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WalkThrough of Fantastic Knight by Minoraxis

Updated on November 22, 2011
Wenrick and Erien
Wenrick and Erien | Source

Fantastic Knight is an RPG game on the platform of Iphone&Ipad which is designed by Minoraxis. We can search it on the app store, and it costs $2.99 right now.

Now let us begin the game. In the Character select menu, there are two characters we can choose from. One is Wenrick whose career is the Knight and use swords as weapon, the other one is a female character Erien, and her career is a Rogue which uses dagger as main weapon and has a very fast attack rate. Since I am always not used to choose the female character, I will stay with Wenrick to go through the game.

Quest 1

As a prince ,Wenrick need to find the rebel headquarters in the northwest and meet up with friendlies. This is our first mission, so we can try to be used to the system now, we use the pad at the lower-left corner on the screen to move, the items are under the screen, and we use the lower-right corner to attack the enemies and use skill. Now let us go N-W-W-N-W-W to the destination and finish the first quest.

Quest 2

Now we need to defeat the leader of the rebel troops, Alik. Alik is in one of the houses in the Rebel Billet, go inside and fight him. As the first Boss Alik is quite easy to defeat, he has no skills and only knows to attack us with the regular attack. But after that Wenrick is knocked down by Erien, and she took Alik away together.

Quest 3

Now we need to Examine the billet and return to Varis. Just go back to the room and talk to the senior officer we can finish this quest.

Quest 4

Suddenly Wenrick is summoned to somewhere strange, and now we need to go to Wellsford Castle, east of the billet. Now we just go E-N-E-S-E-N-N-N to the Wellsford Castle.

Quest 5

Now we need to go to the assembly room on the 2nd floor and meet the consul. just go upstairs and the assembly room is on the right. and after the conversation, Wenrick is attacked by a soldier.

Quest 6

Now we need to chase after that suspicious person and catch him. Go up and up, and we meet the second BOSS fight. The assasin is also easy to defeat, but his attack deals a lot of damages, prepare 2-3 HP potion and we can defeat him easily.

Quest 7

Wenrick now should go to talk with Yulia on the 3rd floor, her room is on the left.

Quest 8

The beginning of the day, Wenrick should go to the assembly room on the 2nd floor to discuss his day plan.

Quest 9

A new day and Wenrick should go to the banquet hall on the 1st floor and talk to members of the royal family. The banquet hall is on the right of the 1st floor, after talk to all the 3 persons, we finish this mission.

Quest 10

Go to the bride waiting room on the 1st floor where Yulia is. But Alik shows in the room and we need to fight him again. This time Alik is much stronger, if you have not prepared enough potion like I did, just use the strategy hit and run, do not let him attack us.


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