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WalkThrough for Arel Wars of Gamevil 01

Updated on December 21, 2011

I have always been a huge fan of the games from Gamevil, and today I saw the newly released game Arel Wars and I downloaded it immediately.

According to the introduction of the game, the Arel Wars is a defense game which happens between three kingdoms, and what we can do is to choose one character and fight for their kingdom.

In the Character select page, we can see three different heroes refer to three different races. Vincent is Human and he is specialized in Tower Defense skills, Helba is Buster and specialize in combat, Juno is elf and is specialized in production and commanding soldiers.

For me i like human better, so I choose Vincent as my character and begin the game.

Stage 1: First Battle

Since this is the very first stage, the enemies are not many, the only enemy is a Knoll which has very low stats. Before we start the stage, we can choose the soldiers we want to use in this stage, now we only have a LV1 infantry to select. And also we can choose our hero's skill to use, but right now we have no passive or active skills. The map has two routes and I let the hero to go downwards and the infantries to go upwards, and we can easily defeat the enemies' castle in 2 minutes.

Stage 2: Buster Hunt

During the last stage, I got another Infantry card, so we can now equip 2 infantries in the fight, and this will help us summon Infantries more quickly. And now our hero has our first skill which can repair our tower. This stage is even easier than the first stage, with 2 Infantry card, we can summon soldiers faster, and together with the hero we can kill all the enemies in their tower.

Stage 3: Seize Veril

In this stage there will be an army of enemies, and we need to upgrade our population in order to summon more soldiers to fight with them. Use the same strategy in this fight, the only difference between other 2 stages is the much more enemies, but we can also summon more soldiers in the same time.

Stage 4: Into the Enemy CAmp

In this stage the enemies will be Short Hair which is very fast, we can use Panzer to attack them, they can barely damage Panzers, so the fight will be easy to finish.

Stage 5: Arang's Challenge

Now another new enemy has come to us which is Arang, this dog like monster can deal great damage to our hero Vincent, so we need to use panzers to stand in front of our hero. Luckily the enemy can only summon one Arang one time.

Stage 6: Seize Kaleck

In this Stage the enemies will have both Short Hair and Arang, so we need to arrange our hero and soldier rightly to fight with the them, always use the hero at the route with Arang and always keep Vincent behind the panzers.

Stage 7: Bittersweet Return

The new enemy Bunny will appear in this stage, they are fast and great in amount, but not hard to defeat, just remember to upgrade our mana and produce more soldiers.

Stage 8: Buster Retaliation

Minota will join the fight, they have very high defense and HP, we can use hunters to deal huge damages to them. Remember to use panzers in front of our hero and hunters.

Stage 9: New Enemy

This time there are two new enemies which are Denfroid and Scout, Dendroid is strong and slow, but Scout is fast. So use the same strategy in last stage, let panzers be in the first line, and use hunters to attack.

Stage 10: Reclaim Iron

Now the enemies has the Arbalest which can attack multiple targets, we need to use the spearman to attack them. Be careful with our hero, Vincent is easy to be killed in this stage.


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    • profile image

      ammolizer 5 years ago

      i like elven

    • profile image

      person 5 years ago

      Can u do a walk through for the busters