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WalkThrough for Zenonia 4: Return of the Legend of Gamevil 03

Updated on December 30, 2011

Zenonia 4: Return of the Legend

Chapter Four:Another Objectives

Quest 1:Preparing the Welcoming

Now we need to find 10 Hyacinth Flowers which can be found in Adoram Forest.

Direction: go S-S-W-S to Adoram Forest Outskirts, we can find the flowers shinning on the ground.

Quest 2: Meeting of the Generals

Talk to the General Ecne. He is in the Deva Castle Square.

Direction: go S-S

Quest 3: Traces of Morpice

Look for traces of Morpice which is in the Gorge Topside.

Direction: go N-E-N-E-N-N to the Gorge Topside.

Quest 4: The Cave Guardian

There we find a cave ,but the cave guardian comes out to attack us, beat it back. Kill the Squash Draca. Squash Draca is quite easy to defeat, since she can only use one magic to attack us, and the singing of this magic can be interrupted, so just keep attacking her.

Quest 5: Voice of Morpice

Since now we have entered the cave, we heard Morpice's voice, find him out.

Direction: go E-N to find Morpice

Quest 6: The First Sealstone

We are facing the door that can not enter,we need to destroy the first Seal Stone now.

Direction: go E and the First Sealstone is at the end of the map.

Quest 7: The second SealStone

Now it is the time to destroy the second Sealstone, it is at the opposite side of the first seal stone.

Direction: go W-W and we can find the second sealstone in the end of the map.

Quest 8: Taking care of Elisa

Since Elisa need time to cast her spell, she cannot defend herself temperarily, so that will be our job. Protect her from the enemies. Kill all 6 enemies in 23 seconds.

Quest 9: The Source of Evil

Now we can finally enter the center of the Abyss Cave, go to the protected chamber.

Direction: go N and we will face another boss fight.

Quest 10: Wake up Morpice

Now we finally find the Morpice, but it is quite annoying to be awaked by us, so defeat it. Morpice can use fire to attack us, and summon some dark monsters to help him. Do not let his fire balls hit us, it really hurts. My strategy is to attak him from the side when he begins to cast the fire balls, so the fire balls cannot attack us, and we have a lot of time to reduce Morpice's HP.

Now we finished the Chapter Four, hope you like my WalkThrough, and I will keep writing about the following Chapter:

Chapter Five: The Holy Gem


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    • profile image

      Sena 6 years ago

      I can't seem to find Gorge Doom Topside.. :(

      Where is it?!

    • profile image

      arthur 6 years ago

      dans arenes mettez euterre un perso ki a 274000 d attaque et 247238 de defance