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Walking Dead, The Game: The Larry spoiler.

Updated on May 30, 2016



Introducing Larry

From the very first meeting with Larry I knew I was not going to like him. And I was right, there was not a moment through the game when he was with you that I ever had a moment where I felt like I could understand the reason why he was such a jerk. From what I have seen posted online I believe that most of you can relate to this feeling.

Just a quick note, yes there are going to be spoilers. This is about a decision you make, I don't know how to discuss the outcome of the decision without revealing spoilers, sorry.

"They'll Find the Bite, Just You Watch!"

As far as I could tell, Larry never got tired of being wrong.
As far as I could tell, Larry never got tired of being wrong. | Source

Actions and Attitudes

To start with, when you are first rescued outside the drugstore the first reaction from Larry is to yell that we are going to get everyone killed. In a zombie apocalypse this is a very reasonable worry, I would have hesitated to save the idiots that got themselves trapped by zombies outside in the streets in that situation, however we were already rescued at the time. It was a done deed, nothing was going to alter that fact. Getting pissed off and yelling at everyone was not altering anything. The very next thing he does is to notice that Duck has been injured, and before anything else he just declares that Duck has been bitten and has to be killed. No investigations needed folks, Larry declared it, it's a done deal.

When you go to the dairy farm Larry does everything he can to talk you out of investigating the St. Johns. He definitely does not want you to create any issues where he may not get fed. Of course in the case of my game that is partially because he was not fed when I had control over handing out the food, but even if that wasn't the case I believe it was exactly the same scenario in every version. Plus some of the other characters made a point of stating that Lilly always made certain that Larry had food, no matter who else was going hungry. She did so because he was her dad, and also because he was 'ill' due to his heart condition.

Dinner With the St. Johns

Larry is behind Lilly in this picture.
Larry is behind Lilly in this picture. | Source

Larry the Hypocrite

In the end what irritated me the most about Larry was the fact that he was a hypocrite, plan and simple. The first example is when he wants Duck tossed out or killed when you first enter the drugstore, without any investigation or proof he has been bitten. He does not have the same feeling for himself or his daughter, they are always off limits no matter what happens. However that is minor when compared to the big episode of hypocrisy.

When you are at the St. John's Dairy, as I wrote above, he goes out of his way to make sure you know he won't stand for any interference with his being fed a good meal. They are acting suspicious? So what, they are going to serve dinner soon, don't mess it up. When you finally find out what is going on and run into the dining room where everyone has already been served, you stutter out "DON'T EAT THAT!" Or whatever you managed to say. Larry's first remark is to tell you to stop causing problems, just sit down and eat dinner. So you finally get everyone to be aware what is going on, stop people from eating, get caught and thrown into the meat locker. The first thing Larry does after everything is settled back down is to yell at you for 'allowing him' to eat human meat. Hey, it is your fault you decided you can't listen to me in ANYTHING, not mine.

Larry's Death

Did Larry Really Have to Die?

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The Final Decision

I could not stand Larry. I could never sympathize with him, or really see his point of view in anything. I was waiting for something to happen to him to take him off my hands so I wouldn't have to deal with his attitude, or look after him any longer. And you knew it was going to happen eventually. However I was not ready to be put into the decision of having to save him or kill him. Save him or save someone else, no problem, but making the decision to actively kill him gave me reason to have second thoughts.

In the end I did not think I really had much of a choice. There was no getting out of that area quickly, we had no meds to help restart his heart. CPR can only do so much, and the actual success rate, even with an ambulance on its way to help you, is much lower than you would expect. Of course with no zombie apocalypse you are generally just playing a waiting game of "can the ambulance get here in time to do the real saving here?" When you are put in a meat locker by crazy cannibalists that is out of the question.

My only thought at that time was truly, "If Lilly gets his heart going again, but he becomes brain dead, will he still be a zombie or will he be a vegetable?" Sorry Lilly but we really had no choice. What good would it have done everyone to be bitten while trying to give CPR? Besides, you aren't the only one who has lost everyone in your family.

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    • Assiqtaq profile image

      Krysteena 3 years ago from Los Angeles

      Ayberk you are the only one that offered a solution that will probably please everyone. Thanks for that. I grew up with older cousins that saw fit to tell me whatever they wished, whether it was something I wanted to know or not, so I learned to deal with it. I partly don't understand the severe anti spoiler reactions that are going around now (I do appreciate not wanting to be spoiled, its the severity of people's reactions that startle me), partly do not see how other people not wanting spoilers should ruin my ability to discuss difficult choices with other people who aren't going to be spoiled. Your suggestions is the better choice and I appreciate it.

    • profile image

      Ayberk 3 years ago

      Done? It says did Larry have to die! Title itself is spoiler. Everyone who can read will understand he died in the future. Change it to Larry's future or About Larry(spoiler)

    • Assiqtaq profile image

      Krysteena 4 years ago from Los Angeles


    • melfina profile image

      melfina 4 years ago from WI, USA

      I have to agree with Mini Man Me, the title should be changed in order to keep from spoiling any gameplay for players who have not yet reached that point.

    • Assiqtaq profile image

      Krysteena 4 years ago from Los Angeles

      Well I'm sorry you received a spoiler. I am discussing decisions made during game-play so I basically assumed people would realize that I'm discussing the game. I will put a spoiler alert note in the description.

    • Mini Man Me profile image

      Mini Man Me 4 years ago

      i know this is a negative comment but i hope it can help you in future. I didn't read this hub as I am playing through the walking dead right now however i saw the title as soon as i logged on to hubpages, providing a spoiler. In the future, can you please make titles that don't actually have spoilers in them as I have just met Larry and this has ruined it slightly.