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Walkthrough: Dead Rising 2: Day 3 Survivors

Updated on August 22, 2011
When zombies are at your door, leave everything and go!
When zombies are at your door, leave everything and go!

Welcome back to Walkthrough where you come to get the inside look at strategies for various games. On this issue, We've looked at Survivors from Day 1 and Day 2. Now it is time to move on to the third day stuck inside the zombie wonderland of Fortune City, which starts very early.

Jessica Howe/Nevada Slim/Jacob Skinner
Where: Atlantica Casino Poker Room
Time Start: Day 3, 1:00 AM
Time End: Day 3, 1:00 PM
Message: None

These poker players decide that playing a high-stakes poker game with a zombie outbreak going on is a good idea. The legitimate strategy is to acquire the 3 gambling magazines beforehand (Ragazines, 2F Royal Flush Plaza; Stan's Large Print & Magazines, 2F Palisades Mall; Back bar of Shamrock Casino, Silver Strip), pay the $100'000 entry fee and bet "All In" every time and eventually you win and they join you.

Unfortunately, the Poker program takes up a lot of unnecessary time and there are no button presses to skip through to the next hand, you could be spending precious game hours trying to get three survivors that decided it was a good idea playing a high-stakes poker game during a zombie outbreak(I still can't get over that).

So I opted for just putting them out of their stupidity. The order to "take care" of them goes: Jacob, Jessica, Nevada. If you attack Nevada first, all three will defect at once.

The reason you can't ignore them is for they count toward the survivor total limit and you need as much empty space as possible for some survivors that appear a few game hours later.

Richard Kelly
Where: "Dining at Davey's" Diner, Platinum Strip
Time Start: Day 3, 2:00 AM
Time End: Day 3, 10:00 AM
Message: "Hunger Pains"

If you hated Ronald Shiner from the first Dead Rising, you'll like this guy more. Though he is another hungry individual, he does not allow his hunger to start a mutiny. R.I.P. Ronald R.I.P. To have him join, just give him something to eat. He rewards you with a free Zombrex upon return to the Safe House.

Cora Russel/Summer Chavez/Nina Suhr
Where: Top of the Water Lounge, Palisades Mall
Time Start: Day 3, 3:00 AM
Time End: Day 3, 9:00 AM
Message: "Fetching Females"

When you have Richard join, go to the "Hot Excitorama" on the Silver Strip. Enter the store and go into the back alley and wait by the entrance to the Palisades Mall until you get this message.

The Water Lounge is not connected to the second floor at all, so don't go up there, the lounge itself has a way to reach the top. These three "working" girls will not go with you until you pay Cora $10'000. With your four survivors, go to the shortcut in the "Brand New U".

Drop them off at the Safe House.

Ray Teller
Where: Unfinished "American Undies", South Plaza
Time Start: Day 3, 4:00 AM
Time End: Day 3, 7:00 PM
Message: "WWJWD?"

He is hiding away from Seymour Redding and will only join if he is dead. The store he is in is the southwestern store of the statue square the fight takes place in. Return him to the Safe House.

Deep Pockets
Where: Safe House Cafeteria
Time Start: Day 3, 4:00 AM
Time End: Day 3, 10:00 AM
Message: None

You guys remember Lenny from Day 1? He will be in the cafeteria and tell you about some money that was put away in the Yucatan Casino. Keep talking to Lenny to get the Security Passcard and head over to the Casino.

What you're looking for is north of the hallway that leads to the "Shoal Nightclub", examine the panel and it will open up. You shoud find $125'000 dollars from both the left drawer and the right drawer.

Return to the Safe House and talk to Lenny to keep the money and get a 10'000 PP Fulfillment bonus.

Woodrow Rutherford
Where: Eastern ATM, Slot Ranch Casino
Time Start: Day 3, 6:00 AM
Time End: Day 3, 5:00 PM
Message: "Bank Run"

He is a well-dressed individual that is ripping off ATMs for cash. You have to talk to him and start his sequence where he runs to the ATMS in both the Slot Ranch Casino and the Food Court. You only have to protect him a few seconds at each ATM and stay close by him. Once his job is done, talk to him and he will join. He rewards you with $50'000 upon successful escort.

Drop him off at the Safe House. Go to the Safe House Restroom and strip down to your Underwear...I'm not kidding, you'll see why.

Tape It or Die!
Where: Backroom, 1F "Kokonutz Sports Town", 1F Palisades Mall
Time Start: Day 3, 6:00 AM
Time End: Day 3, 12:00 PM
Message: None

Recommended to do this after Zombrex 3-to-9:15 AM. Bring some Plates(Antoine's, 2F Royal Flush Plaza) and a Cement Saw(South Plaza, Around where Ray was hiding). The Backdoor that has been locked for the whole game can now be opened. You can't have any survivors in your party, Chuck must be alone to enter.

Four people are hiding in their own little Safe House and refuse to go with you. Bring the Plates and Cement Saw to Wallace in order to get the "Plate Launcher" Combo Card.

This was the reason to "take care" of the three poker players and get all other survivors as they need four available spaces on the survivor total limit to unlock, but don't take up any for the sake of messages as they don't want to join you right now.

Reasons to unlock this are several: "Plate Launcher" Combo Card, Clothes only available here for "Chuck Greene, Cross Dresser?" Achievement, and additional rewards later.

