option, we can choose Awark which means strong attack skill, and ATTACK which is the weapon attack, SOPHIA which is the skill uses MP, and ITEM and DEFEND.

We loss the game and time goes back to several days ago, and the main charactor Darwin was in a forest, and our story now begins.

Chapter One: The End Begins

Darwin's team has lost a fight and there only be Orlando with Darwin, and they heard about some of their friends Rick's asking for help, and now we need to go to save him. Go Left(West) to the second map and we found some big insect monsters in front of us, and Rick has been killed by them.

The first battle is quite easy, and now we need to get out of the forests. The map in the Forest is quite easy, just keep going to the W and we can easily to the end.The Monsters in the Forest are Mantis, Alraune(poison), Goggolori(first boss, not strong I use Orlando's Awark to kill it easily).

After we get out the forest, we got into a stange place with a large platform. We need to find a way out of there, and when Orlando walk on the center of the platform, there appears three persons from nowhere. but when Orlando try to talk to them, they disappears one by one, and then a misterial voice talked about testing our life and Orlando has been sent back to the platform. And some one controled Darwin and killed Orlando to summon a monster Ophan Orlando. And now we begin the second Boss Fight. The boss attakes us with a damage of 60-80 HP loss, and about 4-6 round of attack we can defeat it.

But we can not save Orlando and The world's time seemes to stop at the moment. We only got Orland's Ophan and we can summont it in the future fight. And some strange old men showed up and Drawin had been sent back to the earth. All the friends have watched Darwin killing Orlando and on one trusted him right now.And the strange old man showed again and told everyone that sacrifing Orlando is to save the world and his name is Bachs. He leaves a woman called Lessica, and we can go to any map through her. Marie joined our team to fight together.

First Dungeon: The Falls of Acheron

Monsters in the Dungeon.

Jager: Large Rat Like monster, high speed, and use Blitz to attack us with a damage of 40-60.

Blennomorph: Worm monster, attacks with Acid Bath which can weaken our defence, deals about 70-90 damage. Has a strong physic defense but magic can deals great damage to them.

QiTianDaSheng: Monkey like Boss, which is a character in Chinese Myth Story. The game will teach us how to fight with it, Since it is in Aqua Element we need to use Gale Skill to attack it. And the Boss will use a Tera Blow to deal a 170+ damage to us. So keep an eye on our HP. And we can easily finish the battle in about 5 rounds.


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    • hectordang profile image

      hectordang 5 years ago from New York

      Thanks! I'll download the game on my iPhone right now!