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WalkThrough of CrimsonHeart by ANBSoft 01

Updated on December 23, 2011

CrimsonHeart is another Korean style A-RPG game released on 12.15.2011, it is quite a good game during these days lack of the good RPG games, so I downloaded it immediately and hope my walkthrough of this game will be helpful.

We start the game in a Cave and now we have our first quest.

Tutorial Quests

Quest 1: Echo Cave F1

We need to move to the Abyssal Cave, this is the first quest so we just need to be familiar with the control of the game. go East to the Abyssal Cave.

Quest 2: Eco Cave F2

We are still in the cave, now go to the third floor, go E.

Quest 3: Eco Cave F3

Keep going, go E.

Quest 4: Destroy Closed Space Stone

We are blocked by the fire, now we need to destroy the Shield Stones in order to go further. There are two shield stones on the both side of the map.

Quest 4: Go to Echo Mountain

Cross the door ahead to the Echo Mountain. Go N

Quest 5: The Snowfield Guardian

We need to clear the path, so kill 10 Snowfield Guardians.

Quest 6: Go to the Abyssal Mound

Keep going to the Abyssal Mound. go N.

Quest 7: The Snowfield Patron Deity

Now we face the first Boss fight, it is the Snowfield Patron Deity, defeat it. Since I have lost much HP during the former fight, I do not dare to be and close to the Boss, luckily it is quite slow, we can attack it with skill in distance. Now we finished the Tutorial Quest, and get into the main story line.

Chapter One: Boy Meets Girl

Quest 1: Errand

Pochi does not like the festival, and now he wants to get some water from the Purifying Spring. Go E-E3(the third eastern entrance from top)-Purifying Spring.

Quest 2: Attack of the Pudding

Something strange happened ,Pochi was surrounded by lots of the Puddings, we need to kill 7 puddings to leave the Purifying Spring. After that a huge Pudding King has appear from nowhere.

Quest 3: Submontanely

At the same time, Ann has waked up and need to go down the Abyssal Mountain. Go S-S into the Mystery Cave.

Quest 4: Mystery Cave

Go S to across the Cave

Quest 5: Wolf Attack

When Ann is resting, the wolves come to attack, now she needs to kill 5 Rand Wolf Hunt to be safe.

Quest 6: Escape

Ann needs to leave here quickly, go N1(the first northern entrance from left)-W-N1 and there Ann meets Pochi and saves him from the pudding king.

Quest 7: Ask for Medicine

Since Ann is unconscious, Pochi needs to find Mage Revenant to help her, Mage Revenant is in the town.

Quest 8: Condition of Rebeneon(1)

In order to save Ann, the Mage needs 10 jelly crystallinies whichn can be find from the puddings at Nia Promenade on South Nia Plains. Go E-S and we can find puddings there. Go back to see the Mage.

Quest 9: Condition Of Rebeneon(2)

Now we need to get some Blue Dem on Ores for the Mage, they can be get from the Morning Lake which is located on the South Nia Lake Way. Go E-S-S-S to the Morning Lake

Quest 10: Grand Pudding Again

As we almost get what we need, the grand pudding comes again, this time we should not let it go. The boss has three style, in first style which is the first 1/3 HP, it will only jump a little distance to attack us, so just hit and run. In the second style it may grow some thorns from the body to attack us, do not come to attack it at that time, and in the last style, it may summon a lot of small puddings to help it, and also it can jump into the sky and attack us from high above,so just keep moving.

Now we get everything to save Ann, and that finishes the first chapter.


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