Europa Westinghouse
Where: By the Elevators, Fortune City Hotel
Time Start: Day 3, 9:15 AM
Time End: Day 3, 6:15 PM
Message: "Slave To Fashion"

Before saving her, kill the Redneck Snipers as it will make future survivor escorts much easier.

This poor woman was locked out of her hotel room in nothing but her Underwear (why we haven't seen her hiding here until now is a mystery, so is the fact she's been out in the zombie zone for two days now).

She will not join you unless you are also in your Underwear. If you are not already, you have to make a trip across to the west side of South Plaza and enter an unfinished clothing store to do so. Europa can be carried, she is a slow survivor even with the Leadership Magazine.

Randolph Allen
Where: "The Cleroux Collection", 2F Palisades Mall
Time Start: Day 3, 11:10 AM
Time End: Day 3, 7:10 PM
Message: "Art Appreciation"

This artist is crying for no one will buy his painting. Pay him $3000 for the painting and he will join you. Take his "Funny Painting" in your inventory. You need this as part of "Father of the Year" Achievement upon giving it to Katey or use it on a zombie as part of "Slaughter - S = Laughter!" Achievement. If you want both achievements in the same playthrough, save at the Restroom and use it on a zombie, load, recruit again, and return it to Katey.

If you have the inventory space, take a Peace Art and keep it on you.

Use the "Brand New U" shortcut to get back to Royal Flush Plaza.

Drop them off at the Safe House.

Bill Montagu
Where: Back of the Shamrock Casino, Silver Strip
Time Start: Day 3, 1:00 PM
Time End: Day 3, 9:00 PM
Message: "Know When to Fold 'Em"

This unlucky fellow is down $20'000 and he won't join unless you recompensate him and pay him an additional $5'000 on top of that. Head to the Americana Casino Entrance on the Platinum Strip. If you have the SUV, it makes the ride much easier.

Dean Wayne
Where: "The American Historium", Americana Casino
Time Start: Day 3, 1:15 PM
Time End: Day 3, 10:15 PM
Message: "Shell Shocked"

He is the slowest survivor in the game, even with the Leadership Magazine. He refuses to be carried but can be shipped around via wheelchair. Head back to the Royal Flush Plaza.

Drop them off at the Safe House.

Bibi Love/Allison Perkins/Cameron Welch/Juan Lee
Where: Stage Area, Slot Ranch Casino
Time Start: Day 3, 3:00 PM
Time End: Day 4, 12:00 PM
Message: "One-Hit Wonder"

This demented primadonna is holding her assistant, manager, and a fashion designer hostage unless she gets her chance to perform before her "fans". Cameron needs a shoulder offered to him when without the Leadership Magazine.

For all the details relating to the Bibi Love encounter, please refer to here.

Bent Wood
Where: Safe House Cafeteria
Time Start: Day 3, 4:00 PM
Time End: Day 3, 8:00 PM
Message: "Bent Wood"

Luz Palmer from Day 2 has lost her favorite golf club and needs one to practice for her golf tour. You must go to "SporTrance", get a golf club from either the second floor or the club laying where she was rescued on the first floor. Give it to her in the cafeteria to receive $50'000 and a PP request fulfillment bonus.

Tammy Blaine
Where: Upon the Calm Shell, Atlantica Casino
Time Start: Day 3, 6:00 PM
Time End: Day 4, 3:00 AM
Message: "Stranded Siren"

An hour before Case 5 and now a survivor, you got to be quick. This performer is refusing to get out of her mermaid costume for she has nothing on underneath it. She is the only survivor not affected by the Leadership Magazine and must be carried the whole way.

Head to the Palisades Mall and take the "Brand New U" shortcut. This is the fastest way back to the Safe House.

No new survivors until after Case 5.

Andy Talbat
Where: Atop the Slot Machines, 1F Palisades Mall
Time Start: Day 3, 8:00 PM
Time End: Day 4, 7:00 AM
Message: "Dead or Alive?"

This man with a shotgun plans to use it to kill himself unless you enter a lengthy conversation with him and he joins. Be wary for if you stray too far when the conversation is started, he will defect and kill himself.

Drop him off at the Safe House. Wait until 9:00 PM.

Cleaning the Wounds
Where: Safe House Cafeteria
Time Start: Day 3, 9:00 PM
Time End: Day 4, 1:00 AM
Message: None

Sven the Paramedic is annoyed that he doesn't have enough disinfectant to treat everyone's wounds. Bring him either a Whiskey or Vodka. Not only do you get a request fulfillment bonus, but you also get another free Zombrex.

Royce St. John and Walter Morris
Where: "Hot Excitorama", Silver Strip
Time Start: Day 3, 11:00 PM
Time End: Day 4, 7:00 AM
Message: "Two's Company"

These two comedians need you to judge who has the funnier zombie joke (really? right now?). Talk to Royce and Walter several times to hear their best zombie joke. Once they're done, you need to equip that Comedy Trophy on the counter and give it to either one of the comedians. Giving it to Walter, you need to pay Royce $5000 to join, so just give it to Royce and Walter joins for free.

Before handing over the Trophy, hit a zombie with it as part of the "Head Trauma" Achievement.

That's it for Day 3 and man, what a day it has been. Luckily this is the biggest day for survivors as both the survivors and the story concludes on Day 4. 'Til next time, have a good day and good bye.


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