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Walking Corpse and Crawling Torso - Diablo 3 Beta - Monster Guide

Updated on December 14, 2011
Fighting both a Walking Corpse and Crawling Torso in the Diablo 3 Beta.
Fighting both a Walking Corpse and Crawling Torso in the Diablo 3 Beta.

This Diablo 3 Monster Guide serves to provide an overview of the Walking Corpse and Crawling Torso type of monsters you will find your character facing when playing through the game. Within you can find some general info about these creature types, how to identify them and some tips on combating them.

*Expect more information and updates to come to this moster guide page as changes are made in the Beta, and again upon full release to keep things current.*

The Walking Corpse is an undead type of monster in Diablo 3 similar to the weaker zombie brethren referred to as Risen. These Walking Corpses are larger and tougher than the Risen, also looking significantly more bloated. They share a similar pale skin color, without the ripped skin or exposed flesh of the smaller and more numerous variety. Their chests up to their chins are usually covered in blood spatters from whatever they were feasting on last.

Fighting the Walking Corpse

The Walking Corpse is a tougher variety of zombie that can take some decent punishment before being downed, however shares a similar lack of intelligence as the Risen, allowing them to be easily kited also thanks to their slow shambling type of movement. These are melee attackers, walking up to your character and hitting with their arms, also hitting for more damage than the smaller variety. These creatures don't spawn as often or from the same spaces that the Risen do, although still can pop out of a specific location at times.

What makes the Walking Corpse unique, is that once killed, it has a good chance of spawning a Crawling Torso, which is essentially the upper half of the Walking Corpse making a second coming and crawling after you with its arms. As one may guess, the Crawling Torso is far weaker than the full build, also being slower with a weaker melee attack. If you land a heavy damage attack as the killing blow however, these will not spawn, having killed the entire zombie outright.

Fighting the Crawling Torso

Crawling Torsos can also be found in the wild without first starting as a Walking Corpse, being found more often in higher numbers as well. These half zombies also more frequently spawn from unassuming objects like bushes and shrubs, usually crawling out in packs of 4-5 at a time. The Crawling Torso is more on the amusing side than being a real threat. The Crawling Torso seems to be one of the few if only creature types found in the Diablo 3 Beta that do not spawn as stronger, unique named monsters. Finally there is no lore journal entry for the Crawling Torso or Walking Corpse, both technically being covered by the Risen journal entry.


